8 Online Interior Design Style Quizzes

What is your interior design style?

Everyone has their own unique taste when it comes to decorating, furnishing, and accessorizing their own home. But how do you bring those preferences together into a cohesive décor style?

Whether you love bright colors or shades of white, natural materials, or tons of pattern, understanding your interior design style means making better interior choices. (And fewer, potentially costly interior mistakes!)

Ready to start your search? These interior design style quizzes are a great way to figure out what style suits you and your home.

8 of the best interior design style quizzes

Roundup: Online Design Style Quizzes

1. Apartment Therapy: Find your Style Quiz

This quiz couldn’t be quicker or simpler. Just grab a pen and paper and take a look at each set of interior images. Pick the design style you like best (as quickly as you can — no overthinking it!) and record your preferences.

Depending on your choices, you’ll find out that your style is Warm Industrial, Classic Glam, Happy Modern, or Eclectic Collector.

This Apartment Therapy quiz also gives you some great tips on where and how to shop in order to master your preferred style.

minimalist decor room with blue sofa and chair

2. The Decorist

Want the eye of a professional interior designer for your house? Use this simple quiz to get matched with one!

You’ll answer five questions put together by Decorist’s online interior designers and then find out what kind of style suits you best. Just share your email at the end to access your results.

A white colour room having a sofa set, table, green plant and a lamp.

3. SheKnows

Answer these easy questions to discover your interior design style.

This style quiz uses everything from your fashion sense to your favorite vacation destination to figure out your interior design preferences. It’s simple, quick, and super fun.

Kitchen along with table, cooking top and refrigerator.

4. Buzzfeed

Another beautiful, visual interior design quiz to try. Select your must-have items from an interior wish-list and you’ll discover your home style aesthetic.

Will yours be industrial, farmhouse, eclectic or shabby chic? Take the quiz to find your style and then make use of Buzzfeed’s handy sharing functions to send your results to a friend.

A bedroom with a bed in a wooden frame, a chair, and numerous pictures on the wall.

5. Lonny

What are your interior faves? A jungle of houseplants or a neutral color palette? Vintage finds or sleek lines?

This interior design style quiz asks a rich mix of questions to help you find out how to furnish your dream home.

We particularly loved the all-important and hugely divisive question, what are your thoughts on wicker?  

Racks of a table filled with bottles and vase next to a chair.

6. Houzz

Don’t think your favorite restaurant, your choice of pet, or your go-to tipple have anything to do with your interior design style? Think again!

This Houzz quiz is lots of fun and full of questions totally unrelated to interior design. This means you can’t predict your results. And you get a totally fresh look at how your interior design style could work.

Watching outside the window sitting on a small sofa

7. Apartment Therapy: One Question Quiz

Back to Apartment Therapy here for another great quiz.

Get ready to discover your interior design style with just a single question. The first step is the only step for this interior design quiz.

Take a look at eight sets of sofas, rugs, and room accessories. And then choose your favorite items to find out your specific design style. It really is that simple!

White wall of a home with an interior design of multiple paintings framed on the wall.

 8. Designer Society of America

This interior design quiz has been put together by the Designer Society of America, so you can trust that these people are at the cutting edge of interiors.

To complete the quiz, take a look at imagery of furniture and differently decorated rooms before selecting your preferences. You’ll pick your favorite area rug, tables, wood flooring, kitchen, and sofa before finding out which style suits you best.

Along with your quiz result, DSA also suggests some great interior magazines suited to your interior design style.

A white chair with a black cushion is sitting near two grey vases.

If you’re struggling to realize your décor style, why not try one (or all!) of these interior design style quizzes today? 

Pick the Designer Society of America or Apartment Therapy quizzes and you also get some great tips on how to put your newly discovered interior style into action.

Once you’ve got a handle on what your style is all about, redesigning a room or finding those perfect finishing touches is sooooo much easier. A cohesive style gives you the focus to confidently pick out the right colors and pieces for every room. 

And for a little extra interior inspo, don’t forget to check out Curbly’s extensive library of design articles.