Hand-Woven Seaweed Collapsible Multifunctional Storage Belly Basket

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Color: White


  • Material: The belly baskets made of natural seaweed and white plastic strips.Size:Large, Opening Diameter 24CM/9.44″ * Middle Diameter 31CM/12.2″ * Height 27CM/10.6″
  • Convertible – Use the wicker baskets with the handles out or folded down as bowl-style baskets,save space.
  • The seaweed basket an be used for home storage like clothes, toys, gift, also can be as plant pot covers for home decoration.
  • Strong load-bearing capacity, select natural seaweed woven reinforced handle, can bear a certain weight of items.
  • Multifunctional-This belly basket can be used for dirty clothes storage, home storage and organization, plant pot decoration, picnics, etc. It can be placed anywhere you like.

Package Dimensions: 144x345x210

Details: Name: Seaweed Folding Basket

Material: Natural seaweed,Plastic

Packing list: 1PCS

The large size can be used to store dirty clothes and toys at home, and the small size can be used to store magazines, books, napkins or as a decorative basket for plant flowers. Can be used for picnics when traveling.
Plant Pot Covers,It is beautiful to pair with lots of plants. Most of customers are paired with birds of paradise, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Snake Plant, Monstera, Areca Palm, etc.

Features: This is a seaweed woven basket with a simple design and unique shape, which can lift the handle and lower the handle to display the contents inside.
Putting items in a basket can help you stay organized, and it also makes it easy to find the items you need.
Can be used in every corner of the house, corridor, living room, children’s room, bathroom, balcony space…
Any collection of store toys, magazines, hand-painted books and newspapers, stacked randomly in the basket, you can also put plants to make the green plant eclectic

Note: For manual measurement, the size may have an error of 1~2cm.

Cleaning and maintenance:
Straw products should not be exposed to outdoor sunlight for a long time, or washed by rain, so as not to become too dry and become brittle and old.
It should not be placed in a shady and humid place for a long time to avoid mold and insects. The color will fade after the first wiping, which is normal.
If you encounter mildew, you can use a brush to clean the mildew spots, and then you can use it normally after washing and drying.

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