White envelope with a lipstick stain on it.

Expressing love costs nothing, except at this time of year. Instead of going the store bought-route to express our love, we just might want to take a tip from my old friend Will and write a poem to our sweeties this Valentine’s Day.

Not up to writing a sonnet? No biggie; go to this Love Letter Generator to help do the work for you. Add pertinent information like your Valentine’s eye color and how fiery you want the letter to be, hit render and you’re good to go.

Another romantic idea might be to personalize and print out a Love Coupon for your main squeeze. You can create your own coupon-granting-activity or choose one supplied such as “Win One Argument” or “Shower for Two”. Oo la la!

And instead of shelling out cash to Hallmark, you could opt for HP.com’s personalize and print Valentine’s cards.

For more money-saving yet romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, visit this and this page at Celebrations.

Sealed with a kiss courtesy of bluechopsticks.com.