In a since-deleted post, the user tried renting out a 160 square foot “micro studio“, which was technically true, but the space only consisted of a bathroom–with a bed inside it.

The listing read: “This unit is ideal for a single individual looking to live downtown at an affordable rate, and who does not need much space.”

Combining the bathroom with a bed, cooking facilities, under-bed storage, and some house plants for good measure, the listing described the rental unit as a “newly renovated micro studio” located in Vancouver’s West End, and packed a lot into such a tiny space.

The ad also mentioned brand new granite tops and porcelain flooring, along with storage space, a hot plate, a bed, a mini-fridge, and a large window.

The listing suggested that the renter would be on a three-month lease, with the option to extend, and no pets would be allowed in the property.

There’s no denying that the Craigslist user was creative with their space, but as guidelines were not followed, it’s no surprise that just a few days after the listing went live, it was removed from the site.