Here’s How the Original “Gossip Girl” Characters Would Decorate Their Homes in 2021

Here’s How the Original “Gossip Girl” Characters Would Decorate Their Homes in 2021

For those who watched soapy teen drama “Gossip Girl” during its original run from 2007 to 2012, they know that the essence of Gossip Girl is eternal. And, apparently, so is the actual show because with the impending HBO Max reboot — it premieres July 8 — the high schoolers on the Upper East Side are back in the spotlight along with the lavish parties, fashion, and drama befitting a teen in 2021. This “Gossip Girl” 2.0 if you will, developed and produced by a team from the original GG Josh Schwartz, Joshua Safran, and Stephanie Savage, is more of a sequel than anything: We’re back in the same world as before, but with a whole new crop of students to follow as their lives get picked apart by a new Gossip Girl (still voiced by Kristen Bell, because you know you love her xoxo).

But before we learn about our new Queen Bees and Drama Kings, online interior design service Modsy revisited some of our old friends (or enemies — looking at both of you, Dan and Jenny!) and imagined what the grown-up living spaces of the original Upper East Siders might look like in 2021. Let’s see what they came up with.

Blair & Chuck’s Upper East Side Townhouse

As if Blair Waldorf would ever leave the Upper East Side. Modsy gave Made For Each Other Blair and Chuck a townhouse that’s all about combining their two aesthetics. Modsy’s VP of Style Alessandra Wood says that means putting together pieces that are both “feminine and classic” with ones that have a bolder, more masculine look. Wood tells us that the resulting space is one that “mixes flirty, classic design with vintage industrial touches.” Blair and Chuck would no doubt have a lot of high end pieces, but if you want to achieve this look, Wood suggests combining “soft rounded silhouettes with edgy, metal pieces.” Plus with the addition of pictures of her two greatest loves — Serena and Audrey Hepburn — this townhouse should be Blair Waldorf approved.

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Dorota & Vanya’s Studio at Blair & Chuck’s House

Modsy figured a dream team like Blair and Dorota wouldn’t really part ways, and so imagined what Dorota’s living quarters at the Waldorf-Bass townhouse would look like. Pulling from that time Dorota designed Blair’s office, Modsy gave her and Vanya a bold, eclectic studio. To get this look, Wood suggests starting with a vibrant wall color and then adding in warmer earth tones through fabrics and furniture. And to give the space a more “layered, expensive look,” you should include “gorgeous materials such as burl and inlay.” And a Cyndi Lauper print never hurt either, not according to Dorota, at least.

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Serena & Dan’s West Village Home

Since Dan burned most people on the Upper East Side — if you have not heard yet I’m not in the least bit sorry to tell you that Dan Humphrey turned out to be Gossip Girl — he and Serena would have to hightail it to a different part of town and the West Village seems like a good fit for Ms. van der Woodsen. Wood says the Modsy team wanted their space to reflect Instagram trends with a relaxed, California vibe.” Sure, it’s high end, but it’s also all about comfort as well as some bold pops by way of decorative accents. For this look, Wood advises to “start with a large, comfortable sofa” and pair it with “a bold, eclectic rug.” To create that sense of calm that the Upper East Side never afforded this pair, paint the room in “an earthy, green wall color.” Also, maybe stay off the internet? That might help, too.

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Oh, Little J. Modsy thinks even your design studio would be dark and moody. It’s all about drama, for Dan’s little sister. Since Jenny would be working in fashion, her home office would have to be glamorous and fashion-forward. The edgy color palette here helps achieve that, as well as some focal sculptural pieces. Wood says to “use pops of brass in lighting and finishes for a luxurious touch.” If you’re looking for even more drama, Wood also suggests that you should “layer in light colors and black and white art for high contrast.” And if you need more drama than that, well, who are you, the Gossip Girl?

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How TV Shows with Small Town Charm Provide the Ultimate Comfort

How TV Shows with Small Town Charm Provide the Ultimate Comfort

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Raise your hand if you’ve watched (read: binged) any show on Netflix during any lockdown phases of the pandemic. For me, working from home and fewer social commitments allowed for increased television time.

Although there were a number of new releases that temporarily provided solace while I remained parked on my couch, there were my go-to comfort shows I rewatched and reminisced over to help me relax or get through a rough day. What I’ve especially found comforting are the series that are set in small towns (fictional or not) that promote safety, quietness of life, and a sense of community. But as a viewer, why do I — and many others — find comfort in these fictional shows that promote this lifestyle?

Emmy Brunner, a transformation coach, author, and psychotherapist based in London, says that these TV shows connect us to the comfort and warmth that we crave as human beings. “From a really primitive perspective, we take comfort in the familiar because it’s ‘known’ and therefore less likely to hurt us,” Brunner told Apartment Therapy. “Sometimes, we watch TV because we want to be enthralled and stimulated, but mostly because we want to be calmed and warmed. ‘Safe’ TV provides us with a strategy to disconnect.”

