The Makers of the Always Pan Just Launched a New Ovenware Set with the Sleekest Baking Sheet We’ve Ever Seen

The Makers of the Always Pan Just Launched a New Ovenware Set with the Sleekest Baking Sheet We’ve Ever Seen

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This Our Place bakeware set includes five pieces for you to tackle your everyday baking, including anything from roasting veggies to making cookies. Made of durable cast aluminum and stoneware, this set will be a great upgrade to your already-existing bakeware or a thoughtful gift for your favorite baker. And, just like the rest of Our Place’s products, we can’t get over how stylish each item is, gorgeous enough for serving food straight from the oven to your table. 

For a quick overview of this new ovenware set, it has five pieces, which includes the Oven Pan (a sophisticated-looking baking sheet), a trio of baking dishes in three different sizes, and a silicone baking mat with a pretty checkered pattern. You can also choose between five popular Our Place colors for your set: Spice, Steam, Char, Sage, and Blue Salt.

Right off the bat, we’re head-over-heels for these designs, especially the heavy-duty baking sheet that is probably unlike any you already own. It’s a versatile sheet pan that can be used for a number of baking and roasting tasks. Its tall sides are able to contain liquids while the aluminum core allows for quick, even heating. The wide, thick handles are an added feature that you don’t find on most baking sheets, making it easy to take in and out of a hot oven. The handles also make it possible to easily use this pan on electric and gas stoves as a griddle, perfect for pancakes, quesadillas, pressed sandwiches, and more. And, with the same nonstick interior used on the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, cleanup will be a breeze.

As for the stoneware bakers, you’ll receive three sizes of baking dishes, each with glossy finishes and naturally nonstick interiors. The trio includes a wider, taller dish that’s ideal for baking casseroles or holding cheesy sides like scalloped or au gratin potatoes. Then, there are two smaller rectangular pans that can be used for baking loaves of bread, meatloaf, smaller side dishes, or even holding homemade ice cream. 

Finally, this set comes with a handy silicone baking mat that you can line the Oven Pan with to avoid going through sheets of parchment paper. It has a nonstick surface so cookies, veggies, salmon, and more will slide right off. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. 

Clearly, Our Place has pulled out all the stops with this expansive ovenware set. With such sleek, versatile designs, we’re positive that you’ll get tons of use out of each of these pieces in your regular cooking and baking routine!

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