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Ever seen one of those fancy Japanese toilets with heated seating and a bazillion other cool features? Well, this litter box is the equally high-tech version for cats.

Pluto Square is a litter box that’s straight from the future. If you’re familiar with other robotic litter boxes, this works in a similar way; a tray that uses sensors to sense your cat’s presence, and after it is finished with its business, the tray then tilts, sending the waste and litter falling towards a filter. The waste is separated from the litter and neatly stored inside a sealed container. The litter, meanwhile, is returned back to the tray. It’s perfect for those who hate doing the chore — no more having to sift through the litter with a scoop, and you’ll only have to clean the bin once a week.

Pluto Square also comes with other thoughtful features. There’s a step at the bottom to help senior cats climb up and also acts as a rug that cleans their paws. Above, there’s a fold-out hood that gives your feline some much-needed privacy.

Like many of today’s internet-connected things, Pluto Square comes with an app. It can alert you when it’s time to take out the waste, can weigh your cat, and can track your kitty’s potty habits to give you a sense of their well-being.

Pluto Square raised more than $365,000 on Kickstarter, and is currently available for preorder on Indiegogo. It’s priced at $199 on the fundraising platform, with a suggested retail price of $289 when it hits the market later on. You can learn more about Pluto Square on their website.