East Fork’s Popular Seconds Sale Is Finally Here — and Things Are Selling Out Fast!

East Fork’s Popular Seconds Sale Is Finally Here — and Things Are Selling Out Fast!

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Here at Apartment Therapy, there are some DTC brands we find ourselves consistently turning to when looking to stock our homes and kitchens. And when it comes to ceramicware, we have an undeniable obsession with community-founded pottery brand, East Fork. The brand specializes in tasteful, muted colors and an organic feel, resulting in fan-favorite pieces that sell out faster than you can click add-to-cart. And while we find ourselves picking up gorgeous mugs, bowls, and dinner sets for our homes year-round, we anxiously await East Fork’s rare Seconds Sale. This can’t-miss savings event doesn’t happen too often and features some of their slightly imperfect wares at a discount — they even donate a percent of the proceeds from the sales as an added bonus!

And this weekend, we can finally put our anticipation to rest. That’s right, East Fork is having a surprise summer sale! You can score dozens of coveted, one-of-a-kind items for 50 percent off — that’s 30 percent more of a discount than previous sales on the site. The only catch: The pieces are available until they sell out. AKA you need to act fast in order to take advantage of the sale.

The sale is chock full of East Fork classics, like the ever-so-coveted The Mug, endlessly versatile Everyday Bowls, and fun, large serving bowls and platters all of which are available in a variety of stylish colors (including some of our favorite hues!). Each piece is hand-crafted with regional materials (local to North Carolina) and is 100 percent lead-free. Every bowl, plate, and mug is also microwave- and dishwasher-safe so that reheating and cleaning is just as breezy as using them.

Now, just because the discounted pieces are seconds does not mean they’re any less beautiful! These pieces either have minor blemishes, slight variances in shape or hue, or small scratches. But all the pottery included in the sale is perfectly safe and functional and still absolutely stunning. In fact, we love the fact that these reserved pieces have just a little more character. Who doesn’t want dinnerware no one else has?

With or without minor imperfections, East Fork is truly one of the best when it comes to craftsmanship, style, durability, and utility. Its virtually unheard of to get the chance to score these functional masterpieces at 50 percent off, even if they are a little more unique than their full-priced counterparts. Our philosophy? A little scratch never hurt anyone!

East Fork Pottery Just Released a Brand New Color and It’s a Real Breath of Spring

East Fork Pottery Just Released a Brand New Color and It’s a Real Breath of Spring

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

East Fork, one of our readers’ favorite pottery studios, is back at it again with a gorgeous new glaze that will put you right in a spring mood. Their most recent seasonal glazes have included the opulent Rococo that was perfect for the holidays as well as the moody Black Mountain for a bold backdrop to any meal. And, in addition to these limited releases, the brand even brought back one of their most popular glazes, Utah, which you can still get your hands on. 

Now, in honor of spring, they’re launching Fiddlehead, an earthy green that will instantly make your table look bright and welcoming. East Fork will be releasing Fiddlehead today, Apr. 7, at 11 a.m. ET, so get ready to set your alarm. Like the rest of the East Fork glazes, you can expect to see Fiddlehead across all of their pottery offerings, including cups and mugs, plates, bowls, sets, and of course, the fan-favorite The Mug.

As we’ve come to expect from the beloved Asheville-based pottery studio, there’s a ton of inspiration behind the creation of the Fiddlehead hue. They write on their website that it’s a reminder of the “tender ferns that break free of the winter ground,” ready for spring, filling you with “a fresh breath of ease.” The color also perfectly complements the natural speckling of the pottery’s iron-rich clay, which peeks out along the rim and on the base of certain pieces.

Because there’s the entire East Fork pottery collection to shop this new hue in, we’ve selected three of our favorite options that we think would make great additions to your collection, starting with The Mug. This drinking vessel has a following online (just search #themug on Instagram!) as well as a fan club among our editors, too. Kitchn Senior Commerce Editor, Danielle, said that she’ll never go back to another mug after trying it. 