During my fourth time rewatching “Gilmore Girls,” I found myself itching to go to Luke’s Diner. Sure, there were plenty of coffee shops and restaurants that existed outside my New York City apartment door, but all I wanted was a cup of coffee and a stale chocolate donut from this close-knit diner in the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Connecticut — and any “Gilmore Girls” fanatic understands why.

Luke’s Diner is the center of the town gossip, where people gather to program key town events, and also where couples break up or profess their love for one another. Aesthetically, Luke’s Diner is an abstractionist’s dream: the mismatched chairs, tables and furniture, the casualness of the fast food, and the vintage decor all add to the novelty, accurately fitting into the frame of the “small-town charm.” It’s cozy, tiny, rustic, and a beloved staple — so much so that there’s a real demand for its dining decor.

The comfort that small towns foster is not limited to “Gilmore Girls.” Another popular and more recent series “Ginny & Georgia” takes place in fictional Wellsbury, Massachusetts, the perfect backdrop for mother Georgia and her daughter Ginny to work on their mother-daughter relationship and restart their lives.

Set in an idyllic small town, everyone knows each other’s business and what’s happening in town, much like in Stars Hollow. Despite the lack of privacy, there is a solid community that grows out of close proximity and town traditions. After all, what better way to bond than to divulge town secrets and establish traditions with your neighbor over a glass of wine at the local Blue Farm Cafe?

Community tradition is one of the small town aspects that makes the series “Schitt’s Creek” a crowd favorite. Set in the fictional town Schitt’s Creek, the Rosebud Motel serves as the Rose family’s safe haven after they find themselves broke and stripped of their previously lavish lives. Despite the stark juxtaposition of prior luxurious lifestyles, they learn to fit in (and appreciate) the intricacies of the small-town life and learn to appreciate the town’s customs, holiday gatherings, local politics, and small business launches.

These shows glamorize small towns and the slower, familiar pace of life. Given the pain, loss, and distress that real life often comes with — especially in the past 18 months due to the pandemic — Brunner explains that these TV shows also provide us with positive outcomes we need in challenging times.

“So many of the light-hearted TV shows that we are drawn to allow us to witness the challenges that many of us are faced with in life but in the main, they are ultimately resolved in a positive way,” Brunner said. “There is enough low-level jeopardy to keep us engaged but not enough for us to become distressed or upset.”

The familiarity and comfort that stems from small-town charm can have a positive impact on all ages. Dr. Zabina Bhasin, a non-practicing child psychiatrist, says that children can mentally benefit from watching shows set in small towns, too. “The small-town charm has both benefits and implications for children,” Dr. Bhasin explained. “Shows like ‘Paw Patrol,’ ‘Tiny Toon Adventures’, and ‘Bob the Builder’ show that a community will always be there and allow children to imagine what a small town can do and build together.”

Regardless of what’s going on in the outside world, TV shows with small-town charm can offer the comforting sensation of community and that it’s all going to be okay — a reminder that we all need sometimes.

5 Shows to Watch If You’re Caught Up on “A Million Little Things”

5 Shows to Watch If You’re Caught Up on “A Million Little Things”

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Over the past three years, ABC’s “A Million Little Things” has done an excellent job of reminding viewers about the power of friendship and what it really means to show up for the people you love. Each season has taken viewers on an emotional journey of highs and lows, that ultimately leaves you begging for more, and season three was no different. There’s simply no getting enough of the melodrama.

Luckily, it’s already been confirmed that there will be a fourth season of AMLT, but while you wait, there are plenty of similar shows worth diving into. From a magical musical masterpiece to stories of family, love, and loss, here are five shows you should consider streaming if you’re missing “A Million Little Things.”

If you enjoy the way the storylines in “A Million Little Things” pull at your heartstrings then you’ll absolutely “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.” This masterpiece of a musical series stars Jane Levy as Zoey — a woman who suddenly realizes she has the power to hear the innermost feelings of others through “heart songs” while struggling to accept her father’s terminal illness. The series follows Zoey as she learns how to use her powers to connect with the folks around her, including her father during his final days alive. There’s also romance, heartache, and amazing friendships to keep you entertained.

Available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Again, if you’re looking for a series that’ll immediately launch you into your feels and keep you there throughout each episode, then look no further than Ava DuVernay’s “Queen Sugar.” The OWN drama focuses on three siblings who inherit their father’s sugar farm in Louisiana. The trio must work together to put their differences aside to not only survive but thrive in a world that was built against them.

Available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

“The Village” documents the lives of a group of folks living in an apartment building in Brooklyn, and the residents have a special bond and function more like a family than regular neighbors. The main characters are Sarah, a nurse and single mother who lives with her teenage daughter Katie, Ava, an Iranian immigrant who has found herself detained by ICE, Gabe, a law student who helps his grandfather Enzo and is trying to bring Ava home, Nick, a veteran and Katie’s father who is dealing with PTSD, and Ron, the super, as well as his wife Patricia, a social worker, who’ve kind of assumed the role of adoptive parents to a building of misfit toys. Much like AMLT, the stories being told will definitely touch your heart.

