Are You Team Couch Nap or Bed Nap? Our Editors Debate

Are You Team Couch Nap or Bed Nap? Our Editors Debate

Unless you’re a cranky toddler, I think we can all agree that naps are good — wonderful, even. But when it comes to the type and style of nap, though, I’ve learned that people have strong opinions. Apartment Therapy’s editorial team is no exception. I challenged some of our staff to debate over their preferred nap spot, and try to convince everyone else that they have the superior sleep situation.

Check out how it all went down in our Slack conversation below [lightly edited and condensed].

Tara Bellucci (News & Culture Director): hello @here who’s ready to throw down about NAPPING

Megan Baker (Home Projects Director): ok which one of us is wrong, ie which one of us thinks bed naps are superior

Megan: i didn’t come to play
i came to lay
on a couch

Tara: ok let’s start with opening statements of 1-2 sentences of your position and go from there

Terri: several people are typing

Megan: ok here is where i stand: beds are for SLEEPING and a nap is not SLEEPING. a nap is in its own category entirely

Charli: If I’m at home, and not a hotel, couch naps reign supreme. When I go to bed, it’s an experience, and I don’t want it to be interrupted or cut short. My bed is my oasis. So when I need to nap, the couch is the perfect place. I feel like I’m sneaking in extra rest/self care. Like an added bonus.

Maddie: bed naps are far and away the superior naps, but you have to use a blanket on TOP of your covers. you can’t get under your comforter. that is only for night sleeping

Terri: i agree, comforters are NOT for naps

Adrienne Breaux (Tours Director): The reason why couch naps are superior: Naps are a little bit naughty. They’re like little stolen moments of slumber. When the rest of the world is toiling away at work, you’re crawling into your own personal heaven of quiet. So they HAVE to be in any place other than the bed. Because bed is for night sleeping only, and I think when you sleep under the covers, you are confusing your brain and body

I mean, I agree that if there’s a bed nap, it HAS to be on top of the covers

I also sometimes will lay perpendicular

Charli: If I had to “nap in bed” (that’s not a thing) I would certainly do it on top of the comforter.

Megan: adrienne, i fully agree. i have succumbed to bed naps, usually by accident when i am trying to read, and i always wake up in total confusion

Maddie: i understand that couch nap people believe a bed is a sacred place for sleeping, but my no under-the-comforter rule fixes this

Terri: my position is thus: both naps are good, but happen under different circumstances. couch naps, for me, are always accidental: i’m reading or watching tv, and then the sweet, sweet claws of slumber grasp me and i melt away
bed naps are intentional and i WILL AND DO flop myself onto bed for a quick midday power nap as needed

Tara: do y’all just have the world’s comfiest couches tho?

Megan: no i can sleep literally sitting up
i do not need a comfy couch
although i will say mine is pretty comfy, albeit a tiny bit short for a full lay-down

Adrienne: i have a nap CORNER
it’s an oversized lounge chair from the ’70s along with a heavy pouf

Charli: I too have a nap couch/corner, it’s divine — good sunlight and breeze for afternoon spring naps, a window, and it was an investment.

Megan: i don’t like to be in bed in not pajamas. address please

Maddie: i nap in bed in sweatpants

(i know nap dresses are a thing, but!)

Megan: i am very grossed out by outside clothes in bed
i know that’s not the topic here but it’s how i feel

Adrienne: strong no outside clothes on bed

Charli: Nap clothes is a thing. I have nap leggings and outside leggings.
No bras for naps! Ever!

Terri: …no bras ever, period

Adrienne: bra ALWAYS comes off for naps

Megan: i will admit here that most of my clothes are now nap clothes
so i don’t change if i’m on the couch

Maddie: also you can only take a couch nap if other people aren’t around
unless you dont mind snoozing in front of people just walking by you i guess

Megan: depends on who the people are!

Charli: I can sleep around anyone. Self care. LOL

Adrienne: if other people are around, you have to create physical and mental barriers
for example, i will sometimes create a pillow fort

Adrienne: so you need a light and sound blocker first
which is where the head one comes in
but then you also need to feel surrounded and supported, which is where the top and leg pillows come in

Charli: I love that you have photos 💀

Megan: i do something not as extreme but similar, adrienne
if i really want to zone into my nap, i turn my face toward the back of the couch
and pull up a blanket real high

Terri: i actually sleep better with people around
quiets down the loud thoughts in my mind, AND feels sneaky, which makes sleep more appealing!

