Comedian Chelsea Handler is ready to ruin some friendships. On June 21, Handler posted a very controversial meme to her Instagram. The photo shows three ways to fold a towel, and the caption reads, “Ok, serious debate…”

Handler captioned the meme, “Let’s ruin some friendships. 1, 2, or 3? Go,” and her celebrity friends had quite the debate.

The first towel fold is a simple half, then half again fold whereas the second is the half-fold folded again into thirds. Finally, the third option shows the classic half-folded roll. And yes, it does matter which one you use, so choose wisely.

“I grew up a 2, but have grown to appreciate a 3,” Jennifer Garner commented. Hilary Swank, Jessica Capshaw, Julianna Margulies, Ilana Glazer, and Ruby Rose also voted for option two, as did Sophia Bush, who wrote, “2!!!! Forever.” Uzo Aduba wrote, “2 or 3. I will die here.”

Kate Hudson tried to unite all three realms under one kingdom. “3 in a basket next to [the] tub, 2 on surfaces/shelves…it’s a whole thing,” she wrote in one comment, adding in another, “1 is when I walk into my teenager’s bathroom after I told him to clean up.” True.

And then Drew Barrymore outed herself completely. “One,” she commented. “Is that wrong?” To which Jesse Tyler Ferguson followed up with, “Only a straight man would find 1 acceptable.”

And finally, Aisha Tyler added her two cents with “Oh my god they’re all wrong,” adding, “hotel stack ftw.” It wasn’t an option on the multiple choice quiz, but it’ll do.

Is there a right answer? Though it would be inclusive and nice to say ‘no, everyone’s a winner. You do you,’ the answer is, yes. Two is it. Two is the only way a towel should be folded. The masses have spoken, friendships have been ruined, and no one will ever think of towel folding the same way again.

Olivia Harvey


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