Why Curved Furniture Is The Trend To Watch In 2023

Why Curved Furniture Is The Trend To Watch In 2023

pink curved sofa positioned in minimalistic room with plants.

Living Room Decoration | FITZROY Sofa, LATZA Center Table and NAICCA Floor Light- From Brabbu Design Forces

Curves have a unique way of softening a room and although curved furniture is nothing but new, it is growing increasingly popular due to its manner of giving the eye a natural place to rest. Arguably, furniture that feels good is considerably important and curved interiors are proven to give off a relaxing, calming, and welcoming feel due to a softness and rounded organic appearance.

curved chair with curved wooden table and pouffe.

Penny Swivel Armchair, Boucle Upholstered, Cream- From Cult Furniture

This trend for natural curves links back to biophilic design, where organic curved edges are reflected from the natural world. Borrowing elements from the outdoors gives this trend a natural way to incorporate organic texture in furniture made from materials such as wood, stone, and natural fibres. As can be seen in the image, the curve furniture allowed for the curved back chair to accompany the wooden table and rounded pouffe cushion, in a perfect combination for a calming environment stimulated by the natural world.  

Curved sofas are just one of the many examples of using soft curves to instil a relaxing environment that therefore establishes a calming home that benefits mental and physical health. Our brains are drawn to the circular forms and curved lines that are associated with safety and calm and mirror the outside world. The increasing push for nature to become a part of our daily lives allows for the organic look of curved lines and soft edges to invite the impact of the creation of the natural, welcoming, familiar flow that is found in the environment despite the more rigid feel that can sometimes be found in other geometric spaces.

curved garden sofa positioned around a fire pit in a garden.

Bridgman Garden | 8 Piece Kensington Curved Modular Sofa Set G- From Bridgman

Curved outdoor furniture and garden furniture is another example of the curved trend reflecting natural forms with circular shapes, that immediately gives a peaceful, welcoming environment for the home.

Pinterest board featuring 10 types of curved furniture.


  1. Eichholtz Highland Desk from Sweetpea & Willow
  2. 9 Piece Mayfair Curved Rattan Modular Sofa Set from Bridgman (affiliate)
  3. Bouclé Curved Sofa from Six The Residence
  4. Lydford Sideboard, White Marble & Walnut from Cult
  5. Cascade Brass Swivel Chair from MyFurniture (affiliate)
  6. Taru One Arm Settee, Vidar Yellow Portrait from Ligne Roset
  7. Jonathan Adler Ether Curved Sofa – Bergamo Azure from Sweetpea & Willow
  8. Etienne Contemporary Console Table from Atkin and Thyme
  9. Eichholtz Duardo Sofa – Boucle Cream from Sweetpea & Willow
  10. Blue Freestanding 134 Curved Unit with White Worktop from Burlington

What do you think of this trend? Have you embraced it yourself? And if so what is your favourite style of curved furniture?

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These Are the Most Popular Tile Designs in North America

These Are the Most Popular Tile Designs in North America

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

When you’re wanting to give your home a new lease of life without committing to a full-scale renovation, don’t underestimate the power of the humble tile. Whether you’re opting for a peel and stick kitchen backsplash or want to make a bold statement with tiles in unusual places, just like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds did in their bathroom, the possibilities are endless. But which tile designs are the most popular?

A new study from QS Supplies has revealed the most popular tile designs in North America, from classic ceramic tiles to those with bright and bold patterns. According to traditionalbuilding.com, tilemaking originated in the 4th century B.C. and, while solid color tiles were produced in central and south America as early as the late 16th century, they weren’t prevalent in the United States—they were imported from Europe until the U.S. tile industry took off in 1870.

While technology has grown, the research found that traditional designs and processes are still as popular today. In Mexico, traditional Talavera Spanish Pottery Tiles are the most popular style, mixing and matching the bold designs to create a stunning backsplash, floor, or wall that’s completely unique. The Dominican Republic and Costa Rica also take influence from Spanish tile design with their hand-painted tiles.