Megan: @Terri do you do earbuds or anything?

Terri: no, they are v distracting and annoying

Charli: I have a nap playlist too

Maddie: a nap playlist is bonkers. WHITE NOISE ONLY

Charli: Anita Baker’s voice always rocks me to sleep! And Nina Simone too

Adrienne: i would prefer gentle sounds of nature but a lot of times i have to do ear plugs
wow anyone who can fall asleep to music… sorry you’ve lost me on this one Charli
white noise or no noise only please

Megan: i love a nap playlist for a plane but for home naps i go au naturale, baby
my go-to sleep album for a decade has been plans by death cab for cutie

Maddie: my white noise machine sets the mood for nap time

Terri: nature sounds, podcasts, tv, etc. i can fall asleep to, but i’ve never tried music

Charli: I hear you, Adrienne! Nature’s playlist is a song too. The birds on the weekends outside my window understand the assignment!

Megan: i use white noise for my nighttime sleep! never daytime sleep

Adrienne: the best nap in the entire world is a friday afternoon nap while it’s thunderstorming
tell me i’m wrong

Charli: Rain naps are a must!!

Terri: rain naps are the BEST

Adrienne: all pets cuddled up

Megan: ok who here is a prolific fall-asleep-wherever-whenever-if-i-am-tired napper

Adrienne: i weirdly can’t sleep everywhere
i do need a lot of things to line up

Maddie: ok i know this isn’t part of the discourse right now, but falling asleep as a passenger in car? so easy, so good

Terri: perhaps the best nap, maddie

Megan: omg
ok that’s the real wild card here
i LOVE car naps

Adrienne: i can’t ever get comfortable!
y’all are wrong!

Tara: i always feel bad if I’m the only other person in the car tho

Megan: sometimes when i am sleepy in a car i just wish that the drive would be another hour or two

Terri: saaaame, you can even like feel when the end of the road trip is near, even as you’re napping

Adrienne: honestly i get very sleepy when i drive i can’t drive anywhere long distance when it’s my normal nap time i worry

Megan: i have fallen asleep on: cars, trains, planes, boats

Maddie: it reminds me of how some people put baby carriers on top of dryers to get them to sleep. bc of the rocking or whatever. that is a car nap for me

Megan: i fell asleep on a passenger ferry sitting in a dining chair once
i would nap on a dryer

Charli: Ranking Naps: 1. Beach/Vacation outside naps. 2. Couch naps. 3. car naps. 4. Midday naps, period.

Megan: ok so for couch and/or bed naps, what is your blanket situation

Maddie: you don’t need any of these fancy accessories for a bed nap, just saying

Adrienne: sofa throw at maximum!
but honestly i like a jacket or sweater thrown over me a tad

Megan: don’t you get chilled??

Maddie: a light blanket for a bed nap. sometimes no blanket if i’m feeling really sleepy

Charli: soft throw only!!

Megan: wow
i am outnumbered here
i want to be enveloped in blanket

Terri: i do a little fetal position curl-up and self-heat

Charli: I like blanket + breeze when I can for my couch naps. The perfect combo!

Megan: i want the largest blanket possible
so it covers me all the way to my toes
and has enough extra to roll up next to my face

Tara: why are sofa throws so mis-sized

Adrienne: they are never long enough to pull up to my neck and reach my feet at the same time

Megan: this is the real scandal!!!!
but i also fetal roll so it’s usually okay
i end up using multiple to be able to cover my toesies

Adrienne: see that’s where pets and pillows can come into play
you can use them to strategically cover open spots

Adrienne: i also really, really do not want my partner to nap with me
this is my time
this is not cuddle time
pets only

Charli: Agreed! No new (nap) friends. It’ a solo activity.
Put some respect on my naps.

Maddie: i love when my dog sleeps in her bed beside mine because the sound of her snoring puts me to sleep

Charli: Pets are great warmth. They’re also nap magnets. They know when a good couch nap is happening and run to join!

