Interior trends for 2022 - Organic Minimalism. Ferm Living furniture in front of panelled walls.

Mineral Sculptural Table and Entire Tapestry Blanket from Ferm Living

It’s that time of year when we start to look ahead at the interior trends for 2022. It’s always a difficult call because it’s not like trends stop and start just because it is a brand new year. Trends are like living breathing entities, they build slowly, gain momentum and change and evolve as time goes on. So it is rare to be able to call a brand new trend that nobody has seen before. Rather these trend predictions are based on the slow emergence of patterns over time.

Both this year and last have been somewhat different when it comes to trends. The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns fast-tracked many slow percolating trends that would have otherwise taken years to mature. We realised that our surroundings are hugely important for our mental health and wellbeing. We questioned whether or not we actually like our homes and if we want to spend time in them. We now recognize that it’s less about what we fill our homes with and more about how our homes make us feel.

What are the big interior trends for 2022?

So when it comes to interior trends for 2022, I have predicted two overarching interior trends that I expect to see. Both these trends have been building for a while, but our collective experience over the past two years has solidified these two polar opposite trends and 2022 will be asking us what side of the fence we want to be on.

Organic Minimalism

Interior Trends for 2022: Organic Minimalism. The Edited Life Collection from Dunelm. An unmade double bed covered in highly textured blankets and cushions

The Edited Life Collection from Dunelm

Organic Minimalism is all about paring back, clearing out the clutter and cutting out the excess. It’s about deciding what is essential to have in our surroundings so that we can create a space that feels good. Unlike traditional minimalist interiors which can be prone to feeling a little stark and sterile, Organic Minimalism is much warmer and softer and takes inspiration from the natural world. As the name would suggest, it incorporates the organic shapes, patterns, textures and colours that are found in nature. It is heavily influenced by Biophilic Design but is also inspired by the Japandi trend with an added touch of boho.

Interior Trends for 2022: Organic Minimalism. The Edited Life Collection from Dunelm. A double bed in a Scandi style

The Edited Life Collection from Dunelm

Organic Minimalism is about creating an environment that supports our mental health and wellbeing. It is about creating profoundly tactile spaces that invite us to engage physically with our surroundings. These are sensory spaces that allow us, as sensory beings, to fully experience the power of our sense of touch. In a digital, post-Pandemic world this has increasingly important as we crave touch more than ever.

KEPLER Knurled T-Bar Handle in Antique Brass from Plank Hardware

It is important when bringing Organic Minimalism into our homes that we pay special attention to all the finer details. Tactile elements should be introduced wherever possible to provide us with a more haptic experience. Any high touchpoints can incorporate texture so consider choosing drawer pulls, knobs and cabinet handles that have a knurled finish like those above from Plank Hardware. Antique brass is a great option for this look as it looks aged and therefore more authentic.

Left: Kona Display Table, Meadow High Pile Rug in Light Sand, Verso Floor Vase, Eclipse Lampshade from Ferm Living | Right: Meadow High Pile Cushion in Light Sand from Ferm Living

Materials are perhaps the most important element of creating a sensorial home around the concept of Organic Minimalism. Texture can be introduced through fabrics and soft furnishings, wall coverings, furniture and decorative accessories. Think bouclé textiles, chunky knits, natural linen, deep pile woollen rugs, sheepskins, embossed wallpaper and faux fur cushions.

Organic Minimalism is all about authenticity and integrity so there is a focus on humble and honest materials. This means natural wood, often with raw edges, roughly carved stone, handmade ceramic tiles and patinated metals. There are definitely Wabi-Sabi influences as imperfection is treasured and revered. Natural materials such as rattan, jute, hemp, seagrass, sisal, cork and bamboo also figure often in textural homes. The move towards conscious consumption also fuels the choice of these materials as we look for value and sustainability above pure indulgence.

Interior trends 2022: Organic Minimalsim. A neutral living room with rough wooden coffee table in the centre and textured cushions on the sofa. All from Primark

Image from Primark

These deeply tactile retreats remind us what it is to be human. They awaken our senses and provide us with warmth and uncomplicated comfort. They provide us with a calm, serene and restorative sanctuary where we can retreat from the chaos of the outside world and take time to rebalance our energy and reflect on the things that make us happy.

