Ever Wish Your Laundry Detergent Smelled Like Your Favorite Perfume? Now It Can

Ever Wish Your Laundry Detergent Smelled Like Your Favorite Perfume? Now It Can

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Having already conquered personal scents, cult-favorite fragrance brand Dedcool looked to an unexpected place for its next project: laundry detergent. The idea for the aptly named “Dedtergent” came from a desire to elevate and expand the way we experience fragrance day-to-day, in more ways than one. Alongside its captivating aromas based on its bestselling unisex perfumes, this laundry detergent boasts an innovative, eco-friendly formulation through plant-based, biodegradable ingredients like vegetable oil and sugar for an effective clean without any harmful chemicals.

As a sucker for fragrance (and puns), I was more than excited to test out this detergent. The first thing I should note is that this detergent is very concentrated, meaning a little goes a long way when it comes to cleaning power — I found a very small amount got even my largest loads clean! Now, while I was familiar with Dedcool, it was a brand I had yet to check off my “must-try” fragrance list, so when it came to picking out a scent (there are currently three scents available) I opted for MILK, the brand’s #1 scent, which features a delicate blend of three of my favorite notes: amber, musk, and bergamot. While designed to be used for everything from clothes and intimates to sheets, blankets, and more, I found my favorite things to use this detergent on are bedding, blankets, and towels. With its light, warm notes, this detergent adds the coziest scent that you want to curl yourself up in, making these pieces the perfect candidates. In fact, ever since I started using Dedtergent I’ve gotten tons of compliments from friends about how good my blankets and towels smell! It’s safe to say I found my new go-to detergent.

Offering 60 washes per can, Dedcool’s Dedtergent retails at $35 and comes in three of the brand’s most iconic scents: MILK, TAUNT, and SPRING. Best of all, the chic tin container is designed to be reused — the brand offers a three-pound refill bag! So if you’re looking to add a little luxury to your laundry game, try Dedcool’s Dedtergent for yourself. But consider this a warning: You may just find it hard to go back to your regular grocery store staple after this.

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