As we emerge from the safe sanctuary of our homes to welcome an exciting new lease of life, it’s the perfect time to give our rooms a makeover with a fresh coat of paint. And nothing promises such a soft, flawless finish as beautiful as Crown’s newest paint collection, Crafted by Crown.

Crafted by Crown is a curation of three gorgeous finishes: Luxurious Flat Matt; Subtle Textured; and Lustrous Metallic. Each has been expertly formulated with the highest-quality ingredients to give them the most durable and stunning finish yet.

Get a flawless finish with Crafted by Crown’s Luxurious Flat Matt

Luxurious flat matt in Collage, Crafted by Crown

Luxurious flat matt in Collage, Crafted by Crown

For walls and woodwork, choose the flat matt finish. This thick and creamy multi-surface emulsion allows you to cover seamlessly from floor to ceiling, achieving a soft finish that is smooth and velvety to the touch. It’s available in 48 refined colours, including subtle muted tones and richer shades to add depth, so there’s plenty of opportunity for new schemes and decorating looks. Why not try Printworks, a moody navy blue, on your skirting boards, door frames and walls for a dramatic look that creates a wonderfully cocooning feel. If you prefer a toned down scheme, pair it with a balancing gentle grey, such as Woven Calico.

You can rest assured that your decorating updates will last, as the paint is highly durable and can withstand wiping, meaning your finished walls will look as good as first painted for longer; even if your household is a busy one. It’s also better for the environment thanks to Crown’s advanced Breatheasy technology, making it low VOC, 99% solvent-free and asthma and allergy friendly.

For something a little different, try Crafted by Crown’s Subtle Textured Finish. It complements the flat matt finish perfectly, providing a soft brushed texture effect on interior walls. Its unique formula is made from the surprising ingredient of olive stones, which have been ground down and mixed into the formula to add a gentle layer of depth that you can see and feel. It’s available in two timeless colour palettes of greys and neutrals; Chocolate is a particularly evoking shade.

Make a statement with Crafted by Crown’s Lustrous Metallic Finish

Crafted by Crown Lustrous Metallic Finish Granite Top

Lustrous metallic finish in Granite Top, Crafted by Crown

The Lustrous Metallic Finish completes the trio of paints in the Crafted by Crown collection. It’s a gorgeous shimmery emulsion that’s perfect for creating a striking feature wall or statement paint effect. In eight opulent shades, including golden Millionaire, vibrant Copper and decadent Granite Top, it brings a lustre that is sure to spark conversation among your visitors.

Pick up a colour card in-store to see all shades available in each finish. Or order Crown’s new Pure Paint swatches of real paint, which give 100% accuracy for colour matching. Pop them up on any wall in any room to see how the colours change in different lights and at alternate times of the day. Plus, they’re easy to take with you when out shopping for furniture, accessories and matching fabrics.

Where to buy

For more information, to see the entire Crafted by Crown range and to buy, visit, or head to Homebase and leading independents.