Tara: what’s your nap length

Adrienne: i nap… for a long time
it’s longer than a normal human

Adrienne: okay but i’m not even asleep in 5 minutes
that’s not a nap you’re just closing your eyes

Megan: i’d say my ideal is an hourish
i preface this by saying i do not often nap on purpose
my ideal nap is accidental

Terri: i will wake up and WANT to nap longer, but i know that leads me down a path of destruction
i will wake up in another century if i do that

Charli: Weekend naps, minimum an hour. Weekday “disco naps” minimum 25 minutes lol

Maddie: wait…. 5 minutes??? is not??? a nap???

Terri: y’all ever do a coffee nap
i love those

Megan: it’s a “disco nap”

Adrienne: that’s what i’m saying that’s just closing your eyes

Terri: i know!!! but like… i’ll set a timer for 20 mins and then jolt up 5 mins later!

Megan: wow terri
that’s a super power

Terri: haaaave i mentioned i have sleep issues?

Megan: my trouble with naps is usually that i get sucked too deep in

Charli: I want to be your nap guide, Terri

Terri: i used to be a deeeep deep napper, but that just fucked up my nighttime sleep to an unbelievable degree

Tara: is there a nap length where it’s no longer a nap and is a sleep
or is sleep a place

Charli: Good question, Tara! I feel like if I slept more than 2 hours, I probably should have gone to bed…lol

Adrienne: an hour to hour and a half is an actual nap and the way it should be i feel strongly

Megan: @Charli i feel the same

Adrienne: you don’t actually get any sleep if it’s any shorter!?!?
i nap often and i sleep a ton at night YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL

Terri: but the point of napping isn’t sleep, it’s rest

Maddie: anywhere between 30 mins and 1.5 hours works for me

Megan: anything less than an hour is just “shutting my eyes”
i feel like it’s between the two!
rest is 10 minutes of staring at the ceiling

Tara: ok yes what is everyone hoping to get from naps?

Terri: just a little refreshment, for me

Megan: a nap is a baby snooze
a sleep is a full bedtime

Charli: If I sleep less than 25-30 minutes my heart races when I get up and I feel worse, not better

Maddie: when i nap, i hope to get up afterward and have my eyelids not be heavy anymore

Adrienne: i’m fully looking to fall asleep and wake up not feeling tired.
yes! my head feels heavy when i’m sleepy and need a nap

Megan: yeah i want to feel awake again

Charli: I’m hoping to rest my mind and body for a moment to recharge

Adrienne: i wake up and i have energy and i feel less stressed

Maddie: “yeah i want to feel awake again” evergreen tweet

Charli: Socks on or off for naps? I can’t do socks in bed or naps! (like bras)

Adrienne: i wear socks 24/7

Terri: never socks whilst sleeping
must keep the feet open to the elements

Tara: my feet are always cold lately so i’m team sock

Megan: mmm good question, i don’t like socks for bed sleeps but i can get into socks for couch sleeps
yeah i just want to be cozy

Maddie: i will wear socks if i choose no blanket tho

Megan: i’m completely baffled by no blanket

Adrienne: as a taurus i’m HORRIFIED by no coverage or extra coziness

Megan: whenever i do any length of sleep i get chilly

Terri: as an aries, you’re all wrong

Adrienne: but tauruses are the queens of comfort we do reign supreme about these things

Terri: guys i really want to nap now
i’m not even tired
but i want the sensation

Charli: Tara, if we take a nap after this do we get extra credit?

Megan: once, when we’d just moved in and didn’t have any furniture and i just wanted the tiniest bit of sleep
i laid down with my head on the dog bed
it was not terrible

Adrienne: i have… absolutely napped on a dog bed or two in my life
just like, you think you’re cuddling the dog… but then you fall asleep

Tara: ok closing arguments… have you learned anything new? do you want to share a favorite nap of all time (or recently)

Terri: i learned that my naps are too short for this crew

Adrienne: closing argument is that if they really don’t make you feel good, don’t do them. but if you’re not napping because you think you shouldn’t or something, let yourself nap!

