A London Home Featured in “Love Actually” Is on the Market

A London Home Featured in “Love Actually” Is on the Market

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Ask your nearest and dearest what their favorite holiday movie is, and there is a huge chance that at least one of them will say “Love Actually“. The 2003 romantic comedy is a Christmas classic for many reasons—I don’t know about you, but I’ll never forget *that* necklace scene—and now, super fans have the chance live in one of the homes featured in the movie.

Located on the same Notting Hill street as as the home of Keira Knightley’s character, the gorgeous home is on the market for £3.25 million, which equals to around $4.3 million. downstairs, the open floor plan has been carefully orientated to optimise the southerly light from the rear. There’s a modern and sleek breakfast island, stainless steel units, bespoke Schotten & Hansenwhich Siberian lurch wood wall, and built-in underfloor heating to keep things warm and toasty.

Also downstairs, there’s a spacious entertaining room, lounge area, and a basement floor which allows for a versatile fourth bedroom, if required—a great option for larger families.

Bedrooms feature their own en-suite bathrooms for privacy and plenty of storage space in the fitted wardrobes. For those lucky enough to get first dibs on the principal suite, the room spans the entire second floor and has a cozy window seat for a morning coffee and a chapter of your favorite book. Bliss.

Finally, there’s a spacious roof garden designed by Tania Urban, with a hot-tub under a veranda, outdoor kitchen, and sprawling London views.

“This architecturally re-imagined house is positioned just next door to the famous pink house where Mark – played by Andrew Lincoln – confesses his love for Keira Knightley’s character Juliet,” said Chelsea Whelan, Partner in Knight Frank’s Notting Hill office. “Designed by Andy Martin architects, the property’s black and white exterior is a contrast to the pretty pink house next door, and offers contemporary take on a traditional mews home.”

“Frankenstein” Author Mary Shelley’s Former London Home Is on the Market for $1.3M

“Frankenstein” Author Mary Shelley’s Former London Home Is on the Market for $1.3M

Literary lovers can now own a piece of history in the form of English novelist Mary Shelley’s London home—that’s if you have a spare £1,025,000 ($1,360,000).

The Shelley family resided in the charming apartment building on London’s Marchmont Street, which is now on the market. The home features a brick facade and a blue plaque commemorating their time spent living in the home.

Located on the first floor of a Victorian building, the property has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a spacious reception room. Outside, there’s a quaint private terrace. The apartment features some of its original characteristics, including the light wood flooring throughout.

The author first fell in love with the famed romantic poet, Percy Bysshe, when she was 16 years old. Shelley courted her future husband in the suitably gothic location of the graveyard at St Pancras Old Church. It was here that she fell for his “wild, intellectual, unearthly” looks.

Shelley’s father disapproved of the relationship, resulting in the pair running away with her stepsister, Claire Clairmont, where they crossed war-ravaged France and journey into Switzerland by mule, donkey, and foot. However, due to a lack of money, the trio was forced to return to England.

Shelley was pregnant when she arrived back in London, and along with her husband, took up residence in Marchmont Street in Bloomsbury.

At 18, she began writing the most famous Gothic novel of all time, “Frankenstein“, a story about a scientist named Victor Frankenstein who finds a way of animating life in non-living matter and creates a monster that ultimately kills him.

“This bright first-floor flat offers buyers the opportunity to purchase a piece of history in one of London’s most historic neighborhoods,” says Michael Keating, Director of Dexters Bloomsbury, in a press release announcing the listing. “Close to Russell Square tube station and King’s Cross, Marchmont Street has a wide array of pubs, cafes, and second-hand bookstores. For the literary inclined, St. Pancras Old Church and its graveyard are still just a 15-minute walk down the road.”

One of the Skinniest Homes in London Is for Sale

One of the Skinniest Homes in London Is for Sale

Sure, big, expansive homes are great. But there’s something about slim (and storied) spaces that charms the real estate geeks among us. I, for one, am hooked the minute I start scrolling through a listing and wonder, “How on earth would you fit furniture in there?”

Lucky for me, London always delivers with the loveliest tiny homes. You might recall this $1.2 million, 6-foot wide row home that charmed skinny house lovers everywhere last year. Well, the UK is back with another small stunner — and this one is a comparative steal at $1.07 million.

As one of the skinniest homes in London — it’s a famed wedge-shaped spot in South Kensington that measures six feet across at its narrowest — this home boasts windows in every room and a spacious main bedroom that’s almost 11 feet wide. (Just imagine the possibilities with that kind of square footage!)

