Brand: WoodShine

Color: Walnut


  • Good Material Quality – This round table is entirely made of natural rubber wood. Rubber wood is an excellent material for table due to it’s hard ,high density and good wear resistance.It is not easy to scratch and has a long service life. The table has no artificial synthetic materials:such as engineered wood, MDF, etc. IT IS SIMPLY MADE OF NATURAL RUBBER WOOD.
  • Natural Beaty With Real solid Wood – Compared with those man-made materials, the table has its own unique natural woodgrain. Each table has its own beauty and no similarity.
  • Just a bit Unique – The edge of the round table is made into a unique shape to avoid sharp angle, which is both safe and beautiful.
  • Small Details,Big taste – The shape of it’s legs are conical beauty that makes the table distinguish from other similar products. The diameter of top conical leg is about 1.6 inches and the bottom is about 1 inches which is not only strong enough but also with slim and graceful beauty.
  • Sturdy &Steady – Solid structure sturdy enough to meet your daily needs such as placing books, cups, laptop, photographs, pot plants, telephones, etc.
  • Easy Assemble – All parts and instruction are packed into one box that takes less than 2 minutes installation.
  • Multi Matching – 400(φ15.75in)group tables from size S to XL fit underneath each other at attractive golden section area (appr. 38.2%). 400(φ15.75in)&600(φ23.62in)group tables also fit underneath each other with perfect area.

Package Dimensions: 76x629x4899

Details: This is a simple round table.But it is a unique one.First of all, the material of this table is entirely made of nature rubber wood which makes the table ever-changing and living woodgrain different from the artificial pattern that man-made wood displaying. The real solid wood plus wood wax oil coating make every point of this table comes from nature, no harm to environment.Secondly,We put some little design elements in this round table such as unique edge and beautiful conical legs to make it different from other similar products.At last, The installation processing is extremely easy.