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The one area in everyone’s kitchen that’s been left untapped for added storage space, however, is a surprising one: your refrigerator! That’s why thousands of Amazon customers love these Roysili Magnetic Spice Racks, perfect for attaching to your fridge for easy access spices and more. They’re also 32 percent off right now, so you can save space and money.

Vertical storage is the way to go if you have a small kitchen. But if your wall space is limited too, taking advantage of the side of your refrigerator is such an ingenious idea. Coming in a set of two, these magnetic shelves are simple, yet versatile. They’re made of sturdy metal and are each able to hold up to five pounds of weight, perfect for your seasonings. Plus, unlike wall-mounted spice racks, there’s zero assembly required — just stick them to the side of your fridge!

With over 3,400 five-star ratings, thousands of customers have raved about how much space they’ve saved in their kitchen, thanks to these shelves. Many commented on how it was the solution they needed to their cramped kitchens and lack of storage. One person wrote, “I really liked the way this gave the cabinets in my small kitchen some extra breathing space for storage of pots, pans, and appliances. A two pack was the perfect amount to fit the majority of spices I use on a regular basis.”

Not only does it free up your cabinets, but it will also situate your spices within easy reach so you don’t have to go rummaging around your spice rack when you’re in the middle of making a dish. One reviewer touched on this saying, “I have a very small amount of counter space and I cook with a lot of spices, so I wanted a storage solution to keep my countertop space from being cluttered while also having everything in easy reach while I cook. This perfectly fit the bill for what I needed.” 

And it doesn’t have to be just spices! Because you can easily adjust the space between the two shelves, you can use them to store condiments like oil and vinegar, or even vitamins and medications like one reviewer did. Another mentioned how they were deep enough to fit big Sam’s Club spice containers, perfect for anyone who buys seasonings in bulk. The magnets are strong enough to hold these items, as so many reviewers commented on the shocking strength, a few mentioning that they don’t budge once you put them up.

So if you’re tired of your spices taking up too much space in your cabinets, these magnetic racks are such an easy, affordable way to add storage to your kitchen. Who knows, you might even be enticed to try a few new recipes now that your seasonings are in such close proximity!