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Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the ergonomic handles on this rolling pin are unique. The grips are designed to feel natural in your hand by not forcing you to turn your wrists and hands downward to roll the cylinder forward. They’re also wide and contoured so that you’ll get a strong grasp, as well as tall enough to avoid the annoyance of your knuckles knocking the table or your pastry while rolling.

Several reviewers expressed how comfortable this tool is for rolling out dough and pastry. One person wrote, “I never knew that they were designing rolling pins wrongly until I got this product. It’s unbelievable how much more comfortable the handles are.” 

Many users who have arthritis or pain in their hands and wrists also mentioned how helpful the rolling pin is for baking. “The handles, wow. Didn’t realize they would help my achy wrists. Seems to make rolling pastry out so much quicker too,” one reviewer said. Another wrote, “I have arthritis in my hands. This is fantastic, comfortable, and provides me with better control with dough thickness and shape.”

Anyone who’s short on storage space will also appreciate the hole on one of the handles that makes it perfect for hanging up instead of storing in a drawer. If you know any frequent bakers who could use a break when it comes to rolling out dough or you’re curious to try it yourself during the holiday baking rush, this Joseph Joseph rolling pin would be a great addition to any kitchen.