Jennifer Garner Recreated This Iconic “Friends” Thanksgiving Scene with LEGO

Jennifer Garner Recreated This Iconic “Friends” Thanksgiving Scene with LEGO

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Jennifer Garner’s Instagram account truly is the gift that keeps on giving. This week, the actress treated followers to a humorous reenactment of THAT classic “Friends” Thanksgiving scene, using only the “Friends” LEGO Apartments set and some pretty impressive voiceover work.

“What’s not to like—custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Gooooood,” Garner wrote in the video’s caption. “#HappyThanksgiving to all of you making your first or fiftieth trifle—(especially to @jenniferaniston, apologies for my line readings, you are the ultimate queen 👑♥️)”

In the LEGO scene, Garner reads out Rachel, Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Ross’s (David Schwimmer) lines, as well as adding in her own elements such as retakes and laugh tracks.

“This is her big moment, don’t screw it up,” LEGO Ross says to LEGO Joey as he knocks him over.

“Shall I take it again?,” LEGO Rachel asks, to which Garner, playing the director, says: “Uh, yes, Jen, go ahead. Take it again from ‘It’s a trifle’”.

As the scene progresses, chaos ensues as LEGO Monica ends up in the shot.

“Ms. Geller, get out of the scene!” Garner says as she throws the figurine over the building block wall.

Garner’s friends and fans were loving the video, expressing their joy for the hilarious post that certainly added a playful touch to Thanksgiving.

“Only on the Jennifer Garner show!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂” one person said, while another commented with Chandler’s iconic catchphrase: “Could it beeee anymore Thanksgiving??”.

The ultimate seal of approval came from Rachel Green herself, Jennifer Aniston, who wrote: “Perfection 👏🏽👏🏽❤️😂❤️”.

If you fancy recreating your own “Friends” scenes, you can do so with the LEGO “Friends” Apartments set, which comes with Monica’s purple apartment, along with Chandler and Joey’s across the hall. If you’re craving a cup of coffee, you can grab a flat white with the friends at Central Perk with the LEGO Central Perk set.

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Has Created a Wine Box Set for the Holidays

Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Has Created a Wine Box Set for the Holidays

Even though much of the past two years has turned beloved social gatherings to virtual affairs, there’s no better way to celebrate the return of COVID-safe, fully vaccinated gatherings by hosting your nearest and dearest for a book club night.

As a way to make your upcoming book club meeting extra special, Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club is teaming up with SIMI Winery on a limited-edition holiday box set of wine dedicated to “page-turning, glass-filling women,” with options to please a crowd or a smaller crew as you sip and chat about the latest and greatest literary adventures you’ve enjoyed.

The Editor’s Collection includes a Set Of 2 Bottles ($45) and a Set Of 6 Bottles ($120), each offering two tasty selections from the California-based wine company’s most loved offerings. The 2018 SIMI Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon includes notes of red and black fruits, smooth tannins, and soft spice that give way to a velvety finish, per the description, pairing perfectly with “seasonal comfort foods and holiday dishes” such as pappardelle, lamb, duck, prime rib, and chocolate desserts.”

There’s also the 2019 SIMI Sonoma County Chardonnay. With notes of pear and tropical fruits, crisp acidity, and gentle oak spice, this pick makes a great match for seasonal favorites such as pumpkin ravioli, butternut squash, mashed potatoes, turkey, chicken, goose, and apple pie.

Each set includes a personal note from Witherspoon herself, who has shared in the past that she’s a big fan of Wooing Tree Blondie, a rosé wine from Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand with tree fruit notes like stone fruit, pear and apple blossom with white peach, apricot, and strawberry.

An extra-special bonus: Proceeds from the collaboration will The Readership, the book club’s pay-it-forward initiative that helps to support and empower diverse writers, independent book sellers, and increasing access to books so that the love of literature can be available to all. Cheers to that, indeed.

