Speckled White Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants Set of 2

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Color: Speckled White


  • UNIQUE SPECKLED WHITE DESIGN – This attractive set of speckled white hanging flower planters(10”D*4.7”H) is an ideal way to enjoy your favorite hanging plants and flowers. You will love them adorning outdoor areas such as your patio, deck, or garden or indoors in your kitchen, living room or bathroom.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE – Designed with your gardening needs in mind, these hanging planters come with 4 predrilled, built-in drainage holes to ease the concern of overwatering for your indoor and outdoor plants. Your ferns, pothos, ivy and spider plants will thrive in these porous, breathable hanging planters. Plants not included.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT MATERIALS AND ADJUSTABLE HANGER- Made from durable recyclable plastic and natural stone powder, these planters are light enough to hang anywhere indoors and outdoors. Feel free to adjust the height to your liking with its sturdy heavy-duty triple rope hanger. The concrete-like appearance gives these hanging flower pots a natural look without the weight.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT-Allow you to enjoy these hanging plant pots for outdoor plants in all types of weather. Built to withstand intense sun and harsh winter temperatures, they are free from fade, frost, crack and peel damage.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We want you to love your purchase, therefore we strive to satisfy each customer. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer full refunds and returns.

Package Dimensions: 173x256x1120 | 10”wide at the top, 4.7” in height, 4” at the base


Hanging Paradise
Create your own hanging garden with this set of unique, speckled white hanging flower pots. With a natural look and texture these hanging planters are a perfect addition to any home and garden decor. The durable, lightweight material makes these flower pots ideal for showcasing your favorite indoor and outdoor hanging plants. A built-in drainage system with removable plugs makes caring for your indoor houseplants easy, taking the worry out of over watering.

Key Features:
Self-Watering: 4 predrilled, built-in drainage holes with removable plugs create a water reservoir at the base allowing your plants to enjoy a healthy, breathable living environment.
Adjustable Hanger: Featuring a beige, nylon rope hanger that can be adjusted to fit your home and garden decor needs.
Weather Resistant: Make this set of hanging flower pots fade, frost, crack and peel resistant. Feel free to enjoy them all year long indoors and outdoors.
Dimensions: 10”wide at the top, 4.7” in height, 4” at the base

Recommended Uses:
Outdoor Use: Our hanging planters are ideal for your outdoor plants and flowers, creating a beautiful hanging garden on your patios, porches, decks and gazebos, or in your garden and lawn.
Indoor Use: A unique home decoration for your indoor houseplants, these hanging flower pots look lovely in windows, kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.
Variety of Plants: Your ferns, pothos, ivy and spider plants, as well as a variety of floral arrangements, will thrive in these hanging planters.