SPONSORED POST: How to Transition Your Dorm from Study Mode to Chill Mode

SPONSORED POST: How to Transition Your Dorm from Study Mode to Chill Mode

College is one of the best times of your life — and one of the busiest. From group projects and cram sessions to 10-page papers and pop quizzes, you need a home base that feels calm and cozy when the school day is (finally) done.

Whether you’re living in the dorms or an apartment off-campus, you can create a relaxing respite from all that scholastic hustle. Bed Bath & Beyond® can help, with ultra snuggly bedding, spa-worthy towels, and enough homey touches to almost make you forget about those upcoming midterms. We designed this sunny and serene mood board to get you started. Shop below and watch your sanctuary come to life.

Layer Soft Textures and Colors

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond to make this school year the most stylish one yet. Grab the free College Savings Pass to get 20 percent off every purchase from May 1, 2022 through September 30, 2022!

SPONSORED POST: The Very Best Essentials for a More Elevated College Dorm or Apartment

SPONSORED POST: The Very Best Essentials for a More Elevated College Dorm or Apartment

College is a rite of passage into adulthood: Managing your own schedule, keeping up with your coursework, and creating your own home — even if it’s a dorm room. Whether you’re a freshman or grad student, living on campus or off, the start of a new school year is the perfect time to upgrade your living space into a stylish hub for studying and socializing.

You don’t need a degree in design to make it happen: Bed Bath & Beyond® can help. From dreamy bedding and decor to the latest gadgets and appliances, you’ll find everything you need to help your space shine. We designed this nautical-inspired mood board for anyone whose style tends toward the classic. Shop below to bring it to life in your new home away from home.

Be ready for everything from late-night study snacks to impromptu dinner parties: Pop a pizza into the Black & Decker toaster oven or whip up your favorite meal with easy-to-clean T-fal nonstick skillets. Keep a stash of your favorite food and bevs in a compact mini fridge, like this one by Whirlpool. Then watch as your place becomes everyone’s favorite spot to hang out after class.

Visit Bed Bath & Beyond to make this your comfiest, coolest year yet. With Pack & Hold, you can even shop in-store or online within 60 days of your move-in date, then schedule a pick-up at a store near campus.

SPONSORED POST: These Are the College Essentials You Need for the Ultimate Study (and Sleep) Sanctuary

SPONSORED POST: These Are the College Essentials You Need for the Ultimate Study (and Sleep) Sanctuary

Back-to-school shopping isn’t only about freshly sharpened pencils and color-coded folders (though we’re always ready to talk organizational systems). It’s also a great opportunity to make sure your space is set up to be chic, comfortable, and conducive to a new year of hitting the books.

Whether you’re heading to college for the first or last time, moving into the dorms or the off-campus apartment of your dreams, Bed Bath & Beyond® can help you start the semester off in style. With bedding, towels, smart space-saving solutions, and clever organizational gear, Bed Bath & Beyond is like that classmate who’s always prepared. We designed this minimalist mood board for anyone who wants to turn their space into a chill sanctuary. Shop below to build a room that will inspire calm — even during finals week.

There’s serenity in simplicity. Create a subtle — not boring! — color palette with the UGG Devon reversible comfort set in snow stripe and Simply Essential jersey sheets in light gray. (We love the comforter’s touchable texture, too.) Plush Nestwell cotton towels in seashell evoke spa days even when there’s a line for the shower. And a slim white desk lamp blends right in. Bonus: Since this one doubles as a smart charger, you won’t have to clutter your space with extra gadgets.

Trust us, concentrating on schoolwork will be way easier without piles of mail on the table and not-quite-dirty clothes on the floor. Keep your space organized with sophisticated storage options like this modern cart by Squared Away and a Simply Essential stackable shoe organizer in crisp white. A lidded hamper is key for those busy weeks when laundry falls off the to-do list: This Simply Essential gray hamper does the trick handsomely.

SPONSORED POST: We Designed a Dreamy College Dorm Inspired by Sunny Days and Shades of Pink

SPONSORED POST: We Designed a Dreamy College Dorm Inspired by Sunny Days and Shades of Pink

Here at Apartment Therapy University, we can’t help you pass Organic Chemistry or tell you how to find the student union, but we can help you design the coolest collegiate space around. Whether you’re living the dorm life or moving into your first off-campus apartment, having a comfortable, stylish home base will inspire you all semester long.

From the coziest bedding to the trendiest decor — plus all your everyday essentials — Bed Bath & Beyond® will have your new digs ready to go in a single shopping trip. And there’s something that suits every style. Inspired by sunny days and sweet shades of pink, we created this shoppable mood board for those who take a fun and free-spirited approach to decorating. Shop your faves below and make this school year the best one yet.

After a long day in class, coming home should make you smile — and it’s often the little touches that do the trick. Like these Simply Essential cheerful twinkle lights with clips for displaying your favorite photos, and a cozy UGG lap pouf to make homework more bearable. Plus, early morning classes are a little easier to handle with a Zadro vanity mirror that doubles as a cute accessory tray.