In Puerto Rico, Losas Criollas tiles are the preferred style. These vibrant tiles are instantly recognizable thanks to their unique patterns and eye-catching colors. Panama favors Colonial Tiles, while the most popular tiles in El Salvador are ceramic tiles that feature designs from “El Salvador’s National Artist”, Fernando Llort.

In the United States, Arts and Crafts tiles are the most popular design, with many patterns and colors making this style of tile a versatile pick for any room of the house. Finally, Canadians prefer simple slate tiles for a sleek and sharp finish.

These Are the Most Popular Kitchen Appliances in 2022

These Are the Most Popular Kitchen Appliances in 2022

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and for keen cooks like myself, there’s a huge joy in purchasing a new kitchen appliance (which I also like to think is adulting at its finest.)

While some items have been a sure staple in kitchens for centuries, there are the newer kids on the block that have risen in popularity over recent years, having never graced a kitchen countertop before the early aughts.

In a new study, Magnet Kitchens analyzed Google search data to reveal the most-sought after kitchen gadgets and appliances right now, and the results are somewhat unsurprising.

Air fryers take the number one spot, receiving 3,350,000 monthly Google searches on average. Thanks to social media, the healthy alternative to traditional fried foods has seen a dramatic increase since the start of the pandemic. Air Fryer Guy shares recipes and hacks with his 1.7 million followers, while an Amazon UK glitch in summer 2021 sent Twitter users into a frenzy when an air fryer became available for just £3.99 (around $5)—which I myself can confirm was too good to be true as thousands of orders, along with my own, were swiftly canceled by the company.

In second place are coffee machines, with 823,000 monthly searches. Gone are the days of instant coffee with more and more coffee fans turning to barista-style coffee at home. A delicious investment.

Third place goes to ice makers, with 246,000 monthly searches. From counter-top styles to built-in fridge models, there’s a range of appliances available. According to Magnet Kitchens, most people are opting for the later, with “fridges with ice makers” surging by 200 percent over the last year. Also in joint third are slow cookers with 246,000 searches. Ideal for cooking up hearty meals with ease, a slow cooker is a great family kitchen staple.

Finally, rounding out the top five are wine fridges, receiving 110,000 searches per month.

Here Are Houzz’s Emerging Design Trends For Summer

Here Are Houzz’s Emerging Design Trends For Summer

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission. All prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

New season, new trends. Summer’s here and so are the warm weather styles taking the interior design world by storm. Houzz has identified the top emerging home design trends for summer 2022, taking a look at the latest search insights from the company’s community of homeowners, interior design enthusiasts, and home professionals. Results have shown plenty of classic summer-ready upgrades, as well as emerging design aesthetics brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unsurprisingly, there’s going to be a bigger focus on sprucing up exterior spaces, no doubt due to the better weather and a craving to get back outside after two years spent mostly indoors. According to the research, there’s been a significant growth in searches for “landscapers,” compared with the first quarter of 2021—an increase of 42 percent. Eco-friendly design is also at the forefront for summer 2022, with searches for “drought tolerant landscaping ideas,” and “drought-tolerant front yard landscaping ideas,” doubling.

Vibrant front doors are also on the up, allowing guests to make a bold entrance all summer long. Houzz found that green (up 51 percent) and red front doors (up 22 percent) are the most popular shades, while searches for black, blue, and yellow front doors have decreased. Additionally, searches for “architectural mailboxes,” have risen by a staggering 439 percent.

Inside, people are looking for statement lighting to brighten their interior spaces. Extra large chandeliers are sure to grab a bunch of attention, and searches are up by 223 percent. The term “lantern chandeliers,” has surged by 56 percent, while hybrid working has influenced searches for “task lighting,” which is up by 94 percent.

When it comes to popular design aesthetics for the season, Mid-Century Modern takes the crown: searches for “Midcentury modern kitchen ideas,” have increased by 576 percent. Other trending aesthetics include “Japandi bathrooms,” (up by 229 percent) “beach style design ideas,” (up by 229 percent) and “Japandi kitchens” (up by 104 percent.)