Being blessed with a spare room inside your property can open up a whole host of different opportunities for you to explore, including creating your own man cave. It’s hard to find a little personal space to relax and unwind as a guy in a family home, especially if you have a partner and children who want your attention too! However, having your own man cave can act as a sanctuary in which you can let off some steam, so there’s no time like the present to start designing your dream man cave today. There are many brilliant ideas that you can consider to help build the perfect man cave, so read on to find out more. 

Upgrade The Aesthetic

Use neon light signs in man cave decor
Photo by J Williams on Unsplash

When you are converting a spare room into a man cave, you will no doubt need to take several steps to upgrade the space’s aesthetic to better suit its new purpose. Empty magnolia walls are not going to give you that cool, relaxing vibe that you’re craving, so you need to make an effort to transform your surroundings so that it can become an inviting room! Start by finding some Motorsport wall art or any other hanging decor that you can put up to fill the blank space.

You can use neon lights, clocks, signs, photographs, and so much more – just let your creative juices flow! It may also be a good idea to change the type of flooring that is used inside your mancave, as although a cream carpet may have served its purpose when the spare room used to be a bedroom, but now you’re going to need something more heavy duty that won’t show spills and marks in the same way. 

Fill It With Furnishings

Cosy armchair in a man cave
Photo by Nick Hillier on Unsplash

Next, it’s time to fill your new man cave with all of the best furnishings that will make sure the space is as comfortable and welcoming as ever. First things first you’re going to need somewhere to sit down and hang out, so source some seating in the form of a sofa, some armchairs, beanbags, or even a hammock! Think about how many guests you might have over to your man cave at any one time, perhaps for a night or to watch the latest football match, and this will tell you how much seating you need.

Next move onto the television set, as this is such an important feature that your man cave needs to maintain. You can also add gaming consoles, dvd players and smart sticks that allow you to use your television for many more activities. You should also aim to purchase fun and functional decor items like a mini fridge for drinks or a gumball machine for candy, as well as extra games like a mini pinball machine or a foosball table! 

Billiard table located in a man cave
Photo by Zakaria Zayane on Unsplash

Creating the perfect man cave has never been so simple – think about your needs, be creative and enjoy making a space you’ll love to use.