There are some things we’ve always been happy to buy not-exactly new. The Ideal Home team, for example, is partial to Victorian townhouses, vintage champagne coupes and original mid-century modern furniture. But top tech probably wasn’t top of our list… until now.

Because there are now too many good reasons to ignore the draw of refurbished gadgets – a term that applies to everything from lawnmowers and laptops to tablets and toasters.

We’ve identified four right here. Plus, we explain why buying ‘Certified Refurbished‘ items from top brands on eBay is a sure-fire way to bag a bona fide bargain.

Shark Certified Refurbished vacuum cleaner in blue kitchen

Image credit: eBay

1. You get more for your money

Let’s start with the most obvious benefit. Every item you buy something Certified Refurbished from eBay, it will look like new, work like new… but it won’t cost like new.

With kitchen appliances, smartphones, TVs, and even DIY tools up for grabs, you can save up to 30% on the RRP of hundreds of items, buying safe in the knowledge that they are every bit as brilliant as their brand-new equivalents. 

‘But how much can I save?’ we hear you ask. Well our most recent finds are a HP Envy 15in laptop, down from £1,499.99 to £1,099.94, and a Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro food processor, reduced from £399.95 to £279.99.

We were also tempted by some on-trend olive green Skullcandy Hesh 3 Bluetooth over-ear headphones, available for £34.99 – a huge £55 saving on their £89.99 RRP.

Fly vacuum cleaner mowing lawn with cord

Image credit: eBay

2. It’s better for the environment

Every time we buy refurbished, we do our little bit for the planet. That’s because fewer materials reach landfill  and fewer resources are needed to ‘rebuild’ an existing appliance or gadget, as opposed to making one from scratch.

That’s not to say your refurbished phone, laptop or vacuum cleaner is inferior to a brand-new version. On eBay, certified refurbished items are professionally checked, cleaned, and refurbished by the manufacturer or by an authorised provider.

Cosmetically damaged parts – think phone screens or a vacuum cleaner’s dust container – are generally switched for shiny new replacements, and heavily used parts are professionally exchanged. 

That means your tech arrives in mint condition, exactly as the manufacturer specified.

HP Envy laptop with 15inch screen

Image credit: eBay

3. You needn’t compromise on your favourite brands

Desperate to upgrade your vacuum cleaner for a lightweight and powerful Dyson to take the hard work out of cleaning? Have your heart set on a state-of-the-art 4K TV to turn movie nights into a big-screen occasion?

Buying Certified Refurbished is a way to get your hands on those brands and features that you might have thought beyond your budget.

Big brands selling direct as eBay Certified Refurbished partners include Asus, Dyson, Shark, GoPro and Panasonic. You really are in the best company.

Tefal blender with fruit smoothies on worktop

Image credit: eBay

4. Refurbished tech is still covered by a guarantee

Purchase a Certified Refurbished item from eBay, and you’ll be covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee. An additional 12-month seller guarantee provides even more peace of mind when you buy. 

It applies to all defects covered by the seller guarantee that occur after the purchase. That’s regardless of whether the item was already defective at the time of purchase or not. If the item is faulty, it will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. And breathe…

Discover the latest bargains Certified Refurbished on eBay today and see ‘nearly new’ in a whole new light.