IKEA Turned These Kids’ Drawings Into Toys

IKEA Turned These Kids’ Drawings Into Toys

Each year IKEA encourages children from all around the globe to take part in its annual Soft Toy drawing competition, letting imaginations run wild to unleash some of the most creative designs.

This year, IKEA received more than 66,000 entries worldwide and, out of all those that entered, selected five unique drawings to become real soft toys, available for purchase in-store.

The competition resulted in the limited-edition SAGOSKATT soft toy collection, designed by kids, for kids. The drawing competition does not only allow children to share their dreams and imagination; it’s also a way to contribute to every child’s right to play and develop. IKEA is donating 100 percent of SAGOSKATT turnover to support local initiatives that promote children’s right to play.

“I feel very lucky and grateful to be part of the team involved in the SAGOSKATT project. The whole concept of ‘for children by children to help children’ makes me extremely proud. The endless creativity in kids is amazing. Each year we are impressed by the amount of unique, cool, and fun creations we receive. We wish we could make all of them,” says Jorge Omar Santoyo Henaine, Product Design Developer for Children’s IKEA. “When selecting the winners, we consider a lot of important criteria, for instance, how unique, colorful and expressive the drawing is, if it can be transformed into a soft toy for mass production and if we can secure the safety requirements for the future toy.”

The 2021 winners include 10-year-old Nick from St. Louis, MO, who created “Bird,” inspired by the prehistoric dodo bird. The lovable plush toy comes in a soft gray fabric, and features wide eyes, and a stick-out tongue for a goofy touch.

Nick is the first U.S. competition winner since 2017, and his design joins four others from around the globe, including: “Sandwich Friends,” “Cat,” “Fried Egg,” and “Mermaid Dog.” Scroll through the photos above to see all the winning designs.

The SAGOSKATT collection is available as of Oct. 14, and each soft toy retails for $4.99. 100 percent of each purchase will go to Save the Children US, a charitable foundation dedicated to helping children around the world receive a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn, and protection from harm.

This Is a Fun, Unexpected Feature to Decorate in Your Bathroom

This Is a Fun, Unexpected Feature to Decorate in Your Bathroom

For a little bit of background first, Quinn and Dawson share a 1074-square-foot Spanish-style home in Los Angeles that’s filled with floral and greenery and was recently featured on AT in one of our House Calls. Their style’s warm and eclectic — what they consider, in their own words, “bohemian and Southwestern, with a little bit California Modern, with some mid-century elements.” When styling their home, this creative couple chose a neutral palette with pops of color throughout, typically with green and orange accents. 

According to Quinn and Dawson, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to give an old space a new look. Just take their bathroom mirror from IKEA as an example, which illustrates this concept and showcases one way they play with pops of color. Instead of sticking with a frameless option or choosing something with picture molding for over their sink and vanity, they went with a modern circular design that cost less than $120 and has a secret: the lip on the frame provides the perfect spot for displaying a dried, deconstructed bouquet. “This mirror got a face-lift using dried flowers from old bouquets,” they said. “It’s an ever-changing arrangement, depending on what we have available. ”

For so many, this spot may have gone unnoticed and completely untouched. That’s exactly what makes this idea so cool! Now, every time someone steps up to this particular sink, hand-washing will be just a little more enjoyable due to the beautiful dried florals sitting here. This idea is good for your personal bathroom and would make a really nice, welcoming touch in a guest bathroom or powder room, too. This trick isn’t limited to a given season either because you can find something festive for any holiday or time of year. It’s also a great, low-cost idea for giving your bouquets an even longer life. Honestly, now I think I need this mirror for this exact reason! IKEA, here I come!

