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There are so many reasons to love a brand — and for me, Caraway ticks pretty much every box. This editor-favorite cookware company crafts high-quality, ceramic-coated nonstick cookware that’s a dream for everything from braising to frying to searing, and more. All of their pieces are made without potentially harmful materials, so you know that you’re doing the right thing for your health and for the planet. And their collections are simply stunning. But you know what I think I like best about this direct-to-consumer brand? They pay attention to what their customers want, and they deliver.

That’s why I am excited to share that, as of today, Caraway is bringing back one of its most popular colors ever: Marigold.

Yup, the color that sold out just three weeks after it launched last fall is back. Why? Because since then, the brand has been flooded with more than 5,000 requests from consumers who didn’t have a chance to get their hands on this cheerful, vibrant shade. And that’s not all — Marigold is joining the brand’s arsenal of mainstay colorways, so it’ll be around for the long haul.

If you’re wondering whether Caraway’s cookware pieces are actually worth getting, trust us — they are. Kitchn’s editor-in-chief, Faith, praised them for the “classy, elegant feel that is often lacking from hardcore cookware.” She added, “I would have no problem bringing either the skillet or the pot straight to the table.” Kitchn writer Danielle was pleasantly surprised at just how well each piece did its job. “I’ve been using the pans pretty exclusively for almost two months, and they’ve been a joy to cook with,” she reported.

If it sounds like Caraway ticks all of your boxes, too, then head on over to their site, and start shopping ASAP. While Marigold is here to stay (yay!), the sooner you buy, the sooner you’ll be whipping up delicious meals, snacks, and more.