With two full bedrooms and two full bathrooms packed into its efficient 580 square feet (you read that right: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, less than 600 square feet), the petite flat has me imagining cozy evenings cooking dinner at home, rainy afternoons plucking a book from the living room library, and spring days spent frolicking through through the Thurloe Square Gardens with my precious corgi by my side. (Yes, of course I have a corgi in this British fantasy life.)

Crisp white walls, spa-like bathrooms, clever built-ins, and a timeless black and white subway tile kitchen are a blank canvas for a buyer looking to fill the space with small-scale statement pieces and bold, colorful art — fitting for a residence that was once the site of historic 19th-century artist studios.

Best of all? The main living area is South-facing for maximum light. Pair that all-day sun with bright hardwood floors and recessed lighting for gray days, and you have a home that will make up in light what it lacks in size.

Plus, there’s outdoor space. A darling private terrace belongs solely to this unit. It’s only 5 feet wide, but that’s just enough space for a small bistro set, a few plants, and a spot of tea. Think of it as your own secret garden.

When that starts to feel cramped, don’t worry, you’ll step out your front door and take in one of the best neighborhoods for shops and restaurants in London. If you’d like, check out the full listing the listing here.

This Vibrant Home’s Pink & Red Striped Floors Aren’t Even the Most Fun Detail

This Vibrant Home’s Pink & Red Striped Floors Aren’t Even the Most Fun Detail

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Name: Tania (aka Ms. Pink), Mr Black, three sons, and cats, Coco and Tommy 
Location: Hackney — London, United Kingdom 
Size: 1350 square feet
Type of Home: A three-bedroom flat set over three levels in a Victorian house conversion.
Years Lived In: 19 years, owned 

Tania, aka Ms. Pink, has lived in the London borough of Hackney with Mr. Black for 30 years. Over the years the couple has moved around the area and have seen many changes, the biggest being the 2012 Olympics hosted on their doorstep! Together they are Quirk and Rescue, an interiors and homewares brand creating contemporary colourful designs for the home, and they have lived in (and painted) this three-bedroom flat for 19 years. And over those 19 years this home has changed and evolved a lot (you can see how different their home is from their first house tour a few years ago).

Tania also recently launched an interior designer website Ms. Pink, consulting and supporting anyone aiming to create a unique space in a variety of both residential and commercial settings. So rather unsurprisingly, the couple’s family home is also a bright, colorful, fun space. From painted red and pink stripey floorboards, to a “tray” wall, to the neon pink grouted kitchen floor, this home certainly doesn’t lack color or pattern.

With the year we’ve had with the pandemic and lockdowns, we can all take a page from Tania’s book to help us lift our moods. “The best thing we ever did was not to limit the amount of color in our home; it’s made us feel so happy. The rest of the world may feel grey at times, but it’s always colorful here!”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Color with more color and pattern. Color, pattern. Oh and more color.  

Inspiration: Late seventies and eighties design and art, together with a healthy dose of punk music!  

Favorite Element: There are so many, but we really love all the plants; they require love and nurture whilst the inanimate objects don’t!  

Biggest Challenge: It’s been a continuous process over a number of years to get to the look and style we like. Perhaps the biggest challenge initially was deciding on how much color to have, but once we started going bold, bright, and neon, the rest was simple. There are a lot of painted surfaces, as well as the walls, all the floors (except the kitchen) and stairs are painted, which is tricky to do with three children and cats (we had three cats but Caspar passed away at age 20 recently). Any hair and fluff is fossilized there for future generations! We try and be careful with what we display; we’re actually pretty tough on what gets in the house now in terms of objects. 

Proudest DIY: The living room floor was gray and pale pink stripes for years but recently we changed it to red and pink stripes. This was a challenge as we had to move all the furniture and plants out so we could sand it back to bare wood. Last time it was painted the boys were staying with their grandparents so there was only the cats to contend with.  

Biggest Indulgence: Very few things are brand new (avid eBayers for 20 years) so I’d say our biggest indulgence is original artwork and getting it framed professionally, though the kitchen is probably the most expensive thing we’ve purchased in one go. It’s such a used area though; it’s a good idea to pay for things that are good quality and have longevity. 

Is there something unique about your home or the way you use it? The best thing we ever did was not to limit the amount of color in our home; it’s made us feel so happy. The rest of the world may feel grey at times, but it’s always colorful here! People are always surprised when they visit that it actually feels much calmer than it looks. In the evening when we go for more subtle lighting it’s actually a really comforting feel.