Textured cushions from Primark

Below is a moodboard I have put together showing exactly how to create a room that incorporates the Organic Minimalism trend. What do you think of this as one of the top interior trends for 2022?

Interior trends for 2022: Organic Minimalism

Organic Minimalism: Get the Look

  1. Melissa Mirror with Organic Shape Shelf Mango Wood from (affiliate)
  2. Matta Wall Decoration – Large from Sweetpea & Willlow
  3. Pavia Double Wardrobe Natural Rattan & Walnut Effect from (affiliate)
  4. Adra Cushion Taupe Woven & Cream from Cult Furniture
  5. Laboni Seersucker 100% Cotton Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases King Moss Green from (affilaite)
  6. Daintree Decorative Vase from OKA
  7. KEPLER Knurled T-Bar Handle in Antique Brass from Plank Hardware
  8. Odie Wide Chest of Drawers Dark Stain Oak from (affilaite)
  9. Bloomingville Jalmari Sculpture from Sweetpea & Willow
  10. Shona Accent Armchair Pistachio Green Velvet from (affiliate)
  11. Hadid Extra Large Hand Woven Rattan Laundry Basket Grey from (affilaite)
  12. Reema King Size Bed Dark Stain & Cane from (affiliate)
  13. Riya Woven Jute Rug Extra Large 200 x 300cm Natural from (affiliate)

Joyous Maximalism

Quirky furniture and unique homeware from Audenza

Joyous Maximalism is the second of my predicted interior trends for 2022. It is basically the antithesis of Organic Minimalism. Instead of paring right back and clearing the clutter, Joyous Maximalsim is more about surrounding yourself with loved objects that tell the story of your life and reflect your personality. Forget about following trends and being dictated to about what you should fill your home with, Joyous Maximalism is about freedom of expression.

Society of Wanderers Kelp/Peach Lemonade Double Sided Quilt from Antipodream

This trend is less about touch and more about sight. It is an explosion of colour, pattern and shape, basically anything that catches your eye, particularly if it is playful and unexpected. Also make sure you include some bling like these beautifully smooth, solid brass handles from Plank Hardware. Use them to uplevel your cabinets, sideboards or cupboards to give them an extra luxurious, statement makeover.

Left: MERCURY Curved lip pull Handle in Solid Brass from Plank Hardware | Right: ROEBUCK Smooth T-bar Handle in Solid Brass from Plank Hardware

Interiors that embrace Joyous Maximalism are bold and bright. Every individual piece that is included in an interior is chosen on its own merit with little regard to how it looks alongside the other pieces in the room. Harmony and coordination give way to personalisation and clashing.

Left: The Artist’s House CERAMIC WONDERS wallpaper from Mindthegap | Right: Transylvanian Roots, THE ENCHANTED WOODLAND Tablecloth from Mindthegap

Bold patterns are layered atop of one another in contrasting colours, think animal print against a backdrop of large botanical prints. The overall effect is loud and, some might say, garish. Whereas those who relate more to Organic Minimalism are looking for a meditative sanctuary to retreat into where our senses can be calmed, those who prefer Joyous Maximalism are looking to create a space in which they can fully be their authentic selves and express their personality to the max. They want a space that excites and invigorates them and is full of energy.

My moodboard below shows you how you can create the second of my interior trends for 2022. This is a space that exudes Joyous Maximalism.

Interior Trends for 2022: Joyous Maximalism moodboard

Joyous Maximalism: Get the Look

  1. Wallpaper Swatch Cubana Jardin Imaginario Portrait from Mindthegap
  2. Savannah Ostrich Wall Light from Intrepid Interior
  3. Balhem Scandi Shelving Unit in Chicory & Brass from Swoon
  4. Pretty Spraypaint Graffiti Altered Art Cushion from Ink & Drop
  5. ROEBUCK Smooth T-bar Handle in Solid Brass from Plank Hardware
  6. Sideboard Contemporary Style in Green from Swoon
  7. Antique Gold Toucan Occasional Table from Audenza
  8. Furniture Sofa Truman Tropical Cottage Orchid Bloom Linen Portrait from Mindthegap
  9. Gold Octopus Tentacle Candle Holder from Audenza
  10. Carnaby Footstool In Terracotta Velvet from Atkin & Thyme

I’d love to know what you think of the interior trends for 2022 that I have predicted. Which one do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.