“With a 12-ounce capacity, a thick handle designed to feel like an extension of your hand, and substantive, chip-proof construction, this is the only mug I want to use every day for my morning coffee or afternoon tea,” she said. Leave it to East Fork to put intention behind every inch of this piece!

There’s also the Everyday Bowl that will quickly become your go-to piece of dinnerware. It’s one of those bowls you can use for just about anything, from cereal and yogurt to salads, pasta, and soup. If you wanted to invest in just one East Fork item, the Everyday Bowl is a great option.

If you really want to embrace this new shade, investing in the Dinner Set is the way to go. It includes a dinner plate, a side plate, and the Ice Cream Bowl, and is perfect for accommodating dinner, lunch, and snacks.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, now is the time to invest in a few East Fork pieces in the newest Fiddlehead glaze as a thoughtful gift. It’s in stock through June, so make sure you buy it before it’s gone!

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Food 52 Just Launched a Stunning, Limited-Edition Dansk Collection

Food 52 Just Launched a Stunning, Limited-Edition Dansk Collection

We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

If you’re into collecting vintage tableware or retro kitchen items — think bold, mid-century casseroles, wooden serving pieces, and colorful enamelware — then, boy, do I have some exciting launch news for you. Last May, Food 52 acquired heritage home brand Dansk (from Lenox) and inherited their archive, which dates back to the company’s founding in 1954. Today, both brands are paying homage to that storied past by introducing their first-ever Dansk Vintage Drop of about 60 different pieces that you can shop on Food 52 now for an instant dose of old-school Scandi-inspired charm. Collected and authenticated by Dansk brand strategist Christine Muhlke, these pieces take the guesswork and time out of Dansk collecting.

As part of this drop, you can expect Dansk designs in a variety of colors and materials, including wood, metal, enamel, and ceramic. You’ll find pitchers, serving pieces, flatware, and offerings from the iconic Købenstyle category of products, the enamel cookware and dinnerware Dansk is perhaps best known for (marked by its characteristic teak decorative accents and angular, interlocking handles that double as trivets). Pieces are at least 20 years old, but as you can see from Food52’s lifestyle images here, they definitely mix in well into more modern kitchens. There’s only one of each item available though, so you’ll want to act fast if you see something that catches your eye.

In case you miss your chance this time around — or you just can’t get enough Dansk — Muhlke swears by these sourcing and authenticating tips. “When looking for a great vintage Dansk piece, first, I look at the stamp on the bottom: Ideally you want something made in Denmark or France when it comes to Købenstyle and wood, Germany or Japan for flatware, and Denmark or Japan for early ceramics,” she says. “The ‘four ducks’ logo is one of the earliest. And on teak items, the STAVED TEAK stamp is the holy grail.”

For Købenstyle pieces in particular, Muhlke says the zoom function is your friend when checking out photography online. “The enamel can chip over the years, so take a close look at the rim and around the handles, and don’t be afraid to ask the seller for additional photos,” she says.

Since supplies are limited in this exclusive Food52 drop, you can sign up to be notified of the next collection launch by newsletter, as the brands plan on making these vintage Dansk releases a regular occurrence. They are also in the process of re-releasing certain designs, too, so if you want the cute pitcher with a rattan handle shown here, you won’t have to wait much longer for it.

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Macy’s Latest Sale Is the Perfect Excuse to Stock Up on Colorful Fiestaware

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We independently select these products—if you buy from one of our links, we may earn a commission.

Macy’s VIP sale is the real deal for cookware, small appliances, utensils, linens, and, um, everything else you need for an efficient, well-stocked kitchen. But what fun is online shopping if you can’t toss a few “just because” items into your cart? We’re big fans of Fiestaware here (collecting it is sort of our life’s passion), and we know plenty of Kitchn readers love it, too. Whether you’re a tried-and-true Fiestaware fan or you haven’t (yet!) invested in a single piece, these five items are perfect for your kitchen. And, yay, they’re all on sale! Just use code VIP at checkout.

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