If you’re looking for a bold but understated way to stand out from the interior design crowd, stone cladding could be the wall treatment you are looking for. Suitable both inside and outside the home, it’s eye-catching, stylish, and has a timeless quality that will stay gorgeous for years. 

What Is Tile Cladding?

Tile cladding is a wall treatment designed to look like tile, without the profound irregularity of full stone walls, while keeping the natural beauty and lustre of stone. It is typically cheaper than a full stone tile, so can give great visual results with little investment, and you aren’t forced into a ‘rustic’ look by default, as there are many modern styles. In fact, stone tile cladding makes a great ‘modern spa’ atmosphere that’s soothing and attractive.  

Depending how it’s used, stone tile cladding can work in living spaces too. It makes an interesting and eye-catching kitchen tile treatment for splashbacks, and looks magnificent around fireplaces. It’s also a great way to make a feature wall and can be used in everything from home offices and home yoga studios, to entertainment rooms. 

Cladding tiles for exterior walls are commonly used around patios and decks, or as a backdrop to seating areas, giving the area character and extra shine. It helps create a spa-like vibe, encouraging people to relax and view the area as an outdoor retreat. It also makes an entertainment area feel homely, giving a touch of the French Riviera even in winter. It can also be used effectively to create the illusion of better space in a small or awkwardly shaped courtyard.

Stone cladding wall design in a luxury spa bathroom
Photo by Jon Moore on Unsplash

Does Tile Cladding Have Any Benefits?

Outside of aesthetics, does stone tile cladding have any benefits? The natural look and feel is a big draw for many people, and creating a bold, daring, and stylish space can add value to your property. It’s also a simple way to camouflage boring walls, creating an attractive facade. Due to its natural construction, it makes for a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. 

It’s also surprisingly versatile, fitting into several designs and homes. What you may not realize is that stone can be a great natural source of insulation, helping to keep the home cooler and energy bills lower. Provided you invest in quality tiles and install them properly, they are also very low maintenance. It’s difficult to chip, stain, or break, and a pressure washer will restore them to full glory. 

If you’re looking for a classy way to ease the transition through an indoor/outdoor area, or to introduce a restful touch of Mother Nature into your home, stone cladding could be perfect for you. It’s also a versatile and useful treatment for outdoor entertainment areas, and can dress up dull walls without major renovations or the need for constant maintenance. 

Would you consider stone tile cladding in your home? Be sure to let us know your own thoughts or experiences with this novel cladding choice.