When it comes to choosing window coverings, there’s no denying the fantastic functionality of roller blinds. They’re a time-tested option that does the job of protecting your home from light and heat – but they’re not necessarily known for their good looks. Or, if you do track down some good-looking blinds, they won’t necessarily be the most efficient at blocking out light to the degree you need them to.

Which is where Sonnette™ cellular roller shades by Luxaflex® come in – the first of their kind to be sold in the UK. These shades are a perfect marriage of style and function, and they offer a true upgrade from traditional roller blinds.

Five reasons to give cellular roller shades a go

1. They are made to measure for every window in your house

Luxaflex Sonnette Shades

Image credit: Luxaflex

The issue with standard roller blinds is that it’s a struggle to find a fit for non-standard-sized windows, so you end up with mismatched blinds. Sonnette™ Shades are made to measure for every window in your house, including patio or bi-fold, sliding doors, bay windows, French doors or any standard regular windows. You can have a completely coordinated look bespoke to your space.

There are motorised options, which makes them so much easier to operate when installed onto extra-large windows, for example in sunrooms. PowerView® Automation links to an app on your smart device so that you can control your Sonnette™ Shades at just the touch of a button.

2. They will save you money on bills

Luxaflex Sonnette Shades 01

Image credit: Luxaflex

Thanks to an undetectable energy-efficient layer built into the fabric, Sonnette™ Shades will insulate your home all year round, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and reducing your energy bills in the process. Windows are notorious for leaking heat in winter, and these blinds will provide an additional layer of insulation that’s especially important in larger rooms.

That’s not all, though – not only will they save you money, but they will also protect you from UV light and noise, thanks to their unique cellular design.

3. You can choose between different opacities

Luxaflex Sonnette Shades 02

Image credit: Luxaflex

Most homes require different levels of light filtering in different rooms – from a sheer filter to remove glare off in a home office to a complete blackout effect in a bedroom or children’s room. With these cellular shades, you can have it the best of both worlds: they’re available in two opacities, so they’re perfect for all areas.

Whether your home office is too bright in the afternoon, or your bedroom is too light in the morning, you can choose semi-opaque shades which softly diffuse light and leave an ambient glow, or room-darkening shades which block light and afford more privacy.

4. They come in a range of fabric finishes

Luxaflex Sonnette shades bathroom

Image credit: Luxaflex

With all of these impressive features, how do they look and feel? Impressively, there’s no compromise on the design side – Sonnette™ Shades come in a huge range of colours, from timeless neutrals to bold brights, and can be made in a sophisticated linen finish. The soft fabrics are a million miles away from the often plasticky feel of traditional blinds.

5. They support local retailers

Love to shop local? Luxaflex® blinds are sold through small, local retailers up and down the UK where an experienced specialist will talk you through all the options before you buy. Visit a Luxaflex Showroom, where you can have a one-to-one consultation and see a demo of the Sonnette™ Shades in action.