HGTV’s “Good Bones” Swears By This Art for Adding Depth and Interest Into a Room

HGTV’s “Good Bones” Swears By This Art for Adding Depth and Interest Into a Room

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Mural walls are having a big moment right now — whether they’re a calming nature-inspired design like the tropical jungle mural that Gabrielle Union installed into her daughter’s nursery room, or a bold and bright abstract mural wall that even minimalists could get on board with. So it’s somewhat unsurprising that mother-daughter duo Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk, stars of HGTV’s “Good Bones,” swear by a mural wall for keeping a space interesting.

“Looking for a unique way to add depth and interest to any space? Murals are a great option to consider,” they wrote in the caption of an Instagram post shared on the @twochicksandahammer account.

Sharing a snap of a cloud-covered mural wall, it proves that the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your own mural wall. Get creative and take inspiration from your favorite things for a mural wall, or opt for an eye-catching mural wallpaper that will garner some attention from guests.

Painted in one corner of the room, the blue sky mural blends in seamlessly with the gray walls, creating the effect of a break in a cloud-covered sky. Additionally, the positioning of the mural is super clever, an illusion that not only adds texture to the space, but extends the room to the point where the sky looks infinite. Finally, the crib has been placed below the mural, which draws the eye to the most important part of the nursery room.

“Murals are a great option to consider; they’re custom, are safe in kids’ spaces, and can be used in more ways than a framed piece,” the caption continues.

If you’re keen to see more of the eye-catching mural designed by artist Justin Vining, it was featured in the season five finale of “Good Bones.” For similar styles that you can install into your own home with ease (that are also renter-friendly), head to Etsy for some peel and stick wallpaper.

One HGTV Star Shows the Power of Having a Thoughtfully Designed Hood in the Kitchen

One HGTV Star Shows the Power of Having a Thoughtfully Designed Hood in the Kitchen

Kitchen hoods may not seem like the most glamorous piece of equipment, but for many people — especially those who like to cook — they’re pretty much essential. And while they are useful for a plethora of reasons, HGTV’s Breegan Jane has shown that they can be a statement piece.

In a recent Instagram post shared with her followers, the “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” host shared a sleek and stylish hood she designed that certainly takes the kitchen to the next level.

Dark hues dominate the large space, giving the kitchen plenty of drama without being too overpowering. The cabinets feature black wood, while the countertops have been adorned with black marble, putting a gothic twist on the usual white marble slabs that are often seen throughout kitchens.

“It’s always such a great feeling when I design a space that positively impacts so many people. This range has become a favorite of my followers, and I totally understand why,” Jane wrote. “When I designed this space, I knew the black and brass of the range would complement the stone I selected for the walls and the petrified wood for the kitchen island.”

Followers were also fond of the stylish design, sharing the love for the eye-catching kitchen in the comments. “So stunning 😍 so many people are into the all white look but this puts it to shame” wrote one person, while another said: “This is beyond gorgeous”

Jane wrote that she loves finding ways to make her designs feels like art, which is why she opted for the dramatic stone hood that serves as both a statement piece and a functional product. The all-black kitchen hood blends in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen, while white veins run through the stone, adding texture and depth.

Removing strong cooking smells, grease, and moisture from the kitchen, hoods are an important part of the space. Why not make them stylish?

“Royalcore” Will Inspire You to Live Your Best “Brigerton” Life at Home

“Royalcore” Will Inspire You to Live Your Best “Brigerton” Life at Home

It’s normal to dream of living as the royals do, but a lot of young people are actually trying to make this a reality inside their own homes.

Over on TikTok, an aesthetic called royalcore is becoming quite the popular trend, having received more than 175 million views on the platform. Meanwhile, on Pinterest, the aesthetic has seen a 1,000 percent increase in searches, suggesting that last 2020’s cottagecore might already be out, and being royally extra is in.

But what exactly is royalcore?

Like the name suggests, the trend embraces opulence, adding luxury and exuberance to homes, clothing, and of course, social media feeds. Inspired by dramas like “Bridgerton” and “The Crown,” the aesthetic seeks to fill contemporary spaces with ornate decor such as four-poster beds, floral upholstery, and lots of gold.

Martin Gill, managing director at luxury bed retailer And So To Bed, explained to Real Homes how to get the look: “As the name suggests, the aesthetic can be achieved through taking inspiration from periodic and lavish royal-based settings, mainly between the 5th and 19th century, rather than more modern monarchies.”

The look features gilded furniture, Persian-style rugs, chandeliers, and beds with fancy headboards. Oh, and maybe think about getting a harp, too.

On colors, Gill added that you should choose “deep rich tones such as purples, blues, and reds” or “muted pastel tones such as pinks, whites and light blues and greens” paired with a metallic to add some luxe into the look. Gill explained that the Palace of Versailles is the perfect example of the style.

But even without the budget of the national treasury, you can still pull off the look of royalcore with relatively inexpensive solutions. For instance, put up floral wallpaper or paint with light, airy tones to change vibe of your apartment.

As for the decor, fill your space with small whimsical items like a candelabra, a Venetian-inspired mirror, teacups and teapots, old books and letters, velvet curtains, and even an art print in a classical frame. And don’t forget to dress up, of course!

Will you be hopping on this trend or is it a royal pain to pull off? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Tia Mowry’s White Staircase Comes with a Twist

Tia Mowry’s White Staircase Comes with a Twist

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Normally, one might steer clear of mixing children and an all-white decor scheme in their home, but it seems to be the perfect combination for actress, entrepreneur, and chef Tia Mowry. This week, the television staple posed with her three-year-old daughter Cairo on their staircase, which is full of elements to love: white, wood, rich textures, subtle details — and perennial home decor favorite, brick.

In a series of photos posted to Instagram, the “Sister, Sister” actress underscored the harmonious nature of mixing white and wood. The white farmhouse-chic paneling of the staircase wall and bannister emits a simple luxury that couples well with the lighter teak-colored trim matching the hardwood floors. But there’s an unexpected element that subtly catches the eye: the white-painted brick wall on the landing level.

The wood and white mixture may be a classic move, but it doesn’t have to be boring. The textured white brick wall shows off a dimensional background that plays softly against the staircase paneling and carpet runner — every nuanced detail starts to pop. And who doesn’t love a good brick detail, especially one that goes beyond a traditional, industrial feel? 

Achieving softness and calm with a brick background can be a challenge, but Mowry masters the feat perfectly here. Capping off the look is the wicker laundry basket nearly hidden in the corner that reminds one fully: there really is no place like home.