Available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Next up, we have Starz’ “Vida,” which follows two estranged sisters who are forced to set aside their issues as they return home to deal with the aftermath of their mother’s death. Throughout the series, the sisters are constantly being confronted by memories of their mother and how her acts and secrets shaped their adult lives. They’re also trying to breathe new life into the struggling bar she left behind.

Available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

And closing out the emotional drama train, there’s none other than NBC’s “This Is Us.” The series follows the Pearson family across multiple timelines — past, present, and future — as they tackle life’s ups and downs and everything in between. There are also so many twists and turns that will keep you guessing as you cry your eyes out over the latest revelation.

Available to stream on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Here’s What The Dream Bedrooms of RuPaul’s Drag Race Stars Would Look Like

Here’s What The Dream Bedrooms of RuPaul’s Drag Race Stars Would Look Like

What would the loud and proud personalities of some of our favorite contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” look like in home decor form? That’s what wanted to find out, so the company worked with its team of in-house designers to create their “Fit for a Queen” bedroom design series, and the results are simply sickening.

Trixie Mattel, the winner of Season 3 All-Stars, inspired this “living doll’s house” bedroom with its theme of “1960s hippie chic,” as dubs it. Inspired by her love of candy pink and beehive hair, this relaxation pad is part sleep space, part music studio, part dressing room, and there’s something to look at no matter where your eyes fall.

In stark contrast to Trixie’s space is “RuPaul’s Drag Race” Season 4 winner Sharon Needles’ gothic lair fit for the vampiest of queens. Pulling inspiration from her famous phrase, “When it doubt, freak ‘em out,” decided to go dark — very dark, adding hints of pastel pink highlights throughout. You can’t quite see what’s hiding in the shadows, and that’s the way Sharon would like it.

Next up is Season 8 runner-up Kim Chi’s bedroom, which is a perfect melding of both futuristic design and elegant lushness. The pastel blue velvet bed contrasts with the pops of hot pink, and the hints of Anime art speak to what inspires Kim Chi to get dressed before hitting the stage. This room looks like something out of a spaceship, decorated by someone who misses the warmth of Earth.

Violet Chacki’s bedroom would be reminiscent of a nightclub, washed in neon, purple, and burlesque flair. There’s a hint of Old Hollywood glamour in the design with vintage wallpaper, classic crown moulding, and Bettie Page-inspired bedding. It’s sexy, rich, and Violet through and through.

You can check out the entire spread of drag queen-inspired bedrooms over on’s website. The team also designed rooms for Season 9’s Valentina, Season 11’s Yvie Oddly, and Season 12’s Jaida Essence Hall, and each one is better than the last.

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Olivia Harvey is a freelance writer and award-winning scriptwriter from outside Boston, Massachusetts. She’s a big fan of scented candles, getting dressed up, and the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice starring Keira Knightley. You can make sure she’s doing okay via Instagram and/or Twitter.

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This Is What an All-White Monica and Chandler’s Living Room Would Look Like

This Is What an All-White Monica and Chandler’s Living Room Would Look Like

With the recent “Friends: The Reunion” putting the much-loved sitcom back at the forefront of everyone’s minds (but did it ever really leave?), fans of the show are reminded of how brilliant Monica’s (which also becomes Chandler’s later on) burst of purple color is. But have you ever wondered, what if the apartment rocked a different color palette? Thanks to the popular interior design game Redecor, your curiosity is answered.

Redecor, which has over 4 million monthly players redesigning interiors virtually, gave fans the chance to reimagine the much-loved “Friends” living room, whether that’s changing the texture and color of the couch or repainting the iconic purple walls. Many of the players created interiors that were inspired by modern-day trends, one of which many people either love or hate: an all-white room.

A striking difference from the easily recognizable living room fans have come to know and love, the all-white update on Monica and Chandler’s living room is suddenly a minimalist dream. Gone are the beloved purple walls, statement rug and striking artwork, having been replaced with all-white everything. The only slight pop of color in the room comes from the houseplant, right next to the old school CRT television set. 

It can be argued that the space appears bigger and brighter, but the all-white update alters the apartment completely, lacking the familiar quirks of the original room. And there are many questions to be asked about what would happen if the living room was actually all white, like how will the pale couch survive if Joey drops Rachel’s English beef trifle on it? Or, what if Ross spills his moist maker sandwich on to the white floor? 

If you’re not a fan of the monochrome look, there are plenty of other looks that users created.

A pretty pink version of the living room is giving us Rachel Green vibes, featuring chic, pastel-colored furniture, elegant curtains, and a floral rug.

For eclectic design lover, one user created a standout living room with deep red leather couches, gold drawers, and walls made entirely of exposed brick

The chance to make over the iconic living room is an exciting opportunity, whatever look you prefer, and it was inevitable that some uncanny results would surface. After spending a little time redesigning the space yourself, you may find yourself saying, in the words of Joey himself, “has it always been purple?”