Megan: i’m interested in trying a smaller nap but i cannot do five min, sorry terri

Adrienne: embrace napping! it’s not laziness it’s self care!

Megan: fully agree
nap the way you like to nap


Megan: be the nap you want to see in the world

Adrienne: and i personally think that you SHOULD be quiet if someone around you is trying to nap that’s just nap courtesy

Terri: yeah no i refrain from naps because my insomnia gets so bad, but my doctor is like “sleep is sleep. please nap and don’t worry about it”

Charli: I learned that I might sleep even better without music and I’d like to share that if you can afternoon Couch Nap under a cross breeze on a weekend afternoon, it’s a game changer! This was fun everyone!

Maddie: i want to share a recent fave nap of mine. i was very sleepy from waking up super early, so i drank some cold brew to perk myself up. but it didn’t work so i somehow laid down for a 30 min nap and woke up feeling on top of the world

i love them

Megan: oooh i need to try a coffee nap
that is my assignment for next week

Charli: I need coffee nap instructions!

Terri: drink something caffeinated, take a nap, and you’ll wake up like 15-30 mins later ready to take on the day
the caffeine kicks in and wakes you up and carries you through

Megan: my best naps? were when i woke up early with our puppy while he was potty training
and i would lay him on my chest and just snooze a little bit before real morning
it was perfect

Tara: everyone try a new nap and report back

Charli: Love that, Tara! Challenge accepted

Megan: i can’t wait to rock my nap world

Tara Bellucci

News and Culture Director

Tara is Apartment Therapy’s News & Culture Director. When not scrolling through Instagram double-tapping pet pics and astrology memes, you’ll find her thrift shopping around Boston, kayaking on the Charles, and trying not to buy more plants.

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The Stylish, Cozy Coverlet Set That Finally Made Me A Lightweight Bedding Convert — And It’s On Sale!

The Stylish, Cozy Coverlet Set That Finally Made Me A Lightweight Bedding Convert — And It’s On Sale!

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

The love I have for my comforter runs deep. For years now I have stuck to the same combination when it comes to a top cover: Amerisleep’s Recovery+ comforter wrapped in Urban Outfitter’s T-Shirt Jersey duvet cover. With this combo, I’m left feeling like I’m sleeping in a cloud, wrapped in the softest, plushiest cover you could ever imagine. It’s truly heaven. So much so, that I don’t switch to a lighter bedspread during the warmer months of the year (I’m admittedly someone who likes to sleep with the A/C around 68 degrees, sorry not sorry). However, this year in an effort to broaden my bedding (and save a little on my electric bill) I decided to delve into lightweight, summer-friendly bedding. While digging I came across a pick so stylish I couldn’t pass up — and it quickly became a set I don’t think I can ever live without. I’m talking about Casper’s Matelasse Coverlet + Sham Set, and soon you will, too.

One look at this coverlet set and it’s easy to see why it was love at first sight. Made from a stunning Matelasse fabric woven to resemble a textured, quilted pattern, this airy, thin blanket and sham duo is as chic as they come. However, good looks are not all this set has to offer. With a 100 percent cotton construction, it’s also breathable and soft to the touch, a must-during the warmer seasons. Best of all, it comes in three piece options, two sizes, and features a fun color scheme with three colorways available (spice, olive, and cream), each with a cream underside.

Now, as I stated above I am not one for lightweight bedding, however, given how chic this set is (and the fact that I’m already a fan of Casper’s sleep products), this one seemed like a great place to start. After I packed away my comforter, I unpacked this set and gawked at just how lovely it was. First of all, the color is spot on; with a mauve-pink hue, spice is the perfect name. Second, it’s incredibly soft, and not in that “it’s-so-cuddly-I’m-going-to-overheat” way. As I held it against my skin, I knew it was going to be a winner. When it was finally time to head to bed, I pulled the coverlet back, slid underneath, and found that the underside of the blanket is even softer than the outside — a big win. I turned on my fan (and tuned off my A/C), draped the blanket over me, and quickly fell asleep. When I woke up, I was cool, comfortable, and confused — had I really just become a lightweight bedding convert overnight? Seems so.

