Everyone loves to put their personal touch on the spaces they spend time in. One way to do this is with accessories. But if you don’t have a lot of money or time, it can be hard to figure out what will impact you and not break the bank. 

This post highlights eight sneaky accessory ideas for your living space that are budget-friendly and relatively easy!

A Rustic Flare in Wood and Lighting

The rustic look is one of the most popular design aesthetics these days. Of course, it’s been all over fashion and home décor for years, but it still has its place in peoples’ hearts too.

Designers love incorporating rustic elements into their work because of its natural charm and timelessness. It’s also one of the most effortless styles to achieve for designer newbies. So, if you’re looking to add a little bit of country goodness to your home, there are some ideas that’ll help you get started!

Sprinkle wooden accents throughout your space. This could include furniture, accessories or even lighting fixtures. Wooden shelves are an easy way to get these pieces incorporated by furnishing them with decorative objects like fresh plants. 

You can also adorn walls using wood panels as decoration either through painting on them yourself or installing pre-made ones from stores such as IKEA.

Pick up a few rustic-looking pieces of furniture. This can include side tables, coffee tables and chairs. Then, incorporate natural textures like wood and leather with your home décor to create an earthy aesthetic.

Add some greenery to space! Choose plants that work well in indoor environments, such as succulents. Small pot plants are also easy ways to incorporate nature without taking too much time or energy on upkeep.

A Cohesive Accent Wall

Bold and striking accent wall in a bedroom
Photo by Josh Hemsley on Unsplash

A cohesive accent wall is a great way to create an intimate space or add warmth and depth to your living room. It also creates the illusion of more space by drawing the eye around your decor rather than letting it go straight across. 

Of course, you’ll want to make sure you get wallpaper or paint that matches perfectly with other colours on your walls for this look to feel like one unified masterpiece!

The best thing about this tip is that it’s perfect for a living room, but it can also work in other spaces like the office or kitchen. So, it’s not only an aesthetic upgrade to your space; it makes you feel more at home and comfortable!

Colourful Light Fixtures

Colourful light fixtures are one of the best ways to spruce up any room instantly. They come in several different styles, and they’re generally pretty affordable! The most popular colours for these types of lights are yellow, orange, pink or purple- but you can find them in other shades as well. 

Of course, if your space is on the smaller side (like an apartment), then it’s always a good idea to have some natural lighting coming from outside. If this isn’t possible due to weather conditions or proximity- try incorporating window treatments that will filter out certain parts of sunlight when necessary. 

For example, blackout curtains with wooden slats would work great at night because they won’t let too much light during those hours while still allowing in the natural light during other times of the day.

In a small space, incorporate window treatments that will filter out sunlight when necessary. Colourful lights are one way to make your room feel so much livelier and brighter!

Cohesive Shelf and Book Covers

Nice white organised books on a shelf
Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

A cohesive shelf is an excellent, modern way to display your favourite books and other knick-knacks. You can even customize the shelving to fit whatever size you want! A colourful rug will not only make any room feel cosier, but it also serves as an excellent area for kids to play on or for adults to stretch their legs while watching TV.

Having plenty of light in the home (especially during winter) helps with mood and productivity levels so consider getting a few table lamps that match your colour scheme. If you’ve got some wall space left over, throw up some artwork from local artists. They’re sure to bring life into your living space. Finally, don’t forget about candles. They’ll set the perfect ambience and make your home smell lovely. You can buy Candle making supplies such as candle jar and dyes at affordable prices to create some for your home. 

A Tilted Mirror

A tilted mirror is a piece of modern furniture that will instantly upgrade your living space. These mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes, and they are all mounted in specific ways to catch the reflection from every angle. 

A tilted mirror is also very versatile because you can use it in any room – even in restrooms!  If you’re looking for something more traditional, try out an ornate frame with tempered glass or a sleek frameless design.

Painted Bricks

Stunning brick fireplace makes a centrepiece in a living room
Photo by Mike Gattorna on Unsplash

A new paint job can be an instant game-changer in any room, and painting your brick fireplace is a perfect way to inject some fun into the most crucial design element of any space. Bricks are known for their structural stability and their ability to provide natural insulation that will help keep you warm during those chilly winter months. For an even more dramatic transformation, apply a contrasting colour to the bricks.

By adding some bright colours or patterns to your fireplace, you’ll be able to transform any room into something fresh and exciting.  A fun way of keeping this DIY project under budget? Use paint remnants rather than buying full cans! The only downside is that painting bricks doesn’t provide a seamless finish, so it might take extra time to dry completely.

Soothing Colour Palette

Use complementary colours to achieve a soothing feel in your space. A perfect example is using blue for walls and green as an accent colour on furnishings, pillows or throws. This will help you create the feeling of relaxation while also enhancing natural light coming through windows.

A lighter colour on the walls will also create a calming atmosphere. Consider using pastels, light blues or soft greens for your mood board to set an airy tone in any space. Soothing colours like blue or green are known for calming and soothing the mind but experiment with other colours, such as yellow, to create a different atmosphere.

Do you live in a space with high ceilings? Try painting the ceiling a lighter colour than walls to create an illusion of height. This is especially helpful for homes that lack natural light and need visual relief from their dark surroundings, but it can also work well as an accent piece in spaces already painted white.  

Chic Storage

Chic kitchen storage shelves
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Storage is one of the significant designs in any living space. However, it can be challenging to find a functional solution that also looks good. This is because there are so many different types of storage, from baskets on shelves to open shelving and cleverly hidden cabinets just waiting for their chance at a brilliant new home.

There are two styles of storing: vertical and horizontal/diagonal (or “front-facing”). Vertical storage has more flexibility when it comes to organizing items because you have room around them and above or below. 

But it takes up more space than other options like sideboards or media units with drawers and doors for hiding things away out of sight. Horizontal storage may take less floor space, but since your belongings won’t be visible, you’ll need to keep labels or remember where everything is.

These are just a few of the many ways to up your living space game. Remember that you don’t need expensive and ornate items for something to look nice. Sometimes, it’s about adding colour or texture with inexpensive decor pieces like plants, pillows, candles or art prints!