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In observance of National Dog Day, it’s only right that I put you onto my favorite pieces of art that I own: my dog portraits from West & Willow. As a proud pet parent and an even prouder dog mom, I love finding ways to incorporate my little guys into my decor in a stylish way. I was working with a big empty living room wall that I decided to fill with a gallery of art, but I didn’t want to limit myself to generic, store-bought framed pieces. It took a while to find things that were good-looking and meaningful enough to hang in such a high-traffic area. Little did I know, part of the answer here was right under my nose — and laying in my lap.

I have two dogs — Jax, a Pomeranian, and Charlie, a Goldendoodle — that I take tons of pictures of every day. Unlike family photos, though, I never print them or have them framed. When I came across West & Willow, that all changed. This DTC company specializes in translating your pet photos into life-like art prints (or phone cases). I was excited to give each dog a permanent place in my home, so I submitted two of the cutest pictures I could find of each dog and then let the company work its magic, creating the ready to hang prints you see in my gallery wall below.

What really stood out to me with these pet portraits is how accurate and clear they are. When I received mine in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised by how the artist nailed each dog’s fur coloring and facial details from the photos I uploaded (the company provides guidance so you submit suitable shots). I also appreciate the prints’ minimalist, modern presentation. The simple white backgrounds, clean typeface pet names, and the black frames are as high quality as they look, and the color palette blends in perfectly with my existing decor. I chose to have each of my dogs rendered separately, but you can also commission a group portrait, too, as shown below, for up to three different pets.

West & Willow also offers custom backgrounds and different options for framing if you want to get more creative with your portraits. They even have seasonal and holiday themes! Whether it’s for you or another pet parent you know, these portraits make great keepsakes as well as gifts, and prices range from $60 for one pet to $120 for three pets.

If you want to keep your options open though, a number of other companies also create custom pet-inspired art for your walls. Minted artists can turn your pet photos into custom watercolor-inspired framed prints, if you’re looking for something with a little more color. If you want a kinda quirky and funny piece though, then you may want to check out Crown & Paw. They have fun themes for their portraits where you can have your pet portrayed as royalty, an Avenger, or even as an astronaut. No matter which company you ultimately choose, you won’t regret having a custom portrait of your pet. Hands-down, this is my favorite piece of art hanging on my walls.

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