This Trendy Home Brand Has Gorgeous Rattan Decor — Starting at $6.99

This Trendy Home Brand Has Gorgeous Rattan Decor — Starting at $6.99

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

If there were an official rattan fan club (there’s not, I checked), I’d be in very good standing to become its president — my love for all things woven is above and beyond. You know what else I love though? Finding budget-friendly rattan furniture and decor, an admittedly tough feat. That’s where H&M Home comes in. 

The brand’s always had a finger on the pulse when it comes to apparel, so it makes sense their home collections would follow suit. Even though H&M Home’s current rattan selection may be somewhat small, it hits all the right notes. There’s a little bit of everything, from trays to napkin holders to plant pots to… a bunny-shaped basket. Basically, if there’s anything you’ve ever thought, “Hmm, does this come in rattan?” well, H&M probably has it.

The entire woven collection couldn’t feel more on the money, which, speaking of, pieces start at just $6.99. In fact, the only expensive outlier comes in the form of a $60 round mirror. To have on hand for summer (and beyond), check out a few of my favorite budget-friendly rattan H&M finds. (P.S. About that rattan fan club — who’s in!?)

This Editor-Favorite Amazon Brand Just Launched a New (Must-See!) Rattan Line

This Editor-Favorite Amazon Brand Just Launched a New (Must-See!) Rattan Line

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Small-space dwellers, I have one word for you — Harmati. If you haven’t read our glowing reviews of this Amazon-exclusive home brand yet, here’s the lowdown: It’s the ultimate shopping hotspot for compact, modern furniture on a budget, offering everything from WFH-friendly desks to smart storage solutions. There’s no skimping on style, either, since the whole line basically looks like a West Elm-IKEA crossover (at a fraction of the cost, of course).

Harmati’s slowly been expanding its contemporary collection over the last few weeks, but the latest installment may arguably be the best yet — a rattan coffee table and matching side table, currently 25% off with promo code 25ATELIER.

As part of the new Atelier Family, both pieces blend wood and rattan for a natural, boho look… and cool color contrast. The two-tier coffee table, for starters, comes with a black or walnut finish, either of which really pops against the bottom cane shelf. And speaking of, this on-trend lower portion means extra room to stash books or knickknacks — just avoid anything overly heavy since the cane can only support up to 22 pounds. Clocking in at 39.4″ x 16.9″, the coffee table has a narrow footprint that’s still spacious enough to stash drinks and apps.

Even more small space-appropriate, the rattan side table also boasts the black and walnut color options, plus a fun teal tone. You’ll see the same two-tier design, too, making this piece a prime nightstand contender (hello, extra storage!). At just under 15″ wide by 19.7″ tall, it’s perfect for perking up any corner or bedside.

One more reason to make Harmati your go-to shopping spot? The assembly of all their direct-to-consumer pieces truly couldn’t be easier. So, without further ado, take advantage of the brand’s promo code (while it lasts!) and consider this your (affordable) excuse to bring the rattan trend home.

World Market’s New Summer Decor Includes So Much Rattan — and We Want It All

World Market’s New Summer Decor Includes So Much Rattan — and We Want It All

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

If you’re looking for a statement piece or two to freshen up your home, you can’t go wrong with rattan. It’s both elegant and chic in appearance, with the ability to not only transform a space, but to give your home a bit of a summery vacation vibe too. From my very first studio apartment to my current humble abode in Westchester, New York, I’ve always treated myself to a choice piece of rattan furniture. For lightweight, yet durable, home décor that lends a worldly charm, rattan just feels right. As for where to find these trendy pieces, you can’t go wrong with World Market. It’s the perfect place to shop for unique rattan pieces you simply can’t find anywhere else. In fact, I just know you’re going love their brand-new Summer 2021 decor collection, which includes a bevy of beautiful rattan pieces you can shop right now. Whether you’re a longtime rattan fan or finally ready to infuse your space with all the rattan accents it can handle, World Market has a piece that’s practically calling your name.

Scroll through the gallery to see our favorite finds.

Bed Bath & Beyond Just Launched a Chic Bar Cart That’s a Must-Have for Rattan Lovers and Plant Parents

Bed Bath & Beyond Just Launched a Chic Bar Cart That’s a Must-Have for Rattan Lovers and Plant Parents

Apartment Therapy received compensation for this post, which was written and edited independently by our editorial team.

Rattan lovers, boho enthusiasts, and plant parents — step to the front of the line! We’ve found a dreamy new piece that deserves a spot in your home ASAP. Last week, Bed Bed & Beyond launched a brand-new bohemian home line called Wild Sage that includes some seriously fun and eclectic bedding, decor, and accent pieces. One item I couldn’t take my eye off? A gorgeous rattan bar cart that’s equal parts stylish and functional: The Wild Sage Daza Round Rattan Bar Cart.

Weighing only eight pounds, this bar cart is a certified small-space winner. It’s constructed of rattan and natural plywood, so it’ll hold up over time (you won’t believe how much money I’ve wasted on flimsy furniture!), and it features two round shelves that are perfect for housing bottles and glassware. Thanks to its wheels, transporting cocktails, pitchers, and serving platters from the kitchen to your guests is a breeze.

But here’s where it gets better: The cart can be used for so much more than just storing spirits. It can double as an end table for holding a lamp, remote controls, and magazines; a mini book shelf for your favorite novels; or a plant stand for showing off your beloved fern and sansevieria. It’s also ideal for displaying small items and special mementos like picture frames, succulents, and knickknacks. Keep in mind, though: The weight capacity for this bar cart is seven pounds, so it’s not a place to keep super-heavy items for the long run.