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Ashley Tisdale Has a Moon Print Hanging In Her Office, and It’s Out of This World

Ashley Tisdale Has a Moon Print Hanging In Her Office, and It’s Out of This World

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Whether it’s her baby’s name—Jupiter Iris—or her home decor, it seems as though Ashley Tisdale is sticking with an out-of-this-world theme.

Often giving fans a glimpse inside her home, it’s no secret that the actress loves interior design. She even has her own company, Frenshe Interiors. This week, Tisdale took to Instagram to share a photo of her stunning home office, and there’s one element that’s certainly stirring up some excitement on social media.

“Back to the office 💻” she wrote in the photo’s caption, which shows an office space that’s illuminated by a stunning moon print hanging above the desk.

The most eye-catching feature in the room, the light-up moon print adds depth and drama to the otherwise neutral room. Hanging on an all-white background, a moon photograph has been placed in a circle-shaped bronze frame that, from certain angles, gives a 3D effect.

Unsurprisingly, fans were loving the piece, taking to the comments to share their love for the gorgeous print.

“The moon !!!! Love it” one person commented, while another said: “That moon picture is EVERYTHING!! Beautiful”.

Many people were also asking where they can purchase the print, and luckily for every person on the internet, Tisdale delivered, tagging the company in her Instagram post.

The item in question was purchased from GARDE, a gift and home furnishing brand founded in 2012 by Scotti Sitz, and partner John Davidson. The brand is much-loved by plenty of celebrity designers, including Jeremiah Brent and Amber Lewis, and features a wide range of products from the simple to the whimsical.

Designed by Ben & Aja Blanc, a Rhode Island-based design duo who create handcrafted sculptural lighting, the moon photo is lit from within and enclosed in the glass, creating a piece that resonates cohesively as light, sculpture, and image. Available in either a bronze, black, or color pigmented steel frame, the Moon Light will set you back anywhere between $4,900 and $5,600, so may not be for everyone—but it is a statement piece that’s worth investing in if you’re a lover of all things lunar.

You Can Now Rent Out Daddy Yankee’s Puerto Rico Home

You Can Now Rent Out Daddy Yankee’s Puerto Rico Home

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Daddy Yankee is one of the biggest musical artists from Puerto Rico, known as the “King of Reggaeton” by fans and industry professionals thanks to his catalog of dancefloor hits like “Gasolina”, “Con Calma,” and “Dura”.

Now, the rapper can add Airbnb host to his resume as he will be opening up his Puerto Rican home that inspired his chart-topping music. Offering three different one-night stays for up to two guests each, six fans will have the chance to stay in the private home in Luquillo, located near El Yunque National Forest.

Bookings open on Dec. 6, and fans will be able to choose to reserve one of three dates—Dec. 13, 15, and 17—for only $85 per night. The price is a way to commemorate the more than 85 singles that Daddy Yankee has released over his impressive career.

“This place inspires me constantly,” said Daddy Yankee in a video posted to Instagram earlier this week. “The sounds, the energy—and I want you to experience and enjoy my Puerto Rico here in my home, in Luquillo.”

Daddy Yankee will virtually greet guests upon arrival; and during their stay, guests will get to experience all the things that he loves about his home in Luquillo, including access to private memorabilia, swimming pool, volleyball court, and activity room. As music is such a huge part of his life, Daddy Yankee has also curated a playlist of his all-time favorite songs for guests to listen to (and dance to) during your stay.

The home features vibrant and contemporary decor designed by Stewart Rodriguez, taking inspiration from classic Puerto Rican style. The living room features psychedelic black-and-white striped designs on the ceiling and walls, bright yellow accents, and layered accessories for a comfortable finish. In the pool house, you’ll find bold acrylic and blow up furniture, a bright mural wall graffitied with the words “Big Boss”, and plenty of greenery as a nod to the island’s vast natural beauty.

To honor the experience, Airbnb will make a donation to PRoTechos, which rebuilds roofs and provides carpentry training to help repair damages caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.