The process of designing kids’ rooms… 

brings a different set of challenges than any other space in the home, and it can be hard to find a balance between playfulness and longevity. 

When working with our clients to design kid’s spaces, we want to make design choices that reflect their personalities and give them room to grow, whether they are three or thirteen. 

Here are five of our favorite tips for designing kids’ rooms: 

Unfortunately, we can’t keep our babies little forever, and they have a new favorite color every week. Although we always want to design kids’ rooms that feel playful, the truth is, if you’re always designing for your child’s age, you’ll never stop.  

Investing in essential pieces that are versatile enough to grow up with your little one gives you a base to layer age-appropriate accents so you can avoid needing to re-haul everything at every stage.  

Start with a streamlined dresser, a bed that can transition from one age to the next, versatile nightstands, and even lighting that will evolve with the space over time.