Turning your outdoor space into an ultimate retreat for relaxation is the best thing you can do. Having a personal space for relaxing after a long day is priceless. On the other hand, you will have dedicated space for outdoor entertainment and al fresco dining. Adding stylish garden furniture will bring the holiday resort feel to your home. This post shares valuable tips on how to do it.

Create a holiday feel

Luxurious outdoor garden patio desk that feels like a holiday setting
Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

To recreate the holiday feel at home, you first need to remove any clutter away from sight. This is the best trick to feel relaxed and reduce stress levels. A bamboo screen will conceal the things you don’t want to be seen, like bins, garden equipment or abandoned kids toys. 

When you clear out the space, it will feel so much better. Now you can consider where to place your sunloungers for the best views. We understand that not everyone has a gorgeous sea or mountain view. However, this does not have to mean that you won’t manage to have a great view. Climbing plants that stretch across a fence can become the ideal view for your seating area. Feel free to become creative and find the focal point that suits your style. For some, it can be a water feature or a garden sculpture for others. Wall art can also be considered, so feel free to unleash your creativity in the process. 

Whether you have a patio or a deck, you can still add something to enhance the view. Potted plants are a great choice. Or, you could add a garden TV which will become the natural focal point and serve as an additional entertainment option. 

Make it comfortable

How to create a laidback summer garden style with a bohemian brights theme.
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Making your outdoor area feel more comfortable is your utmost priority. After all, you want to create a space where you can sit back and relax for hours. Plus, you might want to host guests in the day or evening, so comfort is crucial. 

A vidaxl garden table is ideal for creating an al fresco dining setting. Try putting string lights over the table to achieve a cozy lighting atmosphere. Add flowers as a centrepiece to recreate the relaxed holiday feel. This will soon become your favourite spot for the summer evenings. 

A cosy seating area will be an extension of your indoor living space. Make sure to get a quality set intended for outdoor use since it won’t get easily damaged under weather conditions. To provide more options, you can add a cosy bean bag. Don’t forget to get a parasol to provide protection from the sun’s rays. 

Accessorize the outdoor space

Jet washing can help keep patio paving slabs in good condition
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Just because it is outdoors, it doesn’t have to mean that you should skip on the decor. Accessorizing the garden area will make it feel like an extension of your living space. Add throw pillows to your lounge area to make it look more welcoming. You can also anchor the seating area on your deck or patio with an outdoor rug. This will tie the furniture together and make it feel snugger. 

Create a bar

Well stocked bar cart or drinks trolley
Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

A bar is an excellent addition to your outdoor entertainment space. It will bring the holiday feel without investing much effort. The simplest option for adding a garden bar is to get a bar cart. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can go a step forward and make your bar using wood pallets. Add some fancy bar stools to enhance the design. This will become your ultimate spot for sipping good drinks with family and friends.