When it comes to sprucing up your space, you have countless directions to choose. There’s wall paintings, wallpaper, framed art, and other decorative elements that can help you bring out the vibe you want for your home. However, most of these options are often tedious and tricky. Painting the wall, for example, can eat up too much of your time and involves messing with the furniture. You also have to be careful when working on the project, because you might ruin the floor or other interior pieces in the space.

If you’re one to shy away from such a tiresome task, you can always turn to tapestries to enhance your home’s interior. Or maybe you’re just tired of the usual paintings and other wall décor hanging on your wall that you want something refreshing for a change. Be it for the living room, bedrooms, attic, or even bathrooms, tapestries have their way of blending in, especially in an artsy and effortless way.

Creating an illusion of a bigger space

One thing you might’ve noticed about tapestries is that they can make any space look bigger. The shapes and colours are often framed at an angle that can widen the perspective of anyone looking at them. What’s more, these pieces of thick fabric usually feature woven designs that have different colours, patterns, and embroideries. You can easily choose any layout that you want so you can match the aesthetics of your living space.

Tapestries used to be an interior accent for ancient castles and whatnots. Today, you can see them being hung in almost every home and even in office spaces. As you can see, there’s no reason not to take advantage of the uniqueness and versatility that tapestries have to offer.

Ready to find out how to spruce up your space using these wall accents? If so, here are several ways you can use drapes and fabrics to spruce up your home interior:

1. Use them to conceal an empty space on the wall

Use decorative tapestries as wall hangings
Photo by Vika Strawberrika on Unsplash

Maybe you used to be a fan of a minimalist home interior, which explains why your space has plenty of empty walls. But if you’ve changed your mind and you want to freshen up the vibe and add a pop of color everywhere, using tapestries can be an excellent way to conceal those empty spaces. Accentuating the wall with well-crafted textile fabrics can definitely make any blank area look vibrant and creative. To add, the heavy fabric could also offer a much-needed warming up of your place, especially during colder months.

You can choose tapestries depending on several factors, such as your lifestyle, existing colour palettes, and interests. What’s great about these decorative wall pieces is that there’s a multitude of designs and styles to choose from, so you won’t have to worry about not finding a pattern that you like.

2. Frame them for a change

Who says tapestries are only meant for hanging on the wall? Framing these woven draperies is a trend that’s likely here to stay. Mounting your tapestries on different frames can be a refreshing way to give them a different vibe. Frames can also protect the quality of the fabric better, making it last longer than usual. This is an even more clever method if you have pretty expensive pieces that you want to preserve.

No matter the size of the tapestry and wall that you have, you can make this idea work by choosing frame materials and sizes that’ll meet your needs. You can mix and match various dimensions, frame finish, and colour to make your creation look artsier and well-thought-out.

3. Drape them over couches and other furniture

Ethnic style tapestries used as wallhangings
Credit: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock

If there’s something distinct about tapestries that set them apart from other decorative pieces made from fabric, it’s their hip yet chic feel. Regardless of where or how you use them, the vibe remains the same and can even be amplified depending on how you accentuate existing elements. You can contrast your interior or mute the tones you already have to complement the overall ambiance of your space using drapes.

Simply draping the tapestries over your couches can already add a touch of drama to any space. Other furniture pieces can also benefit from this technique, including your bed, dining chairs, coffee table, and even your outdoor furniture. To complete the cozy look, throw in some pillows and a feathery carpet.

With so many ways you can spruce up your space using tapestries, it’s no longer a question if you’re going to use them or not. Instead, a better question would be when you will finally decide to give in and give it a try.

The timeless knack of tapestries isn’t just for hanging on the wall. You can use it for other purposes that can help you effortlessly achieve your goal––giving your living space the fresh vibe it deserves.