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Imagine that you’re back in middle school, and you just got dropped off at the mall with your best friends to do some holiday shopping. The storefronts are illuminated in neon, the escalators are rolling, and somewhere, there’s definitely a jumbo pretzel cooking. Life is good, even if it smells a bit like recycled air.

While the memory of shopping with your childhood friends might be a thing of the past (along with some of those iconic mallrat stores that no longer exist), there’s no reason that your holiday gifts can’t contain a solid dose of nostalgia. After all, so many retro fashion and beauty items are trendy again (hello scrunchies, bell-bottoms, and bangs), and reminiscing about throwback faves is always in style.

So grab your favorite after-school snack, settle into your inflatable chair, and get ready to add these perfectly nostalgic items to your shopping list this year.

De Elizabeth


De is a writer/editor specializing in mental health, motherhood, lifestyle, and pop culture. She’s obsessed with all things ’90s and ’00s nostalgia (and even has a newsletter named after the best sound on AIM).