Trader Joe’s Has Restocked One Of Its Most Popular Scented Candles

Trader Joe’s Has Restocked One Of Its Most Popular Scented Candles

Summer is almost here, and Trader Joe’s is welcoming the season by bringing back one of its beloved award-winning candles: Mango Tangerine.

The grocery chain quietly restocked its supply of the fruit-scented candle last week, with many only becoming aware of it after Instagram account @traderjoeslist posted a photo showing stacks of the bestselling product. 

“Right now, for a limited time, our stores are selling the Scented Candle that started it all: Mango Tangerine!” wrote Trader Joe’s on their own IG account. “With a TJ’s Mango Tangerine #ScentedCandle and the flick of a match, you’ll swear you’re relaxing in a tropical paradise, enjoying the citrusy summer breeze…”

The announcement, unsurprisingly, sent customers in a mad dash to refill their stash. “I bought 10, love them,” said one commenter, while others were disheartened to learn that their local TJ’s hadn’t yet stocked up on the candles, saying, “My store doesn’t have them yet!!! I can’t wait.”

What also makes the $3.99 Mango Tangerine so popular is that it’s a budget-friendly alternative to Anthropologie’s $30 Capri Blue Volcano Candle. One comment captures the sentiment of buyers perfectly: “It’s a decent dupe… the smell isn’t AS strong as Anthro’s BUT awesome for $4 bucks.”

With summer just a few weeks away, expect this product to fly off the shelves. So, better act fast and head over to your nearest Trader Joe’s store.

Erin Napier Has Been Saving Scents Since 7th Grade

Erin Napier Has Been Saving Scents Since 7th Grade

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In a new video posted to her Instagram, Erin Napier talked about how scent has influenced her throughout her entire life and why creating candles to “honor memories” for her shop Laurel Mercantile is a dream come true that was decades in the making. In fact, Napier said that she’s been saving scent samples for this exact purpose since she was about 12 years old.

“Scent memory. Gosh, such a huge part of who I am and what I’ve been reading about lately called ‘core memories,’” Napier wrote in the caption of the video. “This is a strange skill I’ve had since childhood, the ability for photographic recall of events and people and things in my life from a scent.”

She explained in the clip, “I have really strong attachments to scents and memories and people. I can remember what my mother’s perfume smelled like in 1991 when I was six years old. I guess that’s the earliest scent memory I have.”

“I’ve been saving samples of perfumes or candles or potpurris, lotions, bubblebaths, bath salts, since seventh grade,” Napier continued. “I have hundreds and hundreds of things — bottles that have this much left in them, for this. So we can develop these fragrances. Because once a smells is gone, is it gone forever? I hope not because that’s what these candles are for. They are to honor memories.”

According to the Harvard Gazette, scent memory is something that affects a large population because scent is handled by the olfactory bulb at the front of our brain, which sends information to our central command system. Scent, specifically, goes directly to our limbic system, which includes the regions that deal with emotion and memory — biologically, scent and memory are directly linked.

To create new scent memories or relive memories through a specific smell, head over to Laurel Mercantile to get a glimpse into Napier’s past and childhood through the delicious candles she’s cooked up.

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This New Candle Is Based on a Best-Selling Fragrance That Once Had a Waitlist of Thousands

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