Lighting plays a very important role in the bedroom, in both waking us up ready for a new day in the mornings and winding down at night for a restful sleep.

To get the best use out of light, you won’t want to rely on just one main bulb to illuminate the whole room; there are many better and more interesting ways to create ambient lighting in your bedroom.

Natural light

The best way to open up your bedroom and make it feel more spacious is by making sure that there is a lot of natural light entering the room. This helps to create a clear and roomy feel; great for when you might be spending time in there during the day, such as if you work from home in your bedroom.

Blinds and Curtains

You can control natural light by getting fitted shutter blinds, which allow you to adjust both the angle and quantity of light that enters your room. However, even when fully opened, they can still block some sunlight. If you don’t have a sun-facing window then you might prefer to opt for a rolling blind or some curtains that can be moved completely out of the window’s way, allowing for as much natural light as possible to make it through.

Relaxing and ambient bedroom interior
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Another great way to encourage natural light around your room is by using a mirror. A well-placed mirror in your bedroom will help to reflect natural light into darker corners where it would not otherwise reach from its entry point at the window. The glass also helps to create the illusion of space, which can work wonders in smaller bedrooms.

Ambient lighting

Later in the day, when the sun is setting and natural light is depleting, you will rely on ambient light to illuminate your room. This is where you need lighting which creates a cosy feeling so that you can feel calm and relaxed in your bedroom.

Fairy lights

Hang fairy lights in your bedroom for an extra twinkly night time glow
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By hanging some fairy lights around your room, you can benefit from smaller incremental lights rather than one dazzling source. This is great for making a bedroom into a relaxing evening space.


Lamps are another great source of ambient light; ideal for use on bedside tables to provide just enough light before you decide to go to sleep for the night, offering easy access for switching off without leaving the comfort of the covers. Taller lamps can also be placed in corners of the bedroom to illuminate areas that may be too dark when the main bulb is off.

Main Lights

Stunning master bedroom with green plant in the corner
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Having a primary light in your room is essential; you won’t want to be working, spring-cleaning or reorganising your space without the option for full brightness to get a clear view. Opting for a bright LED bulb will provide the best visibility, then you can choose a lampshade or lighting fixture that fits with the interior design theme of your bedroom.