Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their home, but beyond simply feeling comfortable, everyone wants to feel as though their home environment is the kind of place that helps them to thrive, and that embodies the kind of aesthetic and emotional content that they are after.

Increasingly today, more and more people are becoming mindful of the potential benefits of having a clean and harmonious home design aesthetic – one that draws inspiration from design trends stemming from places like Japan and Scandinavian countries, that naturally emphasise a degree of minimalism, in addition to the harmonious balance between different elements.

If your home is getting you down for one reason or another – such as if it seems like an overly messy, cluttered, and haphazard kind of place – your sense of well-being, comfort, and even your ability to properly collect your thoughts, they will be enhanced by taking steps to create a cleaner and more harmonious feel in your home.

Here are a few tips and suggestions for achieving this.

Investigate ways of making your home’s basic systems and appliances more eco-friendly

The dark green wall in this living room sets off the brown leather sofa to a tee
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One great way of developing a cleaner and more harmonious feeling in your home, could be to start by looking for ways to make it more “eco-friendly,” not only because this is highly beneficial for the environment and for your own personal carbon footprint – not to mention your bills – but also because features which have been designed with ecological considerations in mind often tend to embody a clean, modern, and holistic aesthetic. 

Companies like All Seasons Energy can help you to actively turn your home into a more eco-friendly space, including by helping you to determine your eligibility for ECO grants that could grant you financial assistance in making your home more ecologically friendly.

In addition to some of the other more directly practical eco-friendly features that you could install in your home, there are particular design features that you could implement which could help to create a greater sense of connection to the natural world in your home, while simultaneously aiding in the creation of a modern and sleek looking space.

Certain lighting fixtures have been developed, for example, which utilise versions of skylights and combine them with mirrors, in order to magnify the sun’s natural light, and to illuminate the home during the day significantly more than it otherwise would be.

When most people think of a clean and harmonious home, bright lighting – especially natural lighting – tends to play an important role.

Avoid over cluttering your home, and make sure that everything has its place

Having a cluttered home is one of the most sure-fire ways of undermining a clean and harmonious aesthetic, and it can also generate excess stress in your life, by making it harder to find the things that you are looking for, and by creating an uneasy nagging feeling in the back of your mind that things around you are simply haphazard and unpredictable.

While you don’t have to go for an extremely minimalist home aesthetic, avoiding over-cluttering your home is a very good idea – and this could certainly involve using approaches such as the Konmari Method to get rid of excess belongings of yours that you don’t have a particularly meaningful emotional connection to, and that aren’t very useful for you, either.

Decluttering your home certainly isn’t the end of the story, however – because making sure that everything in your home has its place, and is stored very neatly as opposed to being left scattered around, is a fundamental component in creating a clean and harmonious feel within the home, and particularly one that emphasises a sense of balance.

This is especially important when you have more belongings, but even if you don’t have too many belongings at all, your living space can still seem cluttered, chaotic, and stressful, if you leave things scattered around as opposed to ensuring that they are all put where they belong after use.

Make your home special to you
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Utilise pleasing aromas to influence the feel of the home

Creating a clean and harmonious sense within your home doesn’t just depend on visual aspects at all.

In fact, being mindful of the kind of scents and aromas that you cultivate in your home can be one of the best ways of completely changing the atmosphere of the home as a whole, and dramatically influencing how you feel in your home, on a day-to-day basis.

Utilising pleasing aroma around your home can go a long way towards creating a feeling of harmony and balance – and you can be quite selective about the kinds of aromas you use, in order to create different kinds of atmospheres.

You could, for example, diffuse essential oils throughout the home in order to create a clean and fresh impression. Or, you could use seasonal scents, such as apple and cinnamon, in addition to mantelpiece decorations, to create a Yuletide mood in your living space then helps to make it feel properly in harmony with the natural world.

Select your ornaments carefully, and emphasise those that have particular meaning for you

Curated home accessories that have special meanings
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Carefully selecting the ornaments that you introduce into your home, and making a point of emphasising those that have particular meaning for you – as opposed to being overly generic – is a great way of creating a bit of character in your home, and can also help to create a harmonious atmosphere in the home – depending on how you arrange those ornaments.

Fundamentally, making your home feel comfortable, uplifting, clean, and harmonious doesn’t have to – and shouldn’t – mean that you simply copy the exact layout found in a Scandinavian design catalogue.

Recognise the aesthetic value of empty space

The aesthetic value of empty space is very important to take into consideration when it comes to creating a home environment that feels clean, harmonious, and well balanced.

In many cases, the very thing that creates these impressions among the individuals who are looking to create this kind of aesthetic in the first place, is the fact that the homes in question feature a lot of empty space, and don’t allow floors and surfaces to become overly cluttered.