This Insta-Famous Home Brand Is Bringing Back This Retro Clock in the Most Stylish (and Smart!) Way

This Insta-Famous Home Brand Is Bringing Back This Retro Clock in the Most Stylish (and Smart!) Way

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First came wicker and cane, then came skirted furniture. And the newest throwback trend to make a 21st-century comeback? Cuckoo clocks! Yes, cuckoo clocks are trending again, with contemporary versions popping up all over the internet. But we spotted the absolute cutest cuckoo clock from one of our favorite brands. Last month we wrote about Letterfolk’s totally innovative doormat-slash-art-project, and now, it’s all about their Modern Cuckoo Clock. This sleek timepiece puts a stylish twist on a classic, and we can’t take our eyes (or ears) off of it.

That’s right, it’s called the Modern Cuckoo Clock for more than just its looks; it’s full of customizable features. You can order it in white, black, teal, blue, red, or copper to match pretty much any room in the house. Mix and match four differently colored birds with four colors of pendulum disks. If you’d rather sit your clock on the mantle or shelf instead of hanging it on the wall, no problem! The pendulum is easily removable — and replaceable if you ever change your mind down the line (without it, this piece measures 11″ tall, 7″ wide, and 5″ deep). You can also select the volume and the call: either a traditional cuckoo sound or a rotating selection of 12 distinct birdsongs. It even has a built-in light sensor that mutes the clock in the dark, so it’ll never startle you awake in the middle of the night.

If you’ve ever had the inkling to own a cuckoo clock (I know I have… ), this Letterfolk Modern Cuckoo Clock might be the one. After all, if you want to have a good time, you need a good clock.

5 Important Lessons For Hanging Large Gallery Wall

5 Important Lessons For Hanging Large Gallery Wall

Finally, after living in my apartment for six months, my living room gallery wall is up and running. It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to display my artwork and which pieces I wanted to feature, but now that everything is hung, I’m happy with the results.

This was the largest gallery wall I’ve ever hung, and I learned some valuable lessons along the way. If you’re about to take on a similar project, I’m sharing five of my top takeaways. Happy hammering!

There is always trial and error.

I’ve now hung gallery walls in all five of my past apartments. Does this mean I can tackle them in my sleep? No! Every space I’ve lived in has been different in terms of wall material, size, furniture configuration, and so on. These are all factors that need to be taken into consideration at the start of this project.

For example, when I first constructed a gallery wall in my current apartment, I hung it over my sofa as I had done in a past space — but I quickly realized that I made the display too small. Because my loveseat isn’t that wide, there was still a lot of wall space left over after I finished hammering. I realized I needed to go bigger, and so I really spread all of my pieces out across the wall above and next to my sofa. This also meant that I definitely had some nail holes to fill after moving things around. Trust me when I say that spackle works wonders

Varying frame size, shape, and color is extra fun.

I’m personally a fan of gallery walls that are more eclectic in appearance yet still pull from complementary colors. In an ideal world, this might be achieved by buying various art pieces over time and from a variety of sources — like vintage stores, flea markets, art websites, or shops you find while traveling. But you can definitely order a bunch of pieces at once and still make your space look curated by opting for a variety of frame sizes and finishes. Many of my pieces come from Artfully Walls, which offers a framing option with over 20 wooden and metal frame choices. There are also several finishing options, from matted to a float mount with deckled edges.

Mixing-and-matching pieces that are different sizes and orientations is important. The largest piece on my gallery wall measures 16 inches by 20 inches, and I chose to hang that toward the bottom left of my grid. I then opted for a mix of frames that are smaller than this piece but still significantly varied in size. Including a variety of sizes and orientations adds more visual interest to your wall and also makes it easier to incorporate a wide variety of artwork.

Mirrors and other objects are always a winning solution.

I haven’t always hung mirrors or other small sculptural objects as part of my gallery walls, but I did this time around and really appreciate how much dimension they add to the overall look. I picked up a small mirror during a trip to London and another from a favorite online vintage shop. Just be open to finding items anywhere you go, and you’re likely to stumble upon little gems like these! Mirrors are perfect for filling empty space and come in so many shapes and finishes.

You don’t need to stick to one color scheme.

My gallery wall features a lot of black, white, and gold, and then there’s a floral print with lots of blues and greens. Well, that was intentional — when I started to hang pieces, I realized that sticking with one specific color scheme was making the wall appear too moody for my liking. So in went the beautiful floral piece from artist Jennifer Allevato, and my wall instantly felt more me. I love the cheery touch her work adds.

When in doubt, spread pieces out.

Placing frames too close together is a no-no when it comes to hanging a gallery wall. Allow a few inches of breathing room between each frame for a better visual result. That said, don’t place anything too far apart, either. If you’re spacing things out a ton because you’re struggling to fill your wall space, it may be time to buy some more art.

Your New Statement Decor Piece May Be Right in Your Backyard

Your New Statement Decor Piece May Be Right in Your Backyard

There are a seemingly infinite number of retailers, both online and in-store, offering beautiful things to buy for your home. Sometimes, though, you find the best stuff in the most unexpected places. You may even luck out and find the perfect piece right in your own backyard.

Michele Bipath and her husband, Anthony, live in an 800-square-foot apartment in Brooklyn that’s decorated with tons of earthy, organic touches. “Our styles have changed a lot since we moved in, and it’s hard for me to pin what it exactly is,” Bipath says in her house tour. “Anthony loves mid-century modern pieces, and I love boho decor and pops of color.” So their apartment is really a compilation of them as a couple and all the things they love.

