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Mural walls are having a big moment right now — whether they’re a calming nature-inspired design like the tropical jungle mural that Gabrielle Union installed into her daughter’s nursery room, or a bold and bright abstract mural wall that even minimalists could get on board with. So it’s somewhat unsurprising that mother-daughter duo Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk, stars of HGTV’s “Good Bones,” swear by a mural wall for keeping a space interesting.

“Looking for a unique way to add depth and interest to any space? Murals are a great option to consider,” they wrote in the caption of an Instagram post shared on the @twochicksandahammer account.

Sharing a snap of a cloud-covered mural wall, it proves that the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your own mural wall. Get creative and take inspiration from your favorite things for a mural wall, or opt for an eye-catching mural wallpaper that will garner some attention from guests.

Painted in one corner of the room, the blue sky mural blends in seamlessly with the gray walls, creating the effect of a break in a cloud-covered sky. Additionally, the positioning of the mural is super clever, an illusion that not only adds texture to the space, but extends the room to the point where the sky looks infinite. Finally, the crib has been placed below the mural, which draws the eye to the most important part of the nursery room.

“Murals are a great option to consider; they’re custom, are safe in kids’ spaces, and can be used in more ways than a framed piece,” the caption continues.

If you’re keen to see more of the eye-catching mural designed by artist Justin Vining, it was featured in the season five finale of “Good Bones.” For similar styles that you can install into your own home with ease (that are also renter-friendly), head to Etsy for some peel and stick wallpaper.