Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 4, 2022

Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | June 4, 2022

Bring a concrete patio back to life with a resurfaced and find the solution for this cracking paint. (Split image Quikrete and Judy Stringer)

This week, we’re talking about cleaning copper pipes, solving a paint cracking mystery, and resurfacing a concrete patio.

Cleaning Copper Pipes

Oxidation turns copper pipes green. (Laurie Faille/Getty Images)

It’s normal for a copper pipe to develop a green patina over time. When copper is exposed to air and water, it oxides and turns a light green color.

However, if there is a lot of buildup and corrosion, it might corrode the copper. 

To clean it, mix together one teaspoon of salt, a cup of vinegar, and enough flour to make a paste. Scrub it on the copper pipe to remove the buildup.

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Solving the Mystery of Cracking Paint

The paint keeps cracking on the walls in Judy Stringer’s condo. (Photo by Judy Stringer)

Paint on every wall in Judy Stringer’s Orange Beach, Ala., condo is cracking. The cause of the paint cracking is perplexing.

It happens in every room. 

She’s tried sanding and repainting it using a bonding primer. That didn’t work.

She keeps the air conditioner on consistently, so there’s not a moisture problem.

Also, she’s spoken to her condo association, and none of the other neighboring condos have this problem.

To us, this sounds like an adhesion problem. The fact it’s happening on all the walls and no other neighbors have a problem indicates it’s a not paint problem. 

The original wall surface was probably not prepped correctly before it was painted.

Judy tells us that after Hurricane Sally hit the Alabama Gulf Coast in 2020, there was damage to a bedroom window. A contractor replaced some drywall around it and painted it. Now, this is the only spot in the condo where the paint does not peel.

This is an indication that the problem is with the drywall.

Fortunately, you don’t have to replace all the drywall. You can veneer over it with quarter-inch drywall one room at a time.

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Q&A With Quikrete

Outdoor living rooms are one of the hottest summer trends right now. (DianaLundin/Getty Images Signature)

Question: My wife wants to make our patio into a fancy outdoor living space with new furniture and an outdoor kitchen. We have enough space, but the concrete itself looks terrible. It’s full of little divots and rough places where you can see the rocks in it.  Do we need to just bust it up and start over or is there a way to fix it? — Burt from North Carolina

A resurfacer will make concrete floors look brand new.

Answer: Even though concrete is a durable material, over time with traffic, weather and chemicals the surface can lose its luster. 

But there’s an easy solution. 

The folks at Quikrete make a product called Re-Cap Concrete Resurfacer that’s designed to solve your problem exactly. It can be applied as thin as sixteenth of inch or as thick as a half-inch. 

First though, you’ll want to fix any deep pits or cracks using Re-Cap in a thicker consistency and let that cure for about 24 hours before applying Re-Cap to the entire surface. 

Then, you simply spread it out over the whole patio with a squeegee and any small divots will be filled in.  As it dries, you can add a slip-resistant surface by gently pulling a push broom across the re-surfacer. 

Once it’s dry, your patio will look like a brand new slab with consistent color and texture throughout. Learn more about Re-cap at

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