Officially, Bipath considers the style of their home to be “boho chic with a modern twist” and it makes perfect sense. All the plants around the living room and the wooden honeycomb shelves (also sporting plants) give clear bohemian vibes. The coolest and most unique addition to this couple’s home, though, is actually a tree branch hanging above their dining table.

“I saw it laying in the middle of the road after a stormy day and carried it back home, where I presented it to a skeptical Anthony,” Bipath says. Together, they trimmed it down, stained it, and hung it over the table with fish wire and Command hooks. They even decorate it based on the season or holiday. “We use paper bag stars for Christmas, dried florals for spring, lanterns for Lunar New Year, etc.,” Bipath says.

This piece was literally free and adds so much character to their dining space. If you can’t afford a large light fixture or don’t have the wiring for one, this is a budget-friendly and renter-friendly option. In addition to completing the earthy, organic, boho vibe of their place, the branch immediately draws your eye up and doubles as an extra space to decorate as the seasons change. If you’ve been looking for some inspiration, you might want to step out into your backyard and see what you can find.

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8 Inspiring Rug Layout Ideas to Help You Break Out of a Bedroom Decorating Funk

8 Inspiring Rug Layout Ideas to Help You Break Out of a Bedroom Decorating Funk

February is Bedroom Month on Apartment Therapy! We’re sharing stories all month about bedrooms — from how to decorate them, to the fascinating history of them, and so much more. Head over here to see them all!

Your bedroom should be the comfiest room in the house if it’s where you go to rest and recharge. Blankets, bedding, and your mattress will get you 90 percent of the way there, but the last 10 percent of cozy is earned with a just-right rug

You want a rug that’s both soft to walk on and serene to look at. You want a rug that keeps the noise down and the style high. Above all though, you also want a rug that’s perfectly placed in your personal space. Turns out plenty of configurations can work, depending on the size of the room and the look you’re trying to achieve. If you’ve ever been at a loss as to how to style a rug in a bedroom with wood or tiled floors (or you just want to give your wall-to-wall a little facelift), hopefully, you’ll find a solution among these eight smart area carpet layout ideas.

Placing a large rug horizontally under your bed is a design move that’s sure to bring extra warmth to a spacious room. By pushing the rug all the way up against the wall, you’ll not only ground the bed frame, but you’ll also makes your side tables and accessories look like they’re hanging together, too.

If you have a queen- or king-sized bed, you’ll need a rug that’s at least 8-feet by 10-feet to achieve this look. Remember to factor in the width of your nightstands and whether the rug has a border or not before deciding what size to order. When in doubt, bigger is always better for this particular layout.

Pull the rug under your bed away from the wall so the night stands sit directly on the floor, and you can save a little cash by choosing a medium size rug (think  5-foot by 8-foot, give or take) while still enjoying the visual glory of a grounded bed frame. 

Before you skimp a tiny bit with this trick though, consider the size and shape of your bedroom. If it’s rectangular, choosing a larger size might be worth it because you can cover more of the frequently-traveled floor space in front of the bed, keeping your feet warm as you walk around the room while protecting your existing flooring from wear and tear.

Want to step out of bed onto something soft and cozy without covering up too much of your flooring? Flank your bed with runners or small area rugs to strike a balance. To pull off this look, slide each runner up to the side of the bed so it doesn’t look too floaty in space. Keep in mind that without furniture to physically hold the rug down, it will shift around on the floor easily. So do yourself a favor, and choose a grippy-style rug pad to hold it in place. You also might consider stashing carpet tape in your nightstand drawer, so you’re sure your rugs are always safe and secure.

On a budget? One small rug at the foot of your bed is really all you need, and you will need it there if you have a bench or seating you wish to keep from sliding around when you pull on the covers in the middle of the night. To make the most of a smaller style, go for a bold pattern that catches the eye or try a round or unique shape to balance a boxy bed frame.

If your room is on the long and narrow side, you can upgrade to a full-size area rug for the space in front of the bed frame. Visually, this helps define a larger space by creating two zones. Audibly, this setup dampens more sound so you can sleep without being woken by your partner changing or your dog pacing around the foot of the bed.

When your bed is tucked into a corner, placing a medium-sized rug adjacent to it can make the room feel wider and more sophisticated, at least in comparison to the lonely “rug island in the middle of the room” alternative. For apartment dwellers in particular, this layout is also a great way to cover up old or cold flooring, since it can help disguise a large surface area. 

From interesting shapes to complementary patterns to contrasting textures, layering rugs in a bedroom makes so much decorative sense, particularly if you’re more of a maximalist.  To nail the look, start with a larger rug layout (like the anchor or half on, half off layout configurations) then add a smaller rug layout idea (like the at the foot or the symmetrical split) on top of it. When in doubt, throw down a small sheepskin as your top layer. Everybody likes walking on what feels like clouds. Everybody. 

Last but not least, what do you get when you put one-half of the symmetrical split and the right in front layout ideas together? A t-shaped (or l-shaped, depending on how long your rugs are) configuration that can be quite striking, especially if you choose something bold in pattern and color, just like the red carpets shown here. As is the case with some of the other ideas discussed above, this can be a great strategy if you’re looking for maximum noise absorption in a noisy apartment, for example, or if your original flooring is in serious disrepair, and you want to cover a lot of surface area.

How to Let Travel Inspire Your Home Decor, Even if You Can’t Go Far

How to Let Travel Inspire Your Home Decor, Even if You Can’t Go Far

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