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See 70 Years of IKEA Living Rooms in 90 Seconds

See 70 Years of IKEA Living Rooms in 90 Seconds

Arielle Tschinkel


Arielle Tschinkel is a freelance pop culture and lifestyle writer whose work has appeared on Shape.com, WomansWorld.com, FirstforWomen.com, Insider, HelloGiggles, and more. She loves all things Disney and is making her way to every park around the world, and is a die-hard Britney Spears fan for life. She’s also obsessed with her Bernedoodle, Bruce Wayne.

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IKEA’s Digital Museum Lets You Browse Its Catalogs and Designs Going Back to the 1950s

IKEA’s Digital Museum Lets You Browse Its Catalogs and Designs Going Back to the 1950s

With travel restrictions still in place, IKEA is now making it easier to visit their museum in Älmhult, Sweden, by bringing their collections and exhibits to the public virtually.

Earlier this month, the company launched IKEA Museum Digital, a new platform that’s said to contain the most extensive online source of knowledge and facts about the brand. There, guests can learn about the history of IKEA, starting with more than 100 editorials, short documentaries, and interviews about its founder Ingvar Kamprad and how he grew a small fledgling business into a global home furnishing giant with more than 210,000 employees and 456 stores in 61 markets around the world.

“Many of the stories reveal the inner workings of IKEA and have never been shared publicly before,” said Jutta Viheriä, Strategic Initiatives Leader at IKEA Museum. “Whether it’s about a triumph, a great mistake, a dangerous adventure, or a revolutionary collapse — we have done our best to tell it like it was.”

Equally interesting is a nostalgic tour of its catalogs through the ages. There, you’ll be able to see products that date as far back as 1951, and as recently as 2021. Taking a look at 70 years’ worth of catalogs, you can learn a lot about how their design philosophy has evolved from decade to decade.

“A true wonderland for everyone who’s just remotely interested in design and product development,” the company said.

IKEA Museum is accessible any time, any place — no need to leave the safety of home. “It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to share the vast and vibrant history of IKEA, both with regular visitors and people who haven’t yet had the opportunity to travel to Älmhult physically and visit IKEA Museum at the heart of IKEA,” added Viheriä.

IKEA Shares First Look at Upcoming World Surf Leauge Collection

IKEA Shares First Look at Upcoming World Surf Leauge Collection

Way back in 2019, IKEA and the World Surf League first announced their partnership that would develop a new collection inspired by the surfing lifestyle – one that is close to the ocean, conscious of the planet, and active in its form.

Although the news of the collection certainly made waves (pun absolutely intended), there hasn’t been much else said about the IKEA x WSL collaboration… until now.

KÅSEBERGA, available at IKEA globally starting in spring 2022, features a range of practical, beautifully designed products for the home, the beach, or wherever life takes you. At last week’s IKEA Festival, the brands unveiled three of the innovative products that are set to hit shelves early next year, including the KÅSEBERGA Balance board, design by Michael Axelsson and Rob Machado, and KÅSEBERGA Beach-bag and KÅSEBERGA Glassware, designed by Kassia Meador and Wiebke Braasch.

According to a press release, the design process and collaboration revolve around a common set of values – sustainability and minimizing the impact on both people and planet. The collection has been developed with a focus on including more renewable materials like wood and materials from recycled sources such as polyester. Included in the collection is a bag uniquely designed to function well for beach clean-ups. 

“We are really proud and excited by the progress and the great work of the team behind this collaboration. A particular point of pride is how we have managed to gather input for this collection from several hundreds of people involved in the surfing community. We have been really tuned in to their needs in the development of this collection, pushing both form and function while also ensuring the use of more sustainable materials” says James Futcher, Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden.

“As surfers, we are close to the ocean and often see first-hand how pollution and waste are affecting our waterways and oceans. We are stoked now to see the KÅSEBERGA collection coming to life, and that our common strive to make society more sustainable really comes through in many of the new products. It’s exciting that we together are coming up with empowering solutions to be part of the proactive change” says Kassia Meador, member of the WSL and IKEA design team.

The KÅSEBERGA collection will be available globally starting spring 2022.