A sleek, stylish, and cozy pick, this coverlet set comes in three colors and retails at $288 for a Full/Queen size set. Right now you can save 30 percent off during Casper’s 4th of July sale, making it the perfect time to give this set a try. So if you’re like me and not sure whether or not a lighweight set is right for you, give this one a go — you may just find yourself converting, too.

Sarah M. Vazquez

SEO Commerce Editor

Sarah writes about all things shopping for Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, and Cubby helping you find the best deals and the best products for you and your home. A Brooklyn-born Jersey Girl, she loves a good playlist, a good bagel, and her family (but not necessarily in that order).

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I Tested the Internet’s Favorite Cooling Mattress and It Totally Lives Up to the Hype (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

I Tested the Internet’s Favorite Cooling Mattress and It Totally Lives Up to the Hype (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s cooling bedding. As someone who’s been a hot sleeper since childhood, I know that if the bed I’m in gets too hot, I won’t be getting a good night’s sleep — and this is something that always plagues me when I visit my parents. While they have a lovely guest room, there’s a slight problem with it: it’s the hottest room in the house. Facing the front of their Florida home, the guest room sits on the side of the house that gets the most sun, thus making it a hot zone. Top that off with the fact that (much to my dismay) they don’t like to crank up the A/C, and it can get pretty toasty in there. With a month long trip on the horizon, I went digging for a solution that could help make my stay (and anyone’s stay) a bit more comfortable. The answer? A cooling mattress. But not just any cooling mattress: the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress.

While researching cooling mattresses, my hunt led me to tons of blogs, articles, and reviews. Gradually, I began to notice one mattress continually appearing at the top: the Aurora. After looking at its breakdown, it’s easy to see why. This mattress features a six-layer design, thoughtfully engineered to keep you cool and supported from top to bottom. When it comes to its cooling prowess, the stars of the show are the GlacioTex-infused surface and the CopperFlex™ TitanCool™ top layer. The GlacioTex surface uses cooling gel beads to regulate body temperature, maintaining a cool and comfortable 88 degrees, while the CopperFlex layer effortlessly dissipates excess body heat and wicks away moisture thanks to the addition of CopperGel™ to the layers cell structure. So I was excited to put was seems to be the internet’s favorite cooling mattress to the test.

To say this mattress has been a game-changer would be an understatement. For a little context, with the guest room’s previous mattress, sleeping was a bit of a nightmare: Without fail, I would wake up every morning stiff, sore, and drenched in sweat. But with the Aurora, that’s not the case — in fact, I noticed a change on the first night. To really compare the two, I slept on the old mattress one more (thankfully final) night and had a typically tortuous night. But the next night on the Aurora? I slept soundly, comfortably, and finally woke up without a bead of sweat on my forehead. I was floored.

As for who’d I recommend this mattress to, there are a few types of sleepers. Aside from the obvious — hot sleepers — if you’re a combination sleeper, I think you’d love this mattress. The various support layers found beneath the cooling layers do a great job of contouring the body and providing excellent pressure point relief for my shoulders and hips, something I find incredibly important since I’m constantly shifting my positions. It is important to note that the mattress is available in three firmness levels designed to accommodate all sleep styles, so if you’re a dedicated side, back, or stomach sleeper there’s an option there for you (I opted for the Medium which I would call more of a Medium-Soft). I’d also say this a great pick for couples as I noticed the motion transfer is pretty minimal.

Available in nine different sizes, the Brooklyn Aurora Hybrid Mattress is undoubtedly a luxury buy, but a solid investment if you’re looking to improve the overall quality of your sleep. And right now you can save 25 percent off during Brooklyn Bedding’s 4th of July Sale. Combine this with free shipping, a 120-night trial period, and Brooklyn Bedding’s 10-year warranty, and it’s a deal that can’t be beaten. So if you’re ready to say goodbye to sweaty summer nights and finally sleep cool, give this mattress a try — for once, the internet got it right.

Sarah M. Vazquez

SEO Commerce Editor

Sarah writes about all things shopping for Apartment Therapy, The Kitchn, and Cubby helping you find the best deals and the best products for you and your home. A Brooklyn-born Jersey Girl, she loves a good playlist, a good bagel, and her family (but not necessarily in that order).

