Good design is about making the most of every corner in your home…  

No matter how insignificant that area by the window of your bedroom or opening in the hallway may seem, sometimes giving those spaces a little lift can ignite design magic.  

One of our favorite ways to bring more form and function to a design is adding a cozy reading nook. Not only do reading nooks provide extra seating space and charm, but they are pretty simple to re-create in your own home.  

Even if you don’t have the perfect spot for an added window seat or built-in in your home, you can still create a reading nook within your living space or your bedroom. All you need to turn an unused corner into a cozy reading nook is a seating space or chair, a light for function, and a nearby surface to set drinks or books down.  

Scroll through for some inspiration from some of our favorite reading nooks we’ve designed and styled over the years.