While most bar carts tend to be on the pricey side (I’ve seen some in the $800 range), this chic option rings in at $150. A double-duty bar cart that can be used for entertaining or elevating the style of your space for less than $200? Cheers to that!

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In Love With the Rattan Trend? These Are Hands Down the 14 Best Places to Shop

In Love With the Rattan Trend? These Are Hands Down the 14 Best Places to Shop

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

What’s stylish, sustainable, and so of-the-moment? One word: rattan. The renewable material’s been on the home scene for centuries (yes, really!), but its most recent resurgence has dominated everywhere from restaurants to hotels to (probably) your own living space. And the obsession’s fully justifiable: With rattan’s light, boho aesthetic that borders on beachy, it’s the perfect soothing-meets-chic staple to perk up any space, in any form.

With that said, whether you’re aiming to commit to the all-rattan-everything look at home (cough cough… me) or just want a few fresh decor touches here and there, I scoured the web for the best places to get your fix for any budget. You can expect to find durable rattan aplenty at trendy home brands like West Elm and Anthropologie, but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised with all the woven wonders places like Amazon, Etsy, and Target have to offer.

(P.S. If you’re also confused about what’s considered rattan vs. cane or wicker — it’s confusing, I’ll be the first to admit — here’s a quick refresher.)

At Anthropologie, you’ll find a mix of high-end rattan pieces (think dramatic accent chairs, beds, pendant lights, and the like) sprinkled in with more affordable and adorable decor — candle holders, trays, decorative boxes, and even a darling drawer handle. Each feels prettier than the next, so prepare to spend a considerable amount of time browsing their site’s rattan search page.

If you’re looking to outfit your little ones’ nursery, you’ve come to the right place — on top of grown-up kitchen and bedroom selections (all worth a peek, as well), Crate and Barrel’s children’s selection actually feels like a hidden treasure trove for rattan. Their collection’s a whimsical take on the trend, for sure, but it’s impossible not to fall in love with animal-shaped baskets, a bassinet, beds (even one for baby dolls), a luxe rocking horse, and nightstand — some of which you may even find yourself “borrowing.”

Unsurprisingly, Etsy has a little bit of everything — big, small, and mostly handmade. Discover rattan chairs, bookcases, wall shelves, trays, a must-see tissue box (really, it’s the cutest), and so, so much more. It’s ultimately the best of both worlds with the greatest one-of-a-kind finds at even greater prices.

H&M’s small-but-mighty rattan selection hits the budget-friendly jackpot. Stock up on simple organizing basics like baskets, trays, and boxes, plus (my personal favorite) a round statement mirror framed with the beloved woven material. And it’s all less than $60, NBD.

The Swedish home brand has arguably been one of the inexpensive rattan pioneers, carrying no shortage of pretty-meets-practical treasures over the past few years. Rattan also aligns with their recent eco-friendly pledge to use strictly recycled and renewable materials by 2030. You’ll even see that a handful of their current collection, like the GAMLEHULT ottoman and the BUSKBO magazine stand, have a “sustainable materials” marker online.

Chicago-based home brand Jayson Home leans on the more expensive side, but you’re guaranteed some especially unique (and slightly quirky) finds. Exhibit A? Their rattan carpet beater (yep) for $28. In the under $250 sphere, there’s gorgeous pendant lighting galore, plus low-cost decorative jars, coasters, and cane-covered glassware.

Searching for rattan or wicker seating? Overstock’s got you covered on just about every account — outdoor dining chairs, indoor dining chairs, chair sets, patio sofas, lounge chairs, rocker chairs, accent chairs — in a range of colors and prices. Top off the look with their equally substantial selection of headboards, mirrors, and lighting options.

Yes, Serena and Lily’s slightly pricey, but few brands do rattan better. In fact, the whole coastal vibe is their brand. I personally love their many woven seating options, from counter stools that look straight out of a boutique California hotel to cozy hanging chairs. You also can’t go wrong with their lighting offerings (or any offerings, really), with so many notable shades, sconces, and pendants.

Suffice it to say, you can always count on Target for all your needs, rattan home staples included. This shopping hotspot really wows in the cute and quirky decor spectrum specifically, but with plenty of luxe-for-less woven furniture sprinkled in the mix as well. (It’s technically cane, but I scored my most-complimented living room piece from Target.)

The one-stop-shop for all things cool and modern (and fairly affordable), Urban Outfitters‘ extensive rattan collection runs the gamut from chairs and lamps to entire bed frames and toilet paper rolls — because why not give your bathroom the trendy treatment, too? There’s really something for every nook and cranny, but make sure to check out their perennially popular Marte and Ria collections, especially for larger pieces.

Backyard rattan, right this way — Wayfair boasts an abundance of cushioned couches and chairs, all ideal for taking the trend outside. But everything’s not exclusively outdoors: Just type “rattan” into the search bar, and it populates with options for headboards, mirrors, chairs, planters, and coffee tables, just to name a few.

West Elm’s continuously at the top of the home trend sphere, and their dedication to rattan — and its sister cane — proves no exception, especially for big ticket pieces. Go big with gorgeous patio accent chairs, or consider splurging inside your home with a well-made dresser or cabinet. On the less expensive front, there’s a real gold mine of rattan kitchen staples (coasters! chargers! serving trays!) especially from the bestselling Merida collection.

At World Market, you’ll find plenty of lookalikes that could pass as picks from more high-end retailers — but for a fraction of the cost. I’m particularly loving their 3-drawer rattan desk, should you need a home office upgrade. Many of their pieces also pack on fun structural elements, like a cool bookshelf encased in arched rattan pieces or a pendant light shaped like flower petals.