What are your favorite products you have bought for your home and why? That would be my tray collection. I acquired my first tray about 30 years ago at a car boot sale; I used to go most weekends and  soon I was actively looking out for more of these colorful gems. I remember when I had 10 or so and thought ‘what a great collection I have now!’. Little did I know that I’d have 10 times that amount years later. The combination of colors and patterns makes me feel really happy, even  more so now that they are on display. Most are in extremely good condition considering they’re all over 50 years old, a little bit of rust here and there, but nothing that detracts from their vibrant, showy beauty. 

Please describe any helpful, inspiring, brilliant, or just plain useful small space  maximizing and/or organizing tips you have:  Keeping floors, tables, and furniture free from paperwork/food/clothes goes a long way to making a small space look larger. A “Monica” cupboard is very useful! 

What most people get wrong about using color in their home: Is there a wrong use of color? I’m not living in your home and vice versa. I don’t feel anyone should comment on other’s personal color choices and preferences. What we would say is people could be a bit braver and try introducing a little bit of color to see how it makes them feel. Color makes us feel very alive, nature is colorful! 

What are the biggest tricks/secrets to using color in decor? There are two schools of thought, a cohesive complementary palette and a clashing palette. We love to mix up the two. Though as with most things in life, color cohesion is opinion, not fact. Traditionally yellow and purple or red and green don’t ‘go’ together, but quite a few countries have these colors together in their national flag and it is a common theme in nature. Have red roses got it wrong? Green stem, red flower, how can we argue with Mother Nature?!  

It’s really useful to paint a large piece of paper in your chosen color/colors and place on the area you want to paint to see how it looks at various times throughout the day. Lighting can make colors look different at different times of the day. Keeping your color palette quite small as well, but don’t think this doesn’t mean that you can’t have lots of different tones of those colors — it just means they will work better together. 

What’s your favorite wall paint color of all time: The hallway that is the stairs up to the first floor is fairly dim with not a lot of natural light so it’s painted the brightest neon yellow we could find. It really illuminates the area.  

Finally, what’s your absolute best home secret or decorating advice? Most small DIY projects are reversible. A paint color can be covered over if you decide you don’t like it.  
My home secret is when buying something you like, but the color isn’t to your taste, buy it anyway and change the color yourself. Paint or spray that plant pot or cute ornament. Dye that cushion cover or bedspread. There are so many informative tutorials out there to show you how. Also, don’t limit art to the living room, put some little postcards on the bathroom wall, frame a tea towel you love and hang it in the kitchen. I treat the kitchen the same as every other space when it comes to decoration. I’m not keen on cooking so I need an inspiring space to do it!  

This house tour’s responses were edited for length and clarity.

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A Colorful London Apartment Has the Cutest Pink and Green Kitchen

A Colorful London Apartment Has the Cutest Pink and Green Kitchen

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Name: Cal and Sarah, siblings behind Sascal Studio
Location: London, UK
Type of home: Apartment
Size: 854 square feet
Years lived in: 1 year, owned

Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: My sister and I live in this apartment in London. We are 25 and 28 and have our own start-up interior design studio and homeware shop, which we are in the process of launching. As we work from home, we wanted a space that was relaxed yet functional and filled with pieces we love. From the furniture to the art to the accessories, we have carefully chosen and collected items that reflect who we are.

As we only plan on living here for around five years, we wanted to do something fun with the interiors, and were not shy with color. One of our favorite items in the house is the green headboard in Sarah’s room; we wanted something completely unique so we painted it ourselves. Another favorite is the shelves we designed; they were installed right before quarantine—perfect timing!

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: Eclectic, cozy, bright, playful, and layered

What is your favorite room and why? Our favorite room has got to be the open plan kitchen/dining/living room. We do everything in here from curling up on the big pink sofa to cooking our favorite meals and hosting friends and family! We didn’t want the space to be too precious; we wanted everyone to feel at home as soon as they walked in so we used colorful fabrics and two tone textures.

Our favorite fabric in this room is the amazing “Stardust” by De Le Cuona, which gives the room such a warmth. We have them over our large glass doors, so we wanted something that would allow for some privacy without being a heavy curtain. The fabric has a wonderful multi-colored pattern running throughout, which gives a burst of color in the room. We dreamt of having a pink room from when we were little girls and are so lucky we got to fulfill this dream with this room!

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? We bought a lovely tapestry from a little shop in Portobello Market in London and stretched it over a huge canvas frame that we built. We had a big empty wall in our hallway for months and could not decide what to do and it feels like the perfect fit! The colors are vibrant and work beautifully against the dark green walls.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Fill your home with items that speak to you. Don’t be in a rush to fill it as soon as you move in; you’ll have pieces you love if you collect them along the way. Family heirlooms also make a space wonderfully familiar so don’t always feel you need to buy new items.

This submission’s responses were edited for length and clarity.