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It’s no secret that we love Le Creuset’s iconic cookware. With so many amazing picks — like long-lasting baking pans, the buzzy new Harry Potter-themed collection, and the classic round Dutch oven (now available in a chic chambray shade) — the French manufacturer is a mainstay for any home cook or baker who wants to upgrade their kitchen arsenal. However, there’s one lesser-known Le Creuset piece I’ve personally owned for years that I use every single day, and I feel it just doesn’t really get enough love.

Sure, there are plenty of fancy electric kettles out there (and even colorful, limited-edition models like this Great Jones x Fellow collab), but there’s just something satisfying about an old-school whistling kettle. I love the fact that my Le Creuset Kettle whistles once the water heats to a boil, even though my pitbull Jet usually thinks my apartment is under siege. Crafted from lightweight carbon steel to efficiently bring water to a boil, this kettle heats up quickly, usually within a matter of two minutes or so (depending on how full it is).

Aesthetically, this kettle’s vibrant porcelain enamel is gorgeous and looks great sitting atop my stove. I actually keep it out at all times since the bright cherry red pop of color puts me in a good mood every time I walk into my kitchen, even if I haven’t yet had my cup (or three) of French press-style coffee. I have Cerise, but I was very close to opting for the calming blue or pearly white hues, too. At $100, this kettle may seem like a bit of a splurge, but I can attest to its quality and craftsmanship. It’s the only piece of Le Creuset cookware I own, and I literally use it every single day.

If you’re gifting a coffee or tea lover this holiday season, consider this retro kettle. It whistles while it works!