A snuggle-worthy spot for sleeping is always important, but especially when the occasional all-nighter is involved. Set a good foundation with supportive pillows. Then create a serene scene with soft Simply Essential sheets in an earthy neutral and this touchable, textured UGG comforter set in a soft and soothing pink. It’s reversible, so you can swap out your look on laundry day.

Use the Bed Bath & Beyond 3D design tool to get inspiration and see how these items and more would look in your space. You can even share designs with your friends and roommates! Then pick up everything you need for the chicest semester ever.

SPONSORED POST: 3 Dreamy Styles That Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

SPONSORED POST: 3 Dreamy Styles That Help You Enjoy Your Outdoor Space More

Keeping your outdoor space set up for entertaining comes with so many benefits. Tired after a long workday? Retire to your private oasis. Favorite restaurant closed? Invite friends over for al fresco noshing. Inspired to host a dinner party? Your table is ready.

That said, it’s OK if your patio/balcony/backyard isn’t quite hosting-ready yet. QVC® recently released their 2022 summer collection, and with everything from fire pits to flower boxes, they make it easy to find furnishings, tableware, and accessories that work for your space and style.

Inspired by QVC’s new furnishings, tableware, and accessories, we put together three looks to help transform your outdoor space. Each one is filled with tips that make it easier for you — and your guests! — to live it up in your outdoor space.

New shoppers use promo code OFFER for $15 off your first order of $35 or more!

Tapas are traditional Spanish small plates meant for sharing with friends and loved ones. To inspire your own guests to come together and socialize, consider creating your own outdoor modern tapas bar. Blending warmth and modernity, this aesthetic is marked by natural colors and materials such as clay, terracotta, and jute.

Entertaining Tip #1: Create a centerpiece. A centerpiece encourages mingling, and there are many formulas for creating one. One option is a fire pit where people can keep warm after the sun goes down. Or, focus your get-together around a charcoal grill to mix great food with great conversation. Snacks always bring people together, which is why we love making charcuterie serving platters that everyone will gather around to munch and relax.

Entertaining Tip #2: Mix up your seating. Modern restaurants incorporate different seating options for a reason. Mix and match chairs, benches, love seats, or sofas to create different levels in your outdoor area. For smaller spaces, choose items that can work as either side tables or chairs, such as this handsome concrete stand.

Entertaining Tip #3: Set the mood. This dinner party is about to get lit. Interior design pros always suggest layering light sources, but the outdoors is no different. Hanging string lights in addition to standing lanterns gives you more light options as needed. Add a flickering electric candle lantern for a more intimate look.

You don’t need to book a plane ticket to travel somewhere new. This aesthetic is all about bringing island vibes to your outdoor space and making your guests feel like they just checked into an all-inclusive resort. Think playful, pastel-colored accessories and airy designs that let natural light shine through.

Entertaining Tip #4: Define your space. No matter the square footage you’re working with, it’s important to define where one zone ends and another begins. A colorful outdoor area rug is your best friend here for anchoring your space. The same goes for seating and lighting. Add pops of summery green, orange, and white in the form of modular stools, then set the mood with tiki bar–inspired lights.

Entertaining Tip #5: Add personal touches. In the words of a famous fictional pirate, these design templates are more what you’d call guidelines than actual rules. That said, you’ll enjoy your outdoor area more if it feels like an expression of you. Pick joyful pieces like these cactus margarita glasses or this glitzy bluetooth speaker. Heck, a tropical palm inflatable pool always makes a splash.

Entertaining Tip #6: Prioritize sitting areas. A great entertaining space blends playfulness with practicality. Inflatable pool aside, where are all these good people going to sit? Pick comfortable seating like sling chairs, which can be folded away when not in use. Pair them with retro side tables where guests can set their drinks, sunglasses, and phones (screen-side down). 

The coastal grandmother aesthetic has quietly taken over many of our social media feeds, so how can you tell if it’s right for you? If you find yourself buying fresh flowers every week, accessorizing your home with antiques, and spending your nights wrapped up in a knitted blanket catching up on your shows , then spoiler alert: you just might be a coastal granny.

Entertaining Tip #7: Set up mingling stations. Connecting with friends is hard when you’re sitting in one big circle or around a long table. Take a cue from cocktail party decor by creating mingling stations with tables accented by intimate lighting. Use high tops and stools to give people places to stop and chat. Bonus points if they can be easily reconfigured!

Entertaining Tip #8: Make refills easy. Let your guests chill by keeping chilled drinks on hand. An all-weather wicker cooler does double duty by eliminating trips to the fridge while being on trend for the season. Entertaining for a smaller crowd? Try serving a bottle of bubbles in a marble wine cooler. It’s an effortlessly stylish way to keep your white, red, or rosé perfectly chilled. These colorful, shatter-resistant wine glasses will keep you refreshed long into the wee hours.

Entertaining Tip #9: Create spaces to recharge. Your coastal grandma-inspired hangout isn’t complete without spots for the party hosts and guests to take a little “me time.” After all, you don’t want everyone tuckered out before the early bird special! Hang fun seating like hammocks or swing chairs, or plan an activity like a movie screening (complete with inflatable screen and projector) to give everyone an excuse to pause.

Elevate your outdoor space by browsing all these finds at QVC — online and in app — and see what kinds of discounts you’ll find on their coupon page!