When it comes to vinyl flooring options, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is one of the top contenders on the market.

The reason for that is quite simple; it is among the cheaper alternatives and yet stronger in comparison to the real hardwood or stone counterparts. That amount of positive feedback it gets is built from decades of satisfied customers who claim it as the top consideration in flooring.

So why does Luvanto rank so highly?

Variety Pays Off

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring (known as LVT in abbreviation) is not just limited to wood effects. In fact, you can choose between stone, marble, ceramic and others. Whilst incorporating real hardwood and stone into your flooring can be pricey and uncomfortable, Luvanto flooring tiles provide natural comfort underfoot, are easy to install and maintain and saves a huge chunk of cost within the budget balance.

Many like the authenticity of having real woods within the home, impressing the neighbours and friends – but the big benefit of vinyl is that no one can tell the difference.

When the weather gets colder, wetter and you run more risk of trampling in the dirt that would end up staining your boards, your desire for real hardwood flooring turns into constant concern, asking people to take off their shoes and spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing the dirt away.

Luvanto only needs a simple quick brush and a mop and it’s back to its out of box look.

The Quality King

 Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is not just a cheaper option, it reigns due to its strong and durable qualities guaranteed to appeal thanks to its heat-compressed layers. It’s also the easiest option to keep clean due to its many resistance qualities at work.

Luvanto has spent decades thinking about the little things too that make the difference. For example, layers are manufactured to absorb sound and present a quiet atmosphere – no more waking the kids up at night with that trip to the bathroom. It is designed to give a warm and comfy underfoot feel, so those colder nights won’t give you an unpleasant wake up upon contact, even going so far as to be the perfect marriage for underfloor heating due to not being affected by changes in temperature.

Luvanto speaks loudly in many areas of satisfaction, including the warranty that lasts over two decades. Not many flooring products offer confidence in its product to stretch to that kind of life expectancy. There are many reasons to invest in luxury vinyl tile flooring than those listed above, but we can bet that you will find many more by discussing with your supplier as to why Luvanto is the king of your castle.