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If you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter to arrive, we found something that will hold you over until then: levitating planters. These planters suspend your plants in midair and they’re downright magical. Of course, the planters don’t actually use magic to levitate (if only). They hover using something called magnetic levitation — or should we say magnetic repulsion. Here’s a quick 6th grade science class refresher: When the north pole of one magnetic faces the north pole of another, there’s a strong repulsion pushing them apart (as opposed to an attraction pulling them together). In these planters, the base and platform are both equipped with north pole magnets allowing the planter to stay afloat! The planters also slowly rotate in midair, for a calming display that adds to its magical quality.

How to Set Up a Levitating Planter

Come ready with the plant of your choice. There’s only one downside to these levitating planters: The plants aren’t included. However, this is an excellent excuse to pick up a new succulent, air plant, or bonsai plant. Just make sure you heed the planter’s weight limit so it doesn’t get too heavy.

Approach set up with steady hands. While these levitating planters are truly a sight to behold, they do require steady hands. When you set the planter atop the base, be sure to center it carefully. Otherwise, the magnetic poles could get confused and the entire planter may flip upside down.

Remove your planter before hitting the off button. Before you turn it off, make sure to remove the planter first, or else you risk making a mess and/or damaging the device.

Sarah M. Vazquez also contributed to reporting.