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This Game-Changing Glow Light Is the Sleep Solution I Wish I’d Tried Sooner (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

This Game-Changing Glow Light Is the Sleep Solution I Wish I’d Tried Sooner (Bonus: It’s on Sale!)

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

Lately, falling asleep hasn’t been as easy as it ought to be. Since my WFH setup is currently in my bedroom, this part of the house is now where I spend most of my time as I power though my daily tasks. So, it doesn’t quite feel like the sleep haven it used to be. There’s also the extra fatigue I tend to experience just before daylight savings starts, which certainly hasn’t made matters any better.

Some nights, no matter how exhausted I am, drifting peacefully to sleep takes some time. I find myself taking on the terrible habit of scrolling through social media until my eyes feel heavy. Obviously, this is not the healthiest way to catch some zzz’s. After doing some research on products that have helped others adopt a more regimented sleep schedule, I came across the Casper Glow Light and decided to give it a try. After a few nights of use, I questioned why I hadn’t bought it sooner.

The Casper Glow Light is essentially a smart nightlight that gradually dims to lull you to sleep. It wakes you up in the same non-abrupt fashion, filling your room with pleasant lighting right up until your morning wake-up time.

I’ll be honest and say that I wasn’t exactly jazzed at the idea of adding yet another product to my nightstand. Too many objects placed near or on my bed makes me feel cluttered. Thankfully the Glow Light’s sleek, cylindrical design, wasn’t at all an eyesore and didn’t feel cumbersome. Since I’m a sucker for clever packaging, I instantly loved the fact that this light brightened as soon as I opened the box, giving me a sneak peek of how it functions.

The lightweight device comes with two buttons on both of its ends, and you press either one to turn the light on or off. You can twist the light to the left to dim it or to the right to raise its brightness. If you’re getting up in the middle of the night for a drink of water and don’t want to wake up your partner or kids, all you have to do is firmly shake the light back and forth and it becomes your personal flashlight.

For me, the real magic of the Casper Glow Light happened when I downloaded the Casper app. While it is possible to operate the light without it, the app allows you to control what time you want to start the dimming process at night and brightening in the morning. This light has made me much less restless as I wind down for bed, and I’m able to fall asleep faster. I like to get up around 6 a.m. to hit the gym before starting work, and the sun isn’t particularly beaming at that hour. Since using the Casper Glow Light, waking up isn’t as startling of an experience as it is when I rely solely on my phone’s alarm.

The price of the Casper Glow Light is a little on the expensive side ($129 each), but you can get it for 50 percent off at Casper’s 4th of July Sale today through July 11. Coming in under $65, there’s no better time to get one! Even if it wasn’t on sale, given the positive effect it’s had on my sleep habits and its ease of use, I’d say it was totally worth it. The soft, warm light it emits is just bright enough to get the job done, and surprisingly, I’ve found waking up to the Glow Light puts me in a better morning mood.

Lesson of the day: Better sleep is always worth the splurge.

Buy: Casper Glow Light, $64.50 (normally $129)

Jasmine Grant

Senior Commerce Editor

Jasmine is Apartment Therapy’s Senior Commerce Editor, where she’s devoted to leading shopping guides and bringing you the best deals on the internet. She knows a whole lot about rugs, candles and geometric vases. Ask away!

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Here’s What “Rest Snacking” Is — and Why You Should Start Doing It

Here’s What “Rest Snacking” Is — and Why You Should Start Doing It

Working is exhausting but, unfortunately for most people, it’s a total necessity. Come Friday evening, after spending 40-plus hours at an office or switching from Zoom call to Zoom call at home, most people are pretty wiped out. And though getting a full night’s sleep every night can ease some of this fatigue, it can also be helpful to take little breaks throughout the day to keep yourself motivated.

Enter “rest snacking,” a phrase we’re officially coining to encompass all the small ways you can rest throughout the day before getting a “full meal” of actual sleep at night. Whether you only have a few seconds between calls or a bit more flexibility, consider working a few of these rest snack breaks into your daily routine to feel instantly refreshed and a bit more rested.