Twitter Is Obsessing Over This Croissant-Shaped Sofa

Twitter Is Obsessing Over This Croissant-Shaped Sofa

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Twitter Is Loving This Super Cute Flower-Shaped Cat Tree

Twitter Is Loving This Super Cute Flower-Shaped Cat Tree

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Nothing brightens up the day like an adorable pet picture, and one Twitter user went viral with her wholesome post that featured her kitten playing on a flower-shaped cat tree.

“Look at this little cat tree I got,” Twitter user @ciaraturnerart wrote alongside two cute pictures.

The Tweet, which was posted on July 1 and has racked up over 280,000 likes, shows her kitten playing on the plush pink and yellow cat tree, which’s shaped like a flower.

The tree, which has gained a lot of attention, was purchased from Etsy, Ciara confirmed as she posted a link to the store.

“Here’s the link! They have soooo many cute ones!” She wrote.

The tree in question is available from the California-based Etsy store, KBSPETS, and comes in a variety of different colors.

The tree’s scratching post is made from eco-friendly natural hemp rope and the unique five-leaf flower shape is suitable for climbing and playing. The structure also has a ball toy attached, making the tree will be even more appealing to feline friends.

Thanks to the viral post and the multiple five-star reviews, the tree has become extremely popular among shoppers.

“Etsy’s always great for these types of things. Thanks for the link! I’m gonna get something for my cat,” one user said, while another commented: “thank u i just got a new kitten as well so i *need* this”.

The post also prompted Twitter users to connect with each other by sharing their own cat photos in a thread.

“Is there room for two?” @CeliaBee asked while sharing a picture of a cat wearing a flower hat that’s very similar to the design of the cat tree.

If you’d rather go down the DIY route and craft your own cat tree as your next at-home project, there are plenty of ways you can create a pet toy for your kitty that will fit in well with the overall design and aesthetic of your home.

Instagrammers Amina & Julian have kept things simple with this DIY minimalist cat tree that’s a chic addition to their home. Meanwhile, these custom cat trees take things to the next level (literally), lovingly named “Kitty Towers” and resembling a multi-level apartment building, complete with exterior light fixtures, tiled porches, and lawns.

Busy Philipps Bakes Stitch Birthday Cake With Help From Twitter Followers

Busy Philipps Bakes Stitch Birthday Cake With Help From Twitter Followers

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Twitter came to the rescue this week as Busy Philipps was on the hunt for a very specific cake pan so she could create her daughter Cricket’s 8th birthday cake.

“I have never used Twitter in this way but! If you are in Charleston SC and have a full size Wilton Stand up bear cake pan — can I borrow it to make my kid’s birthday cake?” she tweeted on Thursday.

Turns out, Philipps had lost her own Wilton 3-D Bear Cake Pan and had accidentally ordered the mini version when she shopped for a replacement.

Within a few hours of posting the tweet, one follower saved the day when they replied and offered Philipps use of their full-sized cake pan.

After an exchange of direct messages, Philipps updated Twitter users, who were eager to see how the quest panned out, to let them know that the pan had been picked up.

“I GOT IT! Thank you Twitter and especially thank you @News2Chase !!!!” she posted, alongside a selfie taken with the pan in question.

On Friday, Philipps updated social media users once more, this time posting photos of the finished product that was, in fact, not a bear at all.

Philipps had creatively baked and decorated a pretty spot on Lilo cake from Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch“, complete with an impressive pair of blue and pink fondant ears.

“We did it, internet! You helped me locate the cake pan I needed to bake the Stitch cake of Cricket’s dreams and IT WAS,” Philipps told her Instagram followers. “Look- was it my finest work as a cake decorator? No. Were the ears kinda janky? Yes. But for not having my own supplies and borrowing a cake pan from a lovely lady, I think it was a win.”

The cake was a success and Philipps’ daughter loved the cake just as much as we do.

“Cricket loved it more than anything and I feel the same about her. HBD Cricket. HBD to us all.” Philipps continued.

Friends and fans praised Philipps for her efforts.

Actress and director, Elizabeth Banks, commented: “You won this so hard”, while the Wilton Cake’s team also marveled at the impressive creation, saying: “We’re so glad it all worked out. What a cute cake! You did great!”

Busy, could you bake our next birthday cake?