One of the most beloved features at Apartment Therapy is Property Crushes — an entire column dedicated to properties for sale that are ripe with character and unique design. And while it’s easy to fall in love with just about every property that ends up in there there’s a select few that hold a special place in our hearts. These eight favorites are, according to our editors, the best of 2021.

An Art Deco Jewel in Baltimore

“I love sexy curved awnings from this Baltimore Property Crush. It’s the color combined with those curves. It feels like an Art Deco commercial building… but it’s a house.” —Adrienne Breaux, House Tour Editor

A Shipping Container Penthouse

“I know I am supposed to say the private outdoor space of this Midtown hideaway is my favorite feature — but honestly, I saw the built-in wood cabinetry in the bedroom and thought, yes, I would like to live there, please and thank you.” —Ella Cerón, Lifestyle Editor

A Charming Massachusetts Houseboat

“It is a dream of mine to live on a houseboat. The one thing holding me back (in addition to the small problem of not having houseboat money) is how cramped they can be. So this 1,800-square-foot houseboat Property Crush kept that dream alive for me.” —Taryn Williford, Lifestyle Director

Steve from Blues Clues’ Williamsburg Pad

An Island Off the Coast of Maine

“I would love to own my own island, please.” —Alison Goldman, Special Projects Editor 

This ‘90s Palace in Minnesota

“I’m torn between the construction paper-looking walls in the kitchen, and the pink-on-pink-on-pink bathroom. They both give me ‘Saved By The Bell’ vibes, and I can’t get over it.” —Savannah West, Home Assistant Editor 

A Mid-Century Modern Time Capsule in the Bronx

“I’ve been going big on time capsule homes this year. They’re some of the best kinds of houses, in my humble opinion. This one in the Bronx has a wood stove built into the wall that I love.” —Madeline Bilis, Real Estate Editor

A Groovy Throwback House in Salt Lake City