A balcony is often a selling point for an apartment, but you might think differently after seeing the ones at this building.

A woman named Rachel has TikTok users spooked after she posted a video of what she described as “the WEIRDEST apartment complex” she’d ever seen. How weird exactly? Imagine a residential building with balconies, but with all of them indoors.

As you can see from the clip, small wooden balconies are placed above each unit’s door, overlooking not the street or even an alleyway, but rather the hallway. 

The layout is so unusual that the video has gone viral, receiving more than 3.3 million views since it was posted on July 18. Many users chimed in with design feedback. One commenter said, “This apartment gives off horror movie vibes,” while another added, “It looks like some post-apocalyptic housing center for survivors that still want some normalcy but can’t go outside.”

In another video, Rachel revealed what inside one of the apartments looks like. Most of it isn’t as bizarre. There’s a living room, kitchen, and two bedrooms, one of which leads to the balcony. Once she stands on the balcony, though, the clip feels surreal all over again.

So, what’s up with the indoor balconies? Rachel explained: “Apparently there are balconies because some rooms literally don’t have windows and apparently, that doesn’t meet fire code. But if they have a balcony, then it’s fine because if there’s a fire, then they can jump from the balcony.”

Indoor balconies, no windows, and now, questionable fire escape. You’re probably dying to move in already.

Thankfully for Rachel, she also said that the apartment building isn’t hers. It actually belongs to a friend who let her stay over for a few weeks while she’s waiting to move into another place.