You’ve worked really hard this month to build a home you can be proud of all year. Even if you didn’t finish every assignment, even if your home isn’t quite where you wanted it to be… you did something, and that should be celebrated.

So today, we celebrate! Your final assignment is just to enjoy your home.

But before we get into that, I’d like to send a heartfelt goodbye to everyone who’s done the Cure with me this year and every year since I took over the program in 2017. This will be my last Cure at Apartment Therapy and it’s supremely bittersweet! Thank you for inviting me into your home and allowing me to be the voice in your head telling you your messes are fine (and also to stream Harry Styles’ latest single).

It has truly been an honor, and I hope you stick around for the Spring Cleaning Cure — I’ll be following along as a reader with all of you and I can’t wait!

Day 20: Relax and enjoy your home!

Whether you joined the Cure on Jan. 3 or just yesterday, you’ve done amazing work this month, inching towards a home that looks and feels better than before. So your final assignment is to enjoy it. Pour a drink, run a bath, or play some music. Create some good vibes and relish in your space and what you’ve done this month. Even if you haven’t done everything, you’ve done something — and that’s enough.

If you want to keep the inspiration and community coming all year long, here are some ideas:

That’s it for the January Cure! And for me at Apartment Therapy. 😭 I hope you have a safe and peaceful year. Feel free to say hi on Instagram if you need some help from here.

— Taryn 💛

More Ways to Participate in the January Cure:

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