The kitchen is among the high-traffic areas in the home. What’s more, many fantastic new kitchen brands are sporting new design ideas and clever twists from old designs. As a result, there is an abundance of state-of-the-art kitchen appliances and trendy designs to choose from. Your kitchen has never worked this hard, and as you spend even more time in there, you can invest in some elements to improve it. That said, here are some of the latest trends you don’t want to miss as you style your kitchen according to your current lifestyle.

Concealed kitchens

Concealed kitchens are one of the new trends for 2021 interior design
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Even the smallest living space can make way for the most innovative kitchen designs. A chic open-plan area can conceal your cooking area and allow focus on entertainment. Blending your cooking, dining, and relaxing space in one room can maximize the sense of more space. Concealed kitchen design offers a flexible layout for easy transition from your kitchen through your diner to the living area. This makes your cooking area more hidden behind decorative wall-like door panels. Doors are obscured with fingerprint features to permit smooth opening and closing.

Fascinating tile layouts

The formation is one of the biggest kitchen trends in tiles. Although the classic oblong shapes and metro tiles remain popular, how they are placed makes the difference presently. Kitchen backsplash tile dominates trends, with many homeowners seeking character and warmth while adding personality to their kitchen. Backsplashes like the white Cloe tile, Marble and Quartzite, offer a chance to create a focal point for beauty and functionality in your kitchen.

Hot water on demand

Hot water taps are all the trend in contemporary kitchens
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Everyone has become accustomed to wanting everything in a flash. Even kettle boiling is too much of a wait we can’t afford, which is why hot water taps are growing into one of the most sought-after kitchen items in 2021. Further statistics have suggested that a 13% increased sale in steaming hot water taps alone this year. Additionally, with many people spending more time at home remote working, the demand for instant hot water for coffee and tea in between calls will be high. Google searches last year suggested a 25% increase in hot water taps, so it comes as no surprise that it’s already having a positive outlook in 2021.

The colour red

Red surprisingly comes in as kitchen shade in 2021. Experts have suggested that a colourful kitchen will be a significant trend this year as people spending more time indoors will enhance their mood with colour. If you have been staring at the same walls for some time, take a chance with your interiors this year and introduce fresh, bold colours to breathe new life into your kitchens. While you may have a particular reservation for the colour, there is a whole range of red shades, so there is no cause of alarm.

Finding the red shades too daunting for your kitchen? Consider pairing it with some neutral greys, kinds of cashmere, and truffles to make it less overpowering.

Dark surfaces

Contemporary kitchen designed with dark surfaces
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Like fashion, the kitchen is taking to the dark side. The swing for two-tone kitchens has prompted the dark surfaces trend. Many experts in the design industry have suggested that dark countertops and worktops can offset lighter furniture and bright colours to create a sense of sophistication and luxury irrespective of the room size. Black and dark grey colours are perceived by many as accent shades to make a room more welcoming when used on surfaces like floors and worktops. If you want to add a rustic, homely appeal to your kitchen, combine black and dark grey with textured wood.

Smart storage

Storage has always been a vital part of kitchen design, especially when everyone strives to declutter for their general wellbeing. Removing clutter from the kitchen can be tricky, especially with the many small things we need – from utensils to ingredients needed to prepare meals. This is why a well-positioned and hidden storage is a catalyst for creating a visually appealing kitchen. The kitchen larder is likewise regarded as the most appealing design feature to have in your kitchen. Although there will be an increase in technology and new devices in the kitchen in 2021, everybody doesn’t have to notice them.

The thirst for discreet storage will increase, and homeowners are pondering appliance aesthetics to integrate into the kitchen. With the several kitchen technologies available like the gilded cabinet shelves, under-cabinet led lighting, and battery-run and hard-wired appliances to check electrical cords and outlet clutter, many tech advancements are being integrated into kitchen remodelling. However, if you are a remodelling business, you can discover more ways to integrate tech into clients’ homes.

Statement taps

In 2021, your kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a statement tap. Installing the brass, industrial-like faucet with rare handles and fascinating features is excellent for drawing attention and compliments. For a more streamlined feel, combine with similar cupboard finishes and draw handles for consistency. Now more than ever, it’s time to let your taps shine.

Kitchen plate racks

The vintage plate racks are making a significant return this year. Whether you are showcasing it on mounted walls or countertops, plate racks are excellent ways to create more room space. What’s more, they allow you to display or store dishware rather than concealing it in some cupboard or cabinet. There are additionally several decorative plate racks designed for your home and kitchen installation. For example, the wood dinner plate rack isn’t the only material type for décor and functionality.

Dining islands

Contemporary kitchen dining island breakfast bar with green velvet chairs
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

It is widespread knowledge that islands and breakfast bars integrate casual dining with workplace and storage. The kitchen islands combine all functionalities, enabling you to enjoy its storage benefits and the integrated dining room. Today’s kitchen should incorporate entertainment, which means cooking and socializing, which you get from the dining islands. From the additional storage to your cabinetry, an ideal fit for your kids, and extra seating and versatility, you are in for a treat if you consider designing or